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Woah buddy

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I can't believe how long I've been on gamespot. I remember posting here YEARS ago.

The times, they are a changin

wakey wakey

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dang. I haven't blogged in a while.


I'm playing wii adventure games, wii fit and counting the days, weeks, months until Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 comes out.


Halo Three

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ugh, soooo good,can't stop playing, can't muster will to attend classes....

although i could use some help w/ legendary.

msg me and we'll group.

so gooood.

HA! Returnownd

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so i returned vanguard's preorder becuase it was just that unappealing.  Slow graphics on a nice comp, hard, (but not the good kind), broken in many places and all around poorly put together.  I'm still playing my wii and some battlefield 2142. That and studying my brains out.

purdue ftw

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

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Well in the video game drought i was experiencing, I've come to realize that the next wave of fun that will occupy any and all downtime i have between a social life and school, will be from vanguard.

Hope it's cool.

Titan Quest

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Ok, i've given up on guildwars (beat factions and PvP is getting old), so i've jumped back into titan quest. For now i'm playing sporaticaly between classes, which pretty much leaves me playing soley single-player and not online. My Nature/Spirit (zookeeper) is lvl 44 of 65 and i'm almost into legendary mode. I'm desperately waiting for the Wii to come out, or just something..ANYTHING from blizzard that's not W.o.W. (i've just had enough, 61 days of play time...not good). I'm thinking about giving F.E.A.R. a try until something hits the shelves that'll catch my attention. for now, TQ Regular Nintendo DvDs My special lady-friend. eh, not bad. lovebrad


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I recently started playing Guildwars Factions without playing the first. It's really good, and the gameplay is just as addicting as WoW or other (monthly) MMORPGS. Although a new patch just came out and it seems like the game is running a litttttttllleeeeeee bitttttttt slllloooowwwwwwly. I hope its the game and not my comp. lovebrad

On the Hunt

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Just beat MarioKart Double-Dash (all unlocks), and Eternal Darkness, but what next?


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I'll be in Ecuador for three weeks. Whatwhat!


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As I await my meager "level 3" ranking, I have a few thoughts about Dreamfall: The longest Journey... Dreamfall was a pretty sweet game. There's no denying that a game with that caliber of storyline could be anything less than entertaining. Paired with an award winning score of music, a very attractive lead character captivates any adventure seeking audience. But I just beat it. And i got it a week ago. So sum up my feelings...boooo. I'm an avid gamer- I know my way around the keyboard- however, only playing an hour or so every other day, Dreamfall was much too short. Heck, if you were impatient (which I wasn't) and skipped through the cutscenes merely reading the subtitles, you could beat Dreamfall in a matter of 8-10 hours. More on this game in my review...again, once i hit level three...How do you rank up anyways? Love, Brad