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Looking Back

So forever ago I wrote a big ol' rant against advertising. It's pretty ironic because that's kind of what I want to go into now. (Graphic Design) Anyway, hey everyone. :P

A Blog

Song of the Blog: Home is a Fire - Death Cab For Cutie

Lately I've been into music more than video games, but you guys probably won't comment on that...:P

I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft! I just got to Level 67 with my Night Elf Druid. Quests are quite tedious at the moment though...guess the higher level you get the hard it's supposed to be, but I'd prefer challenging big enemies as opposed to having to killing 60 of the same boring creature...thank God for dungeons!

I believe I'll write the next part of Chrome tomorrow or Tuesday, glad I found a direction, I couldn't think of what to write about!

How is everyone? I hope you're all well.

WHAT WAS WRONG WITH SPIRIT TRACKS!? I LOVED IT!!! IT WAS A WONDERFUL LITTLE JAUNT IN THE WORLD OF TOON LINK!! Sure, it wasn't the best, but I didn't find it that bad at all. D: I get it, the train was slow, is that all you found bad? Everything else you guys told me was stuff I didn't think was a big deal enough to care about.

I haven't played video games in (besides WoW) in so long. The last game I played was D&D: Daggerdale, because my step dad wanted me to play it. He never checks on ratings and it was just okay. We played local so a lot of the problems (that had to do with online play) weren't present, so it wasn't that bad. I haven't even had the Wii since I got grounded last, and haven't bothered to ask where it is, I don't have any games for it anyway besides games like SMG and Kirby's Epic Yard that don't really have replay value. Then again, I don't really play games with replay value besides WoW. Most because I'm not the biggest shooter fan, although I can hold my own in Halo and Gears. I don't have live anymore either which is another reason why I don't play much anymore...not that I did much when I did have live.

I really wanna play some games like SotC, TWEWY, and Tales of (Any of them) that some of my friends have really close attachments to and have recieved great reviews without being massively popular, but I don't own any.

I'm also not terrible keen on multiplayer, I'm pretty shy so when I do play, I leave the mic off anyway and don't talk to anyone on my team. I guess I enjoy defeating real people more than AI, but cooperation is hard for me. I can enjoy multiplayer when I don't have to actually talk. It's much either to talk with text and words, you can determine how to determine what other people say and can calculate your response to make sure you don't make anyone angry or calm people down when you already have. I even got nervouse when I played Halo with Michael one time (it was fun though and I think it went well, but that was one time and it was a loooong time ago.)

I went swimming two days ago! It was really fun, I went with my friends Megan and Jean, we mostly talked though.

Hope you all are having a good life right now! Bye!

Chrome - The Facility

Previously on CHROME!!!!:

After realizing that if they stayed in their small town of Woods Cross the team would be interrupted and probably unable to save their friend Ben, they left. Sirra, Marius, and Bruno tagged along in the storage unit of the van (by the way they left in a van :P). As they drove, cyborg Ben attacked. Javi eventually defeated Ben somehow causing the cyborg to fold into itself and disappear. Sirra, Marius, and Bruno all agreed to complain about the apparent lousy driving.

A reminder: Ben AND SQUIRREL (Fur) have both had their bodies taken by REAP. This means if they die their bodies will be transferred to a facility that puts their spirit into a new cyborg body. Ben's body is currently in a cyborg, and when he "dies" he is actually transferred to his normal body. The organization then "rekills" Ben in order to send him to a new cyborg body. The same thing happens with Fur, so if she dies, she will be transferred to the facility to be put in a cyborg body. NOTE: It was never revealed what was done with Ben's body after he was assassinated, and it could therefore be anywhere, but it's safe to assume that the team did something with it. Perhaps they buried it? Perhaps Leon (since he knew about all this) had the body stored safely somewhere? This means that the organization does not have the ability to "rekill" him and he will be a normal human until he dies again. Thanks for reading this reminder.

Let me explain everyone's powers just to refresh everyone:

Courtney: Has many spells, determined by power words and certain mind sets that allow her to mess with space and time.

Squirrel: Gets increasingly invincible the more dire the situation is. If she is about to die, she will become invincible (if she knows she's about to die) and she also gains abilities the more dire the situation is.

Nikki: Knows checkpoints, objectives, the future (the near future at least), important people, motives, personalities- she is basically the all seeing eye.

