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Minecraft, Max Payne 3 and Yardsale Finds

Well I downloaded Minecraft for my Xbox on the release date and haven't been able to pull myself away from it long enough to tell you guys about or write my review yet. I had never played the full pc release and I was sceptical around the theme of the game but I am hooked. Its great to see a game that doesn't focus on graphics or killing one another. On the release day I played a straight 12 hours without realizing it because I was so immersed into the bit filled world. I have a new copy of Max Payne 3 that I received yesterday that is still in the plastic on my entertainment stand. Today I will be cracking it open and giving it a try. I haven't played the previous instalments to the series but this one looks really impressive. I hope to have a review up within the next week after beating the campaign and playing the multiplayer for a while. I also got a copy of Red Dead Redemption yesterday that is also sitting around waiting to be played. I have wanting it for quite some time now and decided yesterday that I was going to pick up a copy at my local shop for under $20 and can't wait to give it a try. About a month ago my PS2 lens crapped out and started drilling itself into my discs trying to read them. I tried ordering a new part but I couldn't find it anywhere. A week ago I stopped at a yardsale looking for movies and stumbled upon two PS2 systems with all cables, two controllers and 8 games, I asked the guy selling it what he was looking to get for them and he said $30. That was a deal I couldn't say no to, and underneath the wires found a brand new Xbox 360 controller that he sold to me for $5! Have any of you played Max Payne 3 yet? what are your thoughts on the multiplayer? campaign?

time to put aside my current gaming progress for a new project

Well after all my new purchases and working on completing them I allowed myself to by another game. (I think I'm an addict) After much thought and research about Mass Effect 3 I have been looking into buying it but have been putting it off to buy other new releases I have wanted. Today I was walking through my local Wal-Mart to see if they had any deals on and lo and behold I found a copy of the game for a mere $30, this was I deal I would kick myself if I missed out on. So now I get to find out the ending that has shaken the ME universe and I get to spend at least 100 hours one of the best games of the decade. What are your guys' opinion on Mass Effect 3? any tips or advice for a new player such as myself? no spoilers as to the games ending or massive parts of the story line please.

time to get back into the swing of things

So as you may have noticed I haven't been posting blogs as often as I would like too but I have had so much going on that I haven't even had time to game lately. Now that I have gotten my work done and got other personal things put aside I can get back to doing what I love most, gaming and telling you guys about it. Due to finally being able to game again I decided to go on a small spending spree buying a total of 8 more games for my collection Including Medal of Honor, Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition, Fable 2 Collectors Edition, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Army of Two, Perfect Dark Zero Collectors Edition, Call of Duty World at War and finally Battlefield 3. I also joined the Xbox Live Rewards program which is really paying off, I have already earned 640 microsoft points by doing things I would have done anyways. With the points I have earned I just purchased Warp from the XBL Marketplace and am eagerly awaiting the completion of its download so I can play and work on writing a review for it. I am working on writing my Halo: Reach review and also due to a few months of playing MW3 I am ready to take a look at my review for it and revise and edit some of the pros I have recently found. Another thing that will be happening soon is collectors edition and equipment unboxing videos for those who take the time to watch my videos on youtube @reviewsandmore919, the first video going up is the unboxing of the Xbox Starter kit followed by Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition, Fallout New Vegas Collectors Edition, Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway Collectors Edition and eventually Alan Wake, Fable 3, Duke Nukem Forever and Dead Rising 2 Collectors Editions.


so with more news and footage on Lollipop Chainsaw I may consider getting it, it almost looks like No More Heroes with cheerleaders and zombies. It looks to bring an interesting twist to the resent games that have been released lately. Another game I am looking forward to trying is Spec Ops the Line, it is a third person shooter that looks like it has a similar gameplay mechanic as Gears of War. Both games have a lot of potential but there is a thin line between a great game and another flop and both could go either way. What are your guys' thoughts on the topic?


