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Giant Bomb joining CBS

While I've been a user for both sites for years (member since '03 on gamespot and joined giant bomb 2 years ago), I'm a little concerned with the future of Giant Bomb, I know that Jeff and the GB Crew wouldn't jump into a deal they knew would end poorly.

I do have concern with CBS's record of buying sites then turning them to garbage, aka which is now a bloatware distributor. However I believe Jeff and the staff at Gamespot have put the past behind them and are ready to do what they do best, produce the best video game coverage and editorials. :cool:

I will say that leading up to the announcement. I did sense that something was going on behind the scenes. With the lack of original features over the past week, the chilli day stuff which was all casual and laid backas ever.

24 is back on!

Boy I enjoyed the 2 hour season premier

a lot of action and drama just in the first 2 hours

can't wait for the two hour premier "finale" Monday

2 hours of 24

Why is there 2 hours tonight Something big gonna happen? which I think is gonna happen FOX ran out of shows to put on? Why! Why!

"Total Access"?

 I don't know about this total access business but I really don't like the the name complete is a better IMO, total access sounds more "restricting" to free users and the logo  when I firsted looked up at the top right in the user box I though it was for battlefield 2 or something!

It looks more like an army rank please Gamespot change it back

New Games

Well after getting about 7 games for Xmas. I just finished Jak & Daxter tonight and will start Jak II.

Thinking about getting Rachet and Clank Going command

Battlefield 2

When I first started playing this game I was thinking to my self this game is SO GOOD LOOKING and the AI is REAL! and the weapons are current!

Let me just say after playing GTA for 250+ hours I think I found addiction to this game now!

Playing time 234:31 OMG!

If your wondering what the title is all about I've been playing GTA SA over 234 hours! and still playing!! No I don't leave the PS2 on idle, no I don't use cheats I just play I guess it's so addicting!

Yes I don't care call me a GTA freak or statistic freak, I've played GT4 but not much since I'm addicted to GTA!


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