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Hello everyone, how are you? I think I might do something crazy. Over the years I have been dreaming of doing something. But I always have been afraid to ask my family who is my support system in many cases. It may or may not happen today, but I am going to do my best to make my dream come true. If I can get this approved I may even stop buying games for a while, just to show how into it I am. I will give a hint on the dream, it involves acting classes. Wish me luck, I may write back what happens. Anyways thank you for reading and have a good day or night depending on when you read this.


Hello everyone!! How are you? I have been meaning to make a blog for a long time. I always keep telling myself to write a blog but never found anything to blog about. So todays blog is about spiders!!!!!!!!!! *Insert creepy spider pic here!!!!!!!* (Will not put in due to people having fears of them) So I got Skyrim after all this time. Like many I am enjoying the game but there are times when I am walking around the fields or in a cave and run into the spiders!!! I one time went into a cave and there a spider was in my path. After the battle was over I traveled further in the cave and suddenly the game froze. I reloaded the game and traveled back to that spot in the cave. Now finding that the spider was not there but replaced with a rat Well anyways I hope you guys enjoyed how a spider crashed my game........I think. Have a good day or night depending on when you read this!

I'm still here!

I have noticed many friends leaving the site. I just wanted to say I am still here. Soon I will post more blogs. Until then see ya!


Hey friends How are you all doing? I dont know what to blog about yet *thinks* Oh yea!!!! Christmas My Christmas wasnt the best this year; I was on a trip with my mom and dad. While on the trip my mom fell due to uneven flooring. She was then rushed to the near by hospital. That night, which was The 23rd of December, the doctor told my mom she would need to take a flight home immediately. Due to the next day being Christmas Eve we had to think quickly, if we wanted to get a flight home. Finally we got our flight home. When the plain finally hit our destination my mom and I went to the hospital (my dad went home to put the bags away). We spent about 2 hours waiting for a spot for my mom. Finally we got in, and it took basically the whole day. We learned my mom broke her wrist. Now then if you the reader is wondering: my mom is doing fine now, she has been back and forth between doctors and she finally received surgery on her wrist. She has a new kind of cast on that allows her to move her fingers a bit more. Christmas morning: From what I see people post what they get on Christmas. Just warning you, I dont have pictures so if you want to skip this part that is fine. This year for Christmas, I got: Two shirts: one Angry Birds one and the other is Hobbit. Star Ocean: The Last Hope Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Akai Katana Sonic Colors Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light PSP: I had to hide a PSP story in here somewhere. Now then let me say this, I take good care of my PSP. But. I was checking the house before I went to bed. While checking the house I put my PSP on the kitchen counter. So finally I was heading to bed and I pick up my PSP, while doing so I lost grip of my PSP. It was falling Do I grab the PSP before it falls or let it drop and hit the floor cast your votes now!!!!!! Votes: Catch PSP: 1 Drops PSP: 0 So I caught my PSP. But while doing this, I hit it agents the tile on the counter. It then was scratched, with three marks on it. *Sigh* My PSP must love me to not have run away yet. *See N-E-Me's PSP writing a running away letter* Life: Nothing too interesting is going on at the moment. Im that kind of guy where nothing really ever does.maybe thats why I post nothing but storys of my PSP (I need a life). This upcoming school semester I shell be taking a broadcasting class!!!!! Yay me!!!! Well it seems this Blog has come to a close. I hope you enjoyed the blog and as always have a good day or night depending on when you read this!

Thank you nate1222

Hello all my friends on Gamespot. I just wanted to say a special thanks you to nate1222 So steam sales were on and some of my friends told me what they wanted for Christmas, so I went to buy a card at the store. I had some cash left over, and bought some things. Yes I know I was trying the beat 3 games then get a game. But it was extra cash on a sale, so what can you do? Random Voice: Not spend the money, and wait for another sale once you beat more games! N-E-Me: Anyways!! I was looking at the steam sales and thinking of what I could get. I then went to school. It was a long day at school. I got a lot done, but then the other half of school was all presentations, which I was not really apart of. So it was a bit long there. I also had terrible sore throat that day. So that made it really bad, even when I talked sometimes I felt the sore throat. So I got home and right on my steam account was a gift, of one of the games I was thinking of purchasing that day. This gift was from nate1222. I am writing this message to thank him. Thank you so much. You made that day better. I hope you good day or night depending on when you read this. Again to nate1222 youre awesome. Thank you!

