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@crimsonbrute: Quantum Leap is on Netflix... and still great, I would hope they know. I think Enterprise was on there for a bit too.

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@TheHighWind: Not regularly. Monster came out when I was a teen and all they had was the regular green one, I drank that a shit ton. in my late teen/early 20's I had a paper route and regularly used 5 hour energy. Now I will occasionally pick up either a Monster lemonade+tea Rehab or a Monster Java (all of them are good but I favor Mean Bean). These two are the only energy drinks I will drink now and they aren't just okay for an energy drink they are just really good... If they weren't energy drinks I would buy them regularly just to drink.

EDIT: And since someone mentioned sugar I will add that the Rehab has like 6g a can.... pretty good for what it is.

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I bet they spend more trying to stop pirates than they lose to pirating.

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Most Wanted, Carbon and Pro Street are probably my favorite racing games.

Huh... apparently this is different from the Most Wanted I'm familiar with. I have never even heard of this one.

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I can't even express my anger at how this disgraceful clown is still a thing here

It's sad that there are so many here in the us who support him

It's mind-boggling, it's insane insane insane insane

I am 28... I have never voted. I just registered because it is genuinely terrifying how close this insane person is to running an entire country.

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@horgen said:

What about the canadians? Will they be forced to leave as well?

Can I go with them?

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@LexLas said:
@servomaster said:

I heard she was suspended from the hospital she was working at and might lose her license.

Seems kinda extreme, but on the other hand, I don't know if I want somebody with so little restraint and impulse control to be a doctor.

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I think that is extreme also. Now this guy here, this is extreme, also attacked a uber driver, and this guy definitely got fired.

What a fucking scum bag... This type of shit makes me so mad.

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@aia89: I game on PC and buy physical.

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I think it was probably the best of the prequels... and then when I think hard about the movie, it was still pretty horrible.

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I watched Sopranos for the first time just last year... I though it was just okay, not even close to as good as Breaking Bad.