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It's been a long time.

Now, I'm only here for 1 thing. Well, a few things. :|

First off, I finally got a Wii U. And I have a 3DS, if anyone wants the code or NNID, feel free to ask. Not like anyone will remember me, I think. :P

It's been almost a year now, I think. It's been a looong time. In other news I finally got a job. About a month ago actually, I had to take a break from college due to a lot, and I mean a lot of reasons. And, my friend of (nearly 4 years) decided to jump to conclusions about something, without waiting for me to explain and now hates me.

I tried to explain, I was the bigger person after she insulted the crap out of me. But nope, seems she'll hate me for the rest of her life. What is it? Something incredibly stupid. Life is just too short to be angry at someone for something so minuscule....or maybe I just grew up. We haven't talked or anything in about a month, and I just hope she's living a good, happy life. (sincere here, so shut it :P )

in other, other news. I pretty much work the graveyard shift and spend almost all day sleeping. Today was a special case though. I was woken up around 3PM due to...stuff. :P Whelp, anyway. I'm pretty happy now.

Made friends at work, I get paid fairly well. I'm starting to put a bit of my money away in my savings just for emergencies. Considering my luck in life I'll need it. :P But lately it feels like that bad luck has turned around. You have to get past the rough patches in life to get to the good ones, you know? And....that friendship ending was just a rough patch I guess. If she truly was my friend she'd have heard me out. And you know, not accuse me of things she thought I did/was doing.

I should stop bringing that up. XD

I'm rarely ever on here, but if someone wants to play a game sometime (I also have steam, gunnermunch :P But it says munchgun :| ) let me know! And add me. :x Oh, despite having a job now I don't spend it all on games.

There are bills to be paid, student loans to shorten! And......other stuff. I swear. :P

Happy Birthday To Me?

Yeah, today is my birthday. :D How old am I? I turned 21! :o Yep, drinking age...not that I'm going to drink. :P Call me boring but I just refuse. :P

Soooo...what did I do today? Not much honestly. It's been an uneventful day. :P The only things I've gotten so far have been the things my friend Dorthie2! :D Hmm...Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Project X Zone and some others. :) I'm very thankful for that, I usually don't get much of anything for my birthday. :)

And no wonder why, the day is half over and I've only had a handful of Happy Birthdays from my family. :| Not one call from anyone else. :P It's not about the presents, I'm happy. :D I'm just a bit disappointed honestly. :P

My brother was having some problems last night, major ones and I did what a good brother would do and try to help him out (which luckily worked) but....I couldn't even get a single happy birthday? :o Oh well. :) The day isn't over so anything can happen between now and then. :P

Anyway, random New Leaf snappy :P


Yeah, I have a halo in there, my mayors name is Blues. :P And there are a few (not many) megaman references in me town. :P Oh yeah! And I'd like to thank everyone whose wished me a happy birthday....early. :x EARLY! :x :P

Anyway, I'll update this blog (hopefully) as the day goes on if anything happens. :P Well, hope everyone has a great day! And take care now. :D Man I'm getting old. O_O I joined here when I was 16 I think. :P

EDIT: I got $30 and maybe something tomorrow. :|

Yup, that was my day. :P


It's been hours since it said "Out to be delivered".

Why must I wait so long for a small little package that was meant as an early birthday present?

UPS man! Hurry up!

I woke up at 8AM today. Yes, pretty early even for me (Actually, I USUALLY, not always wake up at 9AM). I was waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

For what you may ask? Project X Zone. Yes, Project X Zone. For 3 small payments of HURRY UP you can have Project X Zone today! The only thing between me and that was time and the UPS man.

Why must I wait so long? Why must I suffer?

What's that? I hear a truck coming!

No, it passed by. It was a regular person truck. Not a delivery truck. This saddens me.

It saddens me greatly.

Oh UPS man, show up already. My game was out for delivery since about 4 or so hours ago. Why must you make me suffer?

What....What did I ever do to you? *single tear rolls down my cheek*

I hear another truck!

No, it was a lie. It was a small people car. Not a delivery truck.

I think I'm going insane. I keep hearing small people cars, people trucks, and people people as delivery trucks.

This saddens me greatly, I may be losing my mind. The worst part is, it's not in my hands yet. 

