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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Dead Letter Circus, Birds of Tokyo, Karnivool, Bliss 'n' Eso, Hilltop Hoods and Gyroscope all have 3 things in common they are all AWESOME, they are all AUSSIE bands and I have seen them all LIVE. I'm proud to be an Aussie. Happy Australia Day to everyone out there! :D (yes i do realise this is 2 days late :P)

Why are we so fragile?

well guess what everyone... im 19 and i have already had 2 knee reconstructions. if that aint a record i dont know what is. its also probably the last time i play a game of no-rules-rugby (for a while at least lol). ive been in rehab for the past couple of weeks and i gota say i wanna go back tbh. nurse comes whenever i call with food or a massage. nice tv that they let me hook my 360 up to i even managed to get ahold of another residents lap-top every now and then. but it wasnt all fun and games. i had to do alot of painful physio therapy and i have to wear a knee brace for a while until everything is back to normal.

all in all not the best month of my life but far from the worst

Hip-Hip! HOORAY!!!

Happy Birhtday to ME!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy Birthday dear MEEEE!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

hip-hip! Hooray!!

hip-hip! Hooray!!

hip-hip! Hooray!!

Take That Censorship!!!!

MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I recently bought an uncensored, region free copy of Left 4 Dead 2 off eBay. And it arrived TODAY! WOOO!and it works brilliantly. Sotake thatcensorship! the people of Australia have just won anotherbattle (however small) in our war against you! En Garde!

I have also been laughing like a maniac ever since. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Peace out!


Well the other day i bought a cheap copy of Crackdown so i could play it again before #2 comes out and now im wanting to play co-op. So does anyone out ther have it? Also is anyone else planning to get Crackdown 2?

All Done

Ive finally finished my insanity playthrough for Mass Effect 2 using the infiltrator and now have all the acheivments for it.


Everyone - But Mr Silent D thats nothing special. All of us have already done that ages ago.

Well, im lazy, so shut up! :P lol

OK Heres Another One

Well the other day i FINALLY managed to download jade empire from games on demand and i must say, im still impressed after all this time. i mean if a game was released todayusing the same graphicsit would be instantly branded assh** by all veiwers, and half of the companions are extremely annoying and are a bunch of whinners and are all of them areuseless in combat and your choices are extremly black and white,but other than that, very nice. the control setup isexcellent the story is top-notch and the combat isfastpaced and fluid.So i can see why i loved it so much when i first played it. unfortunatly this has given me a craving to play knights of the old republic and it isnt compatible with the 360 and i no longer have my original xbox if i could find it in the shops at all :( oh well.

In other news.

Ever since it was released ive heardfrom all my friends that Cloverfeild was a really bad movie. so i never bothered to go see it. but then it was on tv the other night and so with nothing else to watch i decided to give it a goand i thought it was AWESOME! How could mymates lie to me all this time? *sigh* children.

New Sig!

This is my brand new sig. i made it my self using photoshop. not bad for a first try i think.

What do you guys think?

Damn You Microsoft!

Wella couple of days agoi started thinking about Jade Empire on the original xbox (i have no idea why). So it was then that i realised how little i actually remembered of the game. i could recall bits and pieces and the basics of the plot, but not much else. And i knew that it was available in "Games on Demand"on Live, so i thought i had to remedy the situation so i purchased it and began to download it... BUT when it got to about 50% it stopped and i received an error message saying that it couldntbe downloaded at that time.

So i thought "thats alright this has happened before so ill wait until tomorrow" so the next day i start downloadingit againandits about 9 pm when i start it so i leave it to download over night. and when i wake upthis morning iswitch on the 360 to see how it went and i find out the exact same thing has happened. So i go online to see if i could get some help with this problem.

When i click on support i find abanner saying"Xbox Service Alert" so i click onit and find out that:

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

  • Downloading items that you have already purchased

Users may experience difficulties downloading Xbox 1 titles from the Games on Demand section of Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Now hows that for timing? So basiclly i have wasted 4 1/2 GB of my 12 GB download limit. and when this problem is resolved that will be another 6 GB to download Jade Empire a thrid time. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP MICROSOFT!

My Week

Well my week hasnt really been all thateventful. I started it by buying Battlefield: Bad Company 2, so il give my impressions of it now: its good, not perfect but good. The campaign is relativly short and uneventful, butstill enjoyable. the multiplayer on the other hand is large and fun, but is very unforgiving against newbs. I spent a couple of hours shouting at myTV because of the sheer lack of things i could do and the crap guns i was forced to use. butas i slowly unlocked neww weapons and abilities for the different classes it becameA LOT more enjoyable.

On the weekendmy teams win streak was ended with a draw but my save streak continuesthanks to the umpire being as blind as a bat with its head cut off. Through out the game he made poor decsion after poor decsion, culminating in an offside ruling in the 74th minute that cost the other team a goal (not that im complaining ;) ). The final score was 0-0.

And that has been my week.

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