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Deleted my lag blogs

I deleted my blogs about lag because i realised what i was missing. The people that were saying stupid things in regard to lag, weren't miss understanding what was going on they were just a-holes. I figured this out because i was going to message the next person to ask them about what the lag looked like on there end. Needless to say i never found any one calm enough for me to even want to ask. Around this time i started seeing a pattern, every person who ever complained about lag killing them was always a complete butthead. After that i just came to the conclusion that anyone who complained about lag killing them was just an a-hole. (not the people that lag got them killed because they were lagging or its the server lagging there fine)

Thoughts on the Uncharted 3 Beta

Now that the UC3 beta's over i figured I'd blog about my experience with it.

Week 1: i was very excited to download the beta the day it came out. took about an hour to download it. After looking at the customization for a few minutes i got into a game. After my 1st game my 2nd match was ok until the last few minutes, then it started lagging horribly. That lasted for almost the rest of the match before it cleared up. Unfortunately every game after that was lagging the same. Which made it imposable to play, but people were still killing me some how. I know it wasn't my end that had the issues so i don't know how those people could hit anything. I stopped playing it until the next day when they released an update that fixed the lag. I didn't really get an idea of the game with only 2 good games. I played a few hours of games but i wasn't very impressed when i got a feel for the game. I couldn't hit anything with my AK-47 or my pistol. I saw a lot of people using the G-MAL, which shoots a 3 round burst and is like a mix between an ak and a sniper rifle. I started using it and started doing better. Even though i was doing better it seemed like uc3 wasn't going to be as good as uc3. Then i started thinking "O great im going to be stuck with uncharted 2's online until Star Hawk comes out". I wasn't going to make my mind up on the beta just because i ran into things i didn't like, mostly because i knew they were going to tweak the game later or at least i hoped:?. I stopped playing the beta and ironically went back to uc2 until the next week when phase 2 started.

Week 2: I was surprised by an update when i 1st got on during phase 2. The guns started working better and i started having more fun with the game. Few days later there was another update. The aiming got easier and the aiming reticule more closely resembled the uc2 reticule, but only on the pistol and the ak. They also added plunder to the match making (its capture the flag). I didn't like it as much as the uc2 plunder so i just stuck with deathmatch. Deathmatch i liked more than the uc2 DM, Mostly because it had like 3 game modes during a DM. They were to help the losing team catch up. One was called exposed, which made the wining team's names visible through walls for i think 40 seconds. Then there was one that made the losing team do double damage for 30 seconds. Then you had marked man, which someone would randomly get marked on the wining team. The marked guy is worth 3 kills so the wining team has to protect him for 1 minute it might have been 2 can't remember. That's pretty much what the whole week 2 was like.

Week 3: There was another update, this 1 added another map a few more modes and I think improvements on the guns too. I started to have as much fun as uc2 so it looked like i wasn't going to be stuck with uc2:). I was very impressed by how much they improved the beta in that short amount of time. The beta ended Friday the 15th. I would have put some screenshots in this but the beta ended the day i was going to get some pics from it. I thought i had a few more days, guess i should have looked at how long it would last. (epic fail:cry: )

Differences between UC3 beta and UC2: Graphically it looked better than uc2, but basically the same setup. The guns sounded better and sounded more like a gun. unlike uc2 there was no ammo/guns laying around except for the power weapons (grenades,magnum, rocket launcher ect). They made the grenade launcher have 4 shots instead of 6 and fire a little slower. RPG was the same but its harder to hit people with because you have to be dead on. They added a sniper rifle that's a 1 hit kill no matter were you hit someone but it only has 5 shots and a very slow rate of fire because its bolt action. The magnum was the same as the desert 5 on uc2, 2 shots to kill some one unless its a head shot. There was also a Gatling gun turret (enough said). The pistole fired slower so it wasn't a super weapon like on uc2. You could do basically the same things as uc2 but they added a zipline, a run button, kick someone in the ribs if they were climbing next to you and several finishing moves. you could shoot while on the zipline but good luck hitting anything. The finishing moves trigger automatically and i think if they had low enough health it triggered it. What i like with the run button is, your not running all the time so you move slower. The reason i like this is because you can't be a super spaze. The customization was cool, even though it was limited but i suspect that's just because its the beta and that there was a lot more in the full game. You could customize your characters appearance and you can unlock more stuff by collecting treasure during a match. You could also customize your guns, there was only 3 option on most guns but like i said its the beta so that can't be it. For the ak it was rate of fire, clip size and something called call out. Im not sure what it dose but it was a laser sight so i think your teammates could see the guy's name your aiming at or something. You also have boosters, like on uc2 but there's 3. 2 regular boosters and a kickback booster. The kickback is basically a special ability that you can trigger after a certain amount of kills. The boosters are the same as uc2 except you can level them up. After you meet the level requirements, depending on the booster it gets better. You can also make your own emblem and if your the top player in a match your emblem shows up throughout the map. The last thing is something called uncharted tv. When your in the online menu its a little video screen that shows you game trailers,helpful videos and the best player of the week.

Who's winning from people who aren't paying attention.

I don't know how many times I've seen people do this. I'll be playing a game, someone walks in looks at the TV for half a second turns to me and ask's who's wining. Its not that its not a valid question or anything, like if you were playing online or had someone next to you playing it also. Its when your playing it offline, solo and they ask you that. They didn't watch your game long enough to get any idea of what your playing.

When your playing an adventure game, (don't know what else to call it) someone says that, but your exploring or doing a very easy delivery side quest. What do you tell them? Umm nobody right now, see what they say after that :) Its really funny when your playing a team game, how do you react to that 1? Then it gets weird when your looking through the menu and they ask you that, your not even in the game. Its not just video games I've seen people do this with board games.

Its almost like there not even paying attention to what your playing or whats going on. Then you think to yourself would they say that no matter what your playing. A puzzle game would probably make them look at you weird or a game like World in conflict, that would make an interesting explanation.

Its usually older people who do this and you know there going to have no idea what your talking about even if you can answer that. Then its funny when they know this so they just don't ask. Which is funny because you could probably explain it to them. Then I've had friends that had 70 year old grandmas that played video games. So its obviously if your paying attention or not.

Then you have the people who skip asking that question and go to a much more annoying 1. What game is this? This can be a very uncomfortable question depending on the game. You sit there for a few seconds thinking, "what do i say, i don't know what to say, HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS aaaaaaaaah". There's 2 ways to handle this, 1 just tell them the name and leave it or try explaining the game to them. Then if the game has a weird name like "Sins of a solar empire" ya that's fun to say to people that have no idea what your talking about. (yes i am a normal human)

None of these would be bad if they actually followed up with another question and started a conversation. Not just saying an empty question with nothing behind it. I can't be the only one who's seen this.8)