I pray it didn't get sent to the wrong house. I pray to the great elder video game gods. Please, oh please let it arrive soon. The wait is killing me.

It's been 1 minute. He's not coming. I just know it, he forgot about me.

It's been 10 seconds, no game in my hands. The world must hate me, the universe must want me to suffer.

It's been 1 second. I'm tired of the wait. It's true, I must be cursed.

Oh, it just got here.....ahem, nevermind.

I was wrong. :|

Level Delicious? (50)

I've been meaning to just make a quick "Hey, I finally reached level 50 after being gone for forever" a few days back when I did reach it. However, Animal Crossing: New Leaf came in around that time and I pretty much just kept putting it off. :P

It's 1:40 AM here right now, and I can't get any kind of sleep so why not now? :lol:

Ahem, anyway the level name (Strawberry Candy) is....I don't know. I love strawberry candy, so it's delicious? :P No! Don't correct me! Don't tell me what it's from, don't ruin my dreams! D: Don't you dare shatter them! :cry:

Anyway, like I said I've been playing New Leaf and I kinda wanted to share a screeny of my flag. :D It's kinda old (from a few days ago) so the flag is just a bit different (I gave it a kind of border).


Yup, it's X :D

I was going to do 8-bit megaman (Because I LOVE Megaman and yes, I was super happy to see he's going to be in the next Super Smash Bros.!) but I decided to go with this instead. :) I'm not very artistic, but I can count pixels. :| Minecraft kinda helped with pixel art.....due to pixeling 8-bit megaman and fusion suit samus. :P

Ah...anyway, I've been taking care of my nephews constantly lately (It's more like they're forced on me :P ) I have a feeling they like me, but I just get annoyed by the constant yelling of my name to help them with something. :lol: Then they just WON'T GO TO SLEEP! :P The longest I've tried getting them to bed has been nearly 2 hours. :P

Ahem, anyway! I'd show more screenies (I know I spelled it two different ways but I'm bound to spell it right this way! :P ) but I'm still only a few days in. :) I have some stuff set up in me house's boring. :|

If anyone wants to visit some time just....well, give me your FC or whatever and your mayor name, etc. If you want. :lol:

1:53 now, sleep draws its edge closer.

Oh, and I wanted to yell THANK YOU!!!!!

To my friend dorthie2 for getting me New Leaf as a early birthday present! :) I'm really broke at the moment (can barely afford to pay my internet) so it means a lot to me! :D

1:57 AM it draws neacloser. Yes, neacloser.

1:58 AM, oh no. I spent a minute typing neacloser.

Anyway, I better go to bed soon. :o I shouldn't be sleeping so late. :lol:

I...I have no idea how to end this. :o

I know I've been back for a few months now, since I came back from Jupiter but.....but something feels off.

I lost something that day on Jupiter. Something I can't quite put my finger on. It's you have something wrapped in plastic and you can put your hands on it but you're not really touching it because it's wrapped in plastic so you're touching the plastic instead? *takes a deep breath* It's just like that. Like that freakin' sticky plastic won't let me put my finger on it. Then, when I finally do it's sticky and won't get off my freakin' hand! :x Then you realized your brother put glue on it. Not REGULAR glue but super clear sticky glue and your hands are stuck to the freakin' plastic, and that makes it even worse!!!

GAH! I HATE STICKY PLASTIC! *throws shoe out the window* Whew, sorry. I just hate it so much. :x

Wait, where was I again? Sticky plastic? Geez, I HATE that stuff. Don't get me started on it. It's's just so sticky you know? And it won't come off no matter what you do.

It's almost as bad as gum on your shoes, or even worse. Strings on your fingers! :o You know how people say no string attached? They don't really mean that there are no strings attached to something they're giving you. They REALLY mean there aren't any that will be attached on your fingers as a trick. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. You can trust me. ;)

Anyway, I better go now it's 2AM and I really should have tried going to bed quite a while ago. :o *yawns* If anyone actually read through that you deserve a intynet medal. The chocolate and delicious ones. :P

Well, hope to blog again soon sometime, and take care everyone! :D If...anyone still reads these. :P

My 5th year here!