Hey guys, since my last post got more attention than I suspected I am going to ask you a question. In an earlier post I listed a few of my games and recent and helpful criticism tells me what I had already known, CoD and Halo videos are not unique. So this brings me to my question, what games would you guys like to see videos of? (I will post the names of my games below.) what games that I haven't mentioned would you guys like to see? (older games that don't cost $50+ :p) and what else should I do videos of, reviews? upcoming titles I am looking forward to? updates on my collection? all suggestions would be helpful and I thank those who have already checked out my channel (@reviewsandmore919) and helped me out so far. My collection of 360 titles to date: -Resident Evil 5 -GTA IV -Fallout 3 -Oblivion -Gun -Prince of Persia -Splinter Cell Conviction -Forza 2 -Borderlands -Assassin's Creed -Rockband -Lego Batman -Gears of War 1 and 2 -Left 4 Dead -Wet -Call of Duty 1,2,3,4 and MW3 -Brutal Legend -Unreal Tournament 3 -Battlefield Bad Company and BF:2 Modern Combat -Halo 1, 3 and Reach -Castleminer and Castleminer Z -Black Light Tango Down -Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Project 8 -Bully Scholarship Edition I am looking at getting a new camera soon so I can take videos of my gameplay that do not look like mud, until then I will end up with more MW3 because I can upload straight from the game.

Help me out guys?

I really don't want to push my channel on here but I am looking for subs to my youtube channel @ reviewsandmore919, I would really like to get noticed. My channel is mostly game clips from MW3 but I am hopefully going to add Halo Reach fails, some of my reviews from my gamespot account and some achievement guides. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out even just by watching my videos and leaving some constructive criticism, positive comments or likes to my videos and passing it around. I thank you ahead of time for any help you can give.

xbox drops disk drive?

I have been hearing many rumors about what will be changed for the new xbox but the thing that stands out most is the loss of the disk drive. This means that pre-owned games will be eliminated meaning that you will only be able buy new games and they will be loaded off of an sd card style chip. Just about my whole collection is made up of pre-owned games and I have saved a ton, I don't want that to stop. What are your opinions on the possible change?

MW3 has a playable online game type?

Turns out I may have judged the Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer too soon; I was ready to give it a second chance after some time without it and started searching through game types. I played the FFA, TDM, and CTF but too many campers and noob tubers made it to difficult to enjoy until I found a familiar game type from one of my personal favorite FPS titles Halo. INFECTION! I have enjoyed this type since Halo Reach when I first played it. It calls for actual teamwork rather than shooting everything that moves with a grenade launcher. one team starts with a weapon of the hosts choice and the other team gets knives, the team with the knives are the infected and they have to kill the other team to build their number of teammates. It's hard to get upset over being killed in this mode as you either get the pride of being a survivor, being last man standing or taking out an entire team using only melee and throwing knives. It is because of this that I haven't traded in my copy of MW3 for BF3 and hopefully more modes similar to this or that aren't filled with little kids, noob tubers, and campers will be found by myself soon so I can enjoy the series I have loved from the start.

can anyone recommend a worth while game?

hey guys, I have been in a rut lately with gaming. I keep buying games that look good but fail to perform. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on games that just sit around I was hoping that some of you in the gaming community could recommend some good games that wont empty my wallet entirely (under $30 preferably). I play just about every genre except real time strategy. Preferred platform is Xbox 360 but I also have an original Xbox so any older games that are good would be greatly appreciated.

Castleminer Z

guys I am hooked on an XBL Indie game named Castleminer Z, it is quite similar to Minecraft but it is a lot more addicting. The game is a first-person zombie shooter with Minecraft style block building. During the day you have to hunt for resources to build weapons, munitions, tools and more and during the night you have to build shelter and wait or fight of hordes off skeleton archers, warriors and zombies! I honestly never thought I would end up playing another game like Minecraft because I got bored of it so fast but this games brings an interesting twist to it and makes it its own. Plus it only cost 240 mp ($3) its a great deal and a great game, especially the online co-op play on survival. If you do have the game add my gamertag @ nogravity96.
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