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Least Favorite memory: Super Mario 64

It's hard to chose a solid bad memory from this game. There is always those little annoyances, like dying right before touching the star and falling off Bowser's ridiculous jungle gym of doom after spending twenty precious minutes climbing the thing. Those can't be faulted to the game though, I'll admit it as player error. > But one item in particular, and the secret levels that revolved around it, caused great angst. If you were someone like me that enjoyed getting the secret stars in Mario, you might understand the anger when dawning the wing cap for the first time and launching in the air. At first it's magnificent steering and swooping but as soon as you start to have a goal in mind, the swooping becomes your worst enemy. The red coins in the secret level to unlock the red cap is the specific task I'm thinking of. Mario just wanted to to be a toy airplane in the hands of a toddler when he flew, so forcing him to glide into both red coins in that level was a nightmare. He loved to dip and pull up dip and pull up. Eventually you get a grip on how he flies, but the beginning red cap experience was one I'd rather leave in the clouds.

Favorite memory from: Super Mario 64

I will never forget the first time Peach promised me a cake in the letter she wrote to me. I wouldn't be surprised if it was on scented paper. Of course, this was just my first step into the amazing land of Super Mario 64 with many favorite moments to follow. My top favorite moment didn't actually arrive until, for the first time, after running around the flooded basement of the castle I happened upon a yellow bunny. Golden really. Why was it there? Could it talk? Was it friendly? For those of you who have encountered this strange bunny phenomenon, you know the answer. It was there for torture, it could talk, and it was not friendly in the least. I was younger when I played this, so I must admit I'm sure my strategy and coordination weren't as developed. But that springy rabbit led me on a time consuming journey around dirty waterways. Past the lava level and the wobbly brick wall leading to the sand world. Up and down dead ends and past wooden doors. But one day, in a spurt of frantic frustration I dove at that possessed golden rodent and claimed the star he stole. That was my favorite moment, one of long sought after victory. Of course after I caught him I carried that rabbit around defiantly until I was forced to set him door to continue the game.