When N-E-Me thinks to much!!

Hello everyone! How are you on this nice day or night? I have been doing a lot of weird thinking. Yes I mean weird. For a while now I have been thinking of not buying any new games, but I feel I cannot do that at the same time. So I came up with a new idea. I bet your wondering N-E-Me why are you thinking of not buying any new games, and why are you suddenly talking in 3rd person? Well I havent really had time to play games, like in my last blog I mentioned I usually play 1 hour a week sometimes. I also have been buying games, and then play them for maybe that 1-hour, or more. So in the end at this point of time, it is kind of pointless for me to even buy games. So my new idea, I shell not buy any games for a while. But If I desire a game, I must beat 3 games. But if anyone of you has a good idea. About me getting around to games, do tell. Do not worry friends my next blog shell be fun. Anyways have a good day or night depending on when you read this.

Where has N-E-Me been???????

Hello all, how are you? It has been awhileI say this in almost all my blogs nowdont I? Then I will say, school has been keeping me busyseems like the same blog over and overnext I will talk about a broken PSP (no I did not get any new PSPs). So what have I been up to? What have I been doing? One hour of gaming a week, no N-E-Me you cant say that on a gaming web site. I am actually thinking of changing my major in college *Gasp*, from 3D Animation to Broadcasting. Hopefully this will be a good move, will see. In the end I will keep 3D Animation as a major, I will not close that door. Reasons why I am changing majors? I truly do not know. I maybe a little tired of 3D Animation. I think I am just going to look into other things I feel I may be good at. I got a new Microphone, which I am really excited about. Its called the Samson Go. This is just a starter microphone for me, may uses it if needed for Broadcasting. But if anyone of youif anyone reads this, knows of a better microphone with awesome quality please let me know. I will actually look into them, but no promises of me getting them. Now for the PS----- Vita. Thought I was going to say PSP didnt you. I have found a dead pixel; its not a bad pixel. I only can see it if the screen goes black, nothing to worry about. I do have a PSP story. I was on a plane, and my PSP battery was at lets say 90%. I get off the plane and turn my PSP back on, but it wasnt turning on. I later plug it in, thinking the charge was used up. I turn it on during the charging. It turns on acting like it was rebooting or crashed. I take out the charging plug 5 seconds after and find it was at 80% of charge. Has anyone experienced this problem? My PSP works fine now, I guess its just aging (had it for like 5 years I believe). Well anyways like always. Depending on when you read this have a good day or night.

The long 8 Weeks

Hello everyone, how are you? For the past 8 weeks I have been in an art class where I kept falling behind in my work. Usually I do not fall behind, so this concerned me in many ways. But to say how it went. The first day of class, the teacher gave an assignment to be due that day and only that assignment. A student finished it halfway threw the class. I was thinking it was the first day of class and the teacher would let that student leave. But then the teacher assigns another assignment that day. So I had two assignments to do. As weeks went my work would get higher and higher. Reasons why: every time I would turn in something the teacher wouldnt take it and say to either fix this or do it over. I understand this happens in the real world, but now I was starting to get worried due to how much work I kept gaining. By week 5 I got 3 out of 10 assignments done. At this point I was thinking of dropping the class. Finally I was starting to get places and the teacher was starting to accept my assignments. It is week 8 of 8 now. I have 3 assignments left. It is the last day of class, I am scared but not at the same time. Something is telling me I can do this. Later that day I finally turned in one assignment. The teacher was going to refuse it, but I showed that the picture we got to study off of had what I had done. With that the teacher saw what I was talking about and gave me a grade on the assignment. The rest of the day I was not able to turn in assignments. Finally the class was over and the teacher was packing up to leave. The student next to me told me I should try one more time to submit my work. So I did, and the teacher came over and looked at my work. I got them passed!!!! I am just glad I got this done. Well sorry about the boring blog. I hope my next blog is about video game stuff. Have a good day or night depending on when you read this.


How has everyone been? I have been doing schoolwork a lot. I guess this semester will be a busy one. What is some of your best video game memories? For me it has to be in Kirby Super Star. When I was fighting Meta knight and when I finally beat him he beat me too at the same time. Or when I was playing Sonic Unleashed and I was running to a ring, and an enemy hit me and I lost, but I was pushed into the ring and my life total went up. In the end I lost that one..I had another chance too lol So anyways what is your favorite Video game memories?
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