Well. *glares at the member since date* Yeah, it seems to be right.:P I guess I have been on here 5 years on and off.:P

I'm getting old.:|

I joined when I was 16, now my birthday is around the corner and I'm about to hit 21.:P Yeah.....21.....what have I been doing with my life!?:cry: (And for anyone asking, no. I don't/won't drink upon my birthday.:P)

I'd say I've really only been here about 4 years or so because my internet had gone down for nearly a year through it all. And I was gone nearly ALL of 2012 due to stuff, then college. :P Yup, way to go to college rather late eh? :P To be fair I did sign up when I was 19. :P (later 20 :|) I don't feel 20 though. I feel I'm still whatever age I want to think.:|

Well, since this is a grand occasion I decided I'll look back throughout the years starting from the top.

OK, here goes. :)

2008: I forgot what happened, blogged every second.:| Vanished due to internet. :|

2009: Depressed I forgot what happened, blogged every day.:| (And I THINK I met Laurie sometime that year, I forgot. :|)

2010: Depressed, but stuff happened! :P I nearly blogged every day.:| I think I met Alon sometime that year too, not 100% sure though.

2011: Err.....what happened? :P No longer depressed due to stuff. :|

2012: Wasn't here at all :|

2013/Now: Broke up with my girlfriend for the second time. Not really a big deal since we thought it would be better that way and we remain friends. :) Hey, it's better to have someone you really care about as a friend right? You don't tend to lose her that way. :P

Well, this time line is pretty much a joke. Sorry about that, I just don't remember much because it all blends in together! *throws cup of coffee* I hate coffee!:x But that's beside the point. I honestly couldn't pin point everything though, totally not being lazy at all.;) Trust me:P

Anyway, I met a ton of awesome people on here (many of which I still talk to on steam or other places like PZ forums, you know who you are;) :P), but there are waaaaay too many to name though. So instead of naming all of them, and forgetting to list someone (in turn possibly making someone feel bad? :P) I won't do that.:P If you've talked to me and you think I like you, then I probably do. And you deserve to be on my unnamed list. :P Actually, I don't think I've ran into anyone on here that I genuinely disliked. Sure, I may have been in a fight or two but in the end they were just misunderstandings from both sides. Other than that I guess I'm lucky to just have met, err....nice people?:P

I still hope to visit at least once a day.:lol: But I'll be heading back to college soon.:P But it's summer right? Yeah, but I decided to take one class this summer to get a jump on things.

I know what you're thinking. "That's one class!" Yup, it's one class. :| So I shouldn't be TOO busy. Except it's like triple the work for summer courses. :P In a way it's still like a small break, then after that I'm a full time student again. *scratches my head* I should have taken that time off but meh! I'd have nothing to do anyway.:P 

Except....maybe play games or something. I don't want that though.:P

By the way..... STARBOUND!!!!


Yup, still keeping track of it. And the devs have done a lot of work lately so I'm really hoping for the beta to be during this summer (already pre-ordered as some of you know and it's looking AMAZING!:P) It's one of my most anticipated games next to....Animal Crossing.:| Shut up, I'll play whatever I want.:P Also looking very forward to more Project Zomboid updates. Some people seem to think there's been no work on it for over a year (That's a complete lie) but there has been.

The Release Candidates are on the forums, much, much better than the current build of the game (you can't play them without actually purchasing the game though :P).

Ahem...again, if anyone wants to check out a game I personally find is looking fantastic then I'd suggest you click the STARBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Link. :P

Yes, the link is safe. It's just for the main of theirs.:P There's been daily updates recently.

Well, this totally didn't turn into some weird Starbound advertisement. :/ I better go now.:P

Good day everyone, and have a! Bye! (I didn't feel like blogging weirdly today.:P I will eventually....soon....)

And congratutale me for my 5th year! :x Here's hoping for another year here, if I'm not TOO busy.:P :)

Finally Finals!

My finals have started! Then......then I'll be free, ahahahaha!

Until late May/early June. I was thinking of taking summer off, due to summer courses sucking terribly but hey, I'll just take 1 class.:P

So it won't be as bad.:|

Anyway, so far my finals haven't been TOO bad......well, the one I took today.:P I'm planning on turning it early, I know it seems rushed turning something in that only took me about 20 minutes but I actually put a lot of thought into it. (It's pretty much an assessment for an assignment I turned in). I know exactly what I did wrong in it (I got a B due to rushing said assignment so I know what to improve).

