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God of War 3:How to get NG+Glitch Working

probably players who connect there ps3 to the internet, they can't get the NG+Glitch working, it's because of the patch you have downloaded. So you will need to delete the patch that has removed the NG+Glitch but in return you won't be online while playing god of war 3. To delete the patch go to GAME>GAME DATA UTILITY>GOD OF WAR 3 and delete it. When you open the game it will ask you to update the game, don't be stupid and update it, offcurse you should cancel the update but you will be signed out. Your game progress will still be as it is.

God of War 3:skip deadelus cutscene before the cyclope fight

a mini skip of a cutsecene before the cyclope enforcer and cyclope berseker fight. Before you jump on the box where yoy fight the cyclopes, switch to the nemesis whip and instead of jumping onto the box by your wings, use the jet dash. How to jet dash: first make sure that the selected item is the bow of apollo, now jump double jump and move the right analog to the direction you want to go then hold L2 and mash S button till you land and the cyclopes will spawn without seeing the mini cutscene.

God of War 2:Cyclope berseker and bowmen fight speedrun strategy

it's easy and anyone could do even on titan mode. You need the euryale's head to do this, but you don't need to collect all the phoenix feathers to do it, just make sure that the euryale's head is at maximum level even if you haven't collected any of the feathers. Now when you enter the bowmen will call the cyclope, freeze them with L2+S normally and get the barbarian hammer and destroy the stoned bowman besides you with T and stone the one who is far from you by the might of the king (L1+T). Now another two will appear, you will do the same thing and after they are finished, go kill the fiend with euryale's head (if you still have magic left). And about the cyclope that the bowmen has called earlier, it won't come out because they were destroyed before they completed the call.

God of War Collection All ubber Chest(You Know The Germans Make Good Stuff)

Here you got the all uber chests, i will should make the blog as short and as quick as possible. 1-The Red Orbs Chest At the Catacombs of The Fallen, after you save your game. Now go up and pull the lever and you will be at the Destiny's Atrium. From there you return to the place where the barbarian king has taken you (The Bog of The Forgotten) and continue and you will find a golden chest with another gorgon eye chest, the golden chest is the secret red orb chest. 2-The Gift of Health After you defeat the Cerberus Breeder at the palace of the fates, you will get to the translator where there is a mirror. After you set up every thing as usual (put the statue of the fates at the door to prevent it from closing), now let the translator commit suicide and go through the mirror and slow the time. But instead of going to get the translator, return to the place where you brought the statue, and you will find the secret chest instead of blur in the air. 3-The Gift of Magic After getting down by the elevator to release the phoenix, you will going with your blades at the cellar and after you land (not at the gorgons, but after you kill them), you will find archers and enemies, kill them. Now instead of going up with the air to the spinning spikes where there is lava at the ground, aim with your bow and you will find blue sight at the power generator. Destroy it and get in and you will find the gift of magic at your left, but it won't appear good so go to the left and hold R1.