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GunnarOptik MLG Anaheim Brand Ambassador Photo shoot!

As you all know, I attended MLG Anaheim 2012 Spring Championship back in early June! Not to compete, but to cover the amazing media that goes on all around us!! Friday morning was extremely different for me, being as this was the first event I knew 100% that I wouldn't be competing in. T2 an I woke up super early, packed and hit the highway for MLG Anaheim! I had my first photo shoot bright and early with the one and only Gunnar Optiks - my favorite gaming accessory of all time! It's been roughly about 7 years since my last professional photo shoot...ahhreminiscing the good ol size 1 days! I instantly knew I was going to have a good time when the music started and the cameras were rolling on all accounts! Tsquared filmed a behind the scenes video for GameSpot - so hopefully that makes a release soon.Bryant Figueroa was fantastic to work with and Jordan Gilbert provided some entertaining jokes!

Here are some of the shots that I'm honorably proud of! And check below for a sick "Behind the Scenes" video that GunnarOptik produced! <3

MOAR Photos here:





(All photos taken by: Bryant Figueroa)

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Behind-the-Scenes: GUNNAR Photo Shoot

Gunnar Optiks Review: Try them on, feel the difference Video

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Wild Week of 2012 | E3 &amp; MLG Anaheim

Alrighty then!!! I thought I'd start blogging again, and what better place than my new home:! You read correctly my friends, my new home is GameSpot! I was going to tell you earlier, but with these two massive events taking place back to back, I honestly couldn't find the time! So, finally, I can say this! I'm now a "GameSpot Esports Ambassador" YAAAY!! Along with having the best job, I now have the best community/family in gaming!

So, lets get down to the details! E3 was by far the biggest and most amazing event I've ever been apart of! And Gamespot had prime realistate with our booth; directly next to Microsoft :) ! Here's some of the videos that Tom 'Tsquared' Taylor and I produced while at this insane event!

Tom and Kelly's E3 2012 Impressions Video

"MLG Pros Tsquared and MrsViolence hit the E3 2012 show floor."

Halo 4 - Waypoint Community Event

"Tom Tsquared Taylor and Kelly Mrs. Violence check out Halo 4 at E3 including a pro MLG tournament."

MrsViolence Discovers Gears of War Judgment

"Kelly Kelley and Shibby hit up the Gears of War Judgment booth at E3 2012."-Tsquared filmed this entire segment :)

Along with the madness of E3, I had my way with MLG Anaheim the very next day! I got to cover a whole new side of Esports with the latest catch, League of Legends! I learned a lot before the event, and after, I feel like a whole new fan! Team Solo Mid ran the tournament from the first moment fingers graced the keyboards!Be on the lookout for those MLG Anaheim videos that myself and Tsquared produced, filmed, and featured in :DAt the end of the day, when all work is done, and my feet are completely blistered, it's back to my awesome gaming setup to produce more videos to keep you all smiling! I have a few tricks under my sleeves, and I can't wait to show you all. So please, follow me around on my social networks, and STAY TUNED!!

All pictures from E3 located on my Facebook Fan Page!





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