Murj's's Gamespot Rank

Level: 25 (47%)
Rank: Defias Brotherhood
Points: 601216

Murj's Emblems

  • Love Song Writer

    For creating song lyrics about Valentine's Day at the drop of a pin. These talented souls contributed in a Valentine Song Writing Contest!

  • Tagger Dabbler

    Tagger Dabbler Awarded to those who've messed around with the tagging system, enabling themselves and others to make it a little easier to find certain content.

  • Readers' Choice Chooser

    Take that, not-democracy! This user took the system into their own hands by voting in at least one category in Best of 2011.

  • Readers' Choice Clairvoyant

    It's just like in that one movie with Nicky Cage. This user voted for a game in a category in which that game also won the Readers' Choice award.