 Today was review for one of my math courses, but due to sour luck I wasn't able to attend (no ride). Yeah.....I have no drivers license.:P But I'm planning on getting one soon! I swear! :P I'm very lucky I wasn't insta-dropped in any of my classes. It's been a terrible month (even stretching a bit further back) for me. :lol:

These things do tend to happen though and there really is no way of avoiding them sometimes. All I can do is keep moving forward and get that drivers license!:P

Besides that it's been OK. I've played a few games like Don't Starve, just a tiny bit of Project Zomboid (Which will HOPEFULLY release RC3 next week! Woooo!) oh yeah. And I have a small story that's sort of(Possibly) related to PZ :P

Well, I think it was about one or two months ago but I often left my  browser open (I still do XD But I'm usually away :/ Hehe, I know. I need to just shut my laptop off once in a while right?:P) Anyway, since I appeared to be on their forums all the time (:oops: ) and I sent messages to a friend of mine on the forums for a while once a day I got a message from one of the devs asking if I was a bot because I was freaking them out(and the moderators). :lol: I was soooo embarassed. :lol: But at least they know now that I'm not a spam bot spamming the members, eh? :oops::P And he was really cool about it which made me like the dev team even more. :|(I won't say who:P) Well...yeah, that's about it. :P


Anyway.....I've also been playing a tiny bit of Awesomenauts.

Speaking of Awesomenauts, I got this as I was downloading it.:|


*sighs* If only my intynet really was that fast.:P

And I do go out of my way to screencap things I find amusing. I just rarely ever upload them.:P


Well, it's getting pretty late and I've got things to do so I guess I better wrap this up. I know my blogs haven't been....errr, "right"? lately?:P but that's because.....because...........BECAUSE I don't know.

I'm just making stuff up now.:P

Well, take care everyone and goodnight! (and/or goodmorning). Have a wonderful day! (and/or night). 

I'm going to try to be more active again and maybe blog about actual things during until then?:?

Stay perky.:| 

Pre-ordered Starbound!

It's been quite a while since I last blogged hasn't it? :o Anyway, yeah. I preordered a game I've been very excited about since last year. FINALLY. :lol: I actually kinda lurked around and waited for the "preorder now" button to actually show up, so I assume I was within AT LEAST the first 100 to purchase. :P Or 200 :| I purchased it then the server crashed a second later. :P

200 out of over 10,000 at this point. O_o It hasn't even been up for 24 hours and it already has over 10,000 backers and nearly $270,000 at the time of this typing...if that makes ANY sense. :P (they're doing it in a kickstarter type of thing.) I dunno about you guys but I think that's pretty amazing.

I got a soundtrack with it (I believe it's around 62 tracks total but around 40 are experimental and the other 22 are part of the actual sound track, my numbers may be off though).

Err, as many of you may or may not know it's a indie game being developed by chucklefish. If you want to know more about it go to and actually look it up in the about page yourselves! :x :P Otherwise I wont' shut up about it. At least this way no one is forced into reading and it'll (hopefully) be short :| Anyway, if any of you guys are interested you should go take a look. :D Preorder (lowest tier pixel, there are different tiers) is $15 and you get the game, an invite to the beta when it comes out and the sound track along with a steam key once it's on there. :| I'll shut up now :P

So...yeah. That's really about it. :| Seriously. *waves* You may go now. :P Oh I also made this in the character creator on the forums.


 I decided I'll make my Glitch (Race of machines) look like that. I had an older one but as time went on they added more heads, etc. :| :P

Hmmm. Well, it's been kind of rough these past few days/weeks. There's a lot going on and some things I rather just not mention on here. :lol: I feel like I'll pull my hair out at any moment but talking to my best friend about it sure has helped a lot.

I donut know what I'd do without her. :|:P Sorry, I don't know what it is about me and food puns lately. I just find them hilarious.

Anyway, lettuce continue.

I swear, that's the last one! :P I do hope some of you get reminded of a certain rabbit when you read lettuce though. Besides that things have been as good as they can be considering.

Lots of transportation issues (making me fall back in college, curses! I should be getting a drivers license soon though :P ) something I really rather not think about at the moment and other stuff. Like my laptops fan breaking and me being forced to use my brothers. (His old one) :P Which wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't running on windows Vista  and the NIC wasn't garbage (disconnects ALL the time) XD But hey, it can play my games better than my own laptop ever could and I got my stuff like malwarebytes, games, and GIMP on here finally. :P

Well, how has everyone been? :D And I better go, have a good one everyone!

Where did all the time go? And Merry Valentines Day!

I actually meant to type this blog up several days ago, but I've been in such a rush recently or just lost track of time that......well, even now I'm blogging at 11:20 PM :P And I meant to type this up about 4 hours ago O_O

You see, between all of the college work, cookies, juice, and everything else inbetween I seem to lose it and I seem to lose it fast. :lol:

Which actually really sucks.:P

Well, I actually got my copy of Fire Emblem: Awakening....last week, since the shipping delay (on Wednesday) and NO ARTBOOK! Come on! Yes, I preordered from GameStop and I got no artbook, I expected at least that much for all the wait! XD D:

Eh, at least I got the game and I was happy.:D I would have finished it a looong time ago but I've been holding off on it recently, for good reason.;) Well, I REALLY want to pick it up and play again......but I must not, for the future depends on it!

I'm glad I'm starting to catch a break again soon, next Monday all schools are closed(and campuses) for obvious reasons (unless you don't know, in which I'll just tell you giant robots attacked the city). Which will give me a 4 day weekend :D

I've been so exhausted lately XD An the title up there? Just saying that now because I'll probably be too tired at around 7 or 8 PM and lazy to start a new blog tomorrow JUST for valentines day so I'll just kill 2 birds with one stone :P

So yes, have fun on your happy heartbreak day. :P.....*sniff* WHYY-*cough* Ahem.:|

I'm too tired to continue. If anyone read this, thank you. If not, then I'll haunt your dreams until you do but you won't know that because you wouldn't have read this.:x

Well, goodnight and Happy Early Valentines Day! :D

And excuse any incorrect grammar usage or mispelled words, I don't care enugh to spelt right, right nouw:P

All for naught!

Noooo! Why me? Why now? How could this happen to me!?

I had just gotten home and decided to finish my profile (Class assignment:P) and I decided to play a game afterwards on the other laptop. You see my brother lent me his older one which can play like 100x more than my current crappy one :P Can play games I mean. I'm not going to go back and correct it.:| Like what I just said, I know it's I'm not going back to correct it but I refuse!:x

Well, I boot it up (had it for about a week now) and.....and....and.....I get a Diagnostic Policy Service error. Error 5. Yes, I know HOW to fix it.....but the darn thing refuses to let me! :lol:

Seriously, I have tried EVERYTHING imaginable...and as of now I have given up:P Which sucks because I looked forward to playing the games I have on steam....and since i hadn't left it in offline mode I can't play a single one there! D:

I...I still have this one though. *hugs it* I should have never cheated on you, I'm sorry!:cry: profile also had happened to be on it:P Which I HAVE to turn in through the internet (Error no let internet work you see). If I didn't remember my brother had a thumb....flash.....super drive I would have been in trouble! :lol:

Anyway...that's my, err...thing of the day?

And how has everyone been? :D Yes, all 2-3 of you?:P I hope you've been fine!:D

That's a nice sweater you're wearing:D Come closer:|:P

I guess I'm just blogging today to say somethings and I'm bored:P And I'm LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MONDAY, WOOOO!!!!


Sorry. I guess I got a little CARRIED AWAY, WOOOO!:P

Wow, I can't believe I'm done with my 4th week of College (again:P).

Is that really I can come up with!? REALLY!? Why do I always put the ! before the ? Why!? I KNOW it's wrong but I just like it so much! Is it because it's taboo!? Why does it FEEL so right? I know it's wrong......but....but I must do it.

For the sake of this world. And this potato universe. For the sake of all that is manly.

For you is a huge burden upon my shoulders. This thing I must do. This thing that no others must.

For I mop the floor while you step on it with muddy shoes. For I make the night sky rise and I make it fall with my psychic super powers or telekenisis and such.

For I am......Batma-*cough* Munchgun!

Eh, I'm tired. I should go to bed or something. Goodnight! :D And take cre everyone! :D Sorry if I blog/type differently than I used to in the past.....but I hadn't really been here in nearly a year :| And things change like.....bad changes and stuff like that. Or good ones. You know? *has no idea what I just said*

Well, bye! :D