Aidan: Has increased strength and a large sword, and many hidden abilities yet to be revealed.

Nicole: Determines weakpoints, jumps extremely high, moves extremely fast (To the point that it seems like she is teleporting behind enemies), and can become invisible. The ultimate in sneaking, subterfuge, and stabbing.

Javi: Unknown, but he folded Ben into himself so...something cool I bet. :P

Leon: Part cybernetic, can shoot lasers, and jump really high, metal fist provides strong punches, access to many weapons, vehicles, and people.

Everyone else: No powers have been presented


Suddenly the passenger door opened, and everyone quickly looked at the door, some of them got into fighting positions in order to kill this new unknown. It was soon revealed to be that crotchety old man they thought they had left in Woods Cross, they also saw the blonde woman, and the weird kid who had the ability to cause awkward silence on demand.

"What the hell!? I thought we had gotten rid of you three!" Squirrel shouted. She rolled her eyes.

"Who was driving just now!?" Marius shouted.

"Umm, me?" Leon said, confused by the question.

"You should have your license revoked young man! That was the absolute worst driving I have ever experienced in the back of any vehicle ever!" Marius screamed, his eyes inflamed with rage.

"Yeah! You almost made me break my glasses! I need them to see!" Sirra yelled.

Marius suddenly calmed down for a second in order to contradict this statement, "No you don't, you just use those to look smart and "detectivey" as you'd put it."

"I paid good money for these!" Sirra said indignantly.

"Either way, you should not be allowed to drive this van. In fact, I will be driving as of now." Marius said, quite smug.

"Like hell you are." Squirrel stated.

Small arguments and bouts went on for a while but eventually everyone allowed Marius, Sirra, and Bruno to stay in the team. Courtney had also healed any injured, and Leon had gotten a new vehicle ordered and sent.

"That was pretty amazing Javi." Courtney said, she had been one of the few to see when he'd defeated Ben.

"I don't even know what I did honestly." Javi said.

"I do." Nikki said, "You can move things. It sounds pretty lame, but you moved all of Ben's atoms into one point until he simply vanished. It would have also killed him since you would have crushed the CPU or Brain, or any other vital things in the cyborg."

"And how do you know all that?"

"Well, I do know everything about our mission. In fact, you're supposed to be here. I think since I know everything, they didn't bother with a fancy introduction like they did for all the other new comers."

Nikki directed Leon to where they had to go. Specifically the base of operations for REAP. They were going to get this done and over with once and for all.

"Basically, all of the cyborgs are here. We'll have to defeat them all if we want to get to the main man. There is only one way in, so we can't simply fly to where he is. You see that building over there?"

Everyone replied that yes they did.

"It's fake. The real facility is underground."

A heavily guarded tunnel was in the side of a nearby hill. No one had seen it because this hill was obscured by other hills. All of the guards had heavy weapons on their person.

"I think the people who are ready to fight those guards are Squirrel, Leon, Aidan, Nicole, and Courtney. Javi does not understand his powers yet, and the rest of us do not have powers. Good luck."

And with that, the all knowing Nikki opened the door and allowed those five to pile out.


Leon did the first damage, and shot one of the guards with a laser, who slumped over, probably dead. The rest of the guards, around twenty of them, went to investigate. Leon began picking them off until they finally retaliated. Many of them began shooting heavy machine guns at the hill the team was behind.

Courtney shouted, "Stop!" Normally this spell stopped objects that were moving, but this time Courtney changed her mind set in order to stop time. She no longer needed her spell book anymore because she understood she merely needed to take on a certain mind set and shout a power word. Using this precious time, or lack thereof, she walked over to guards and took away all of their weapons. After accomplishing this, she felt she was low on energy and let time continue it's course. Immediately after this Aidan began slicing guards left and right, and Squirrel began punching the guards. She wasn't in enough danger for abilities to show themselves, but every time a guard tried to hurt Squirrel she was able to perform strange moves, such as flaming kicks, random blades stabbing guards from nowhere, and random objects flying into guards. Her powers seemed quite random, but quite powerful.

Nicole also got in on the action, running at speeds so fast she seemed to be teleporting as she stabbed guards in hearts and temples, making short work of over half of them.

It was a team effort and eventually all of the guards were down. Nikki, Sirra, Marius, and Javi walked over, ready to move on.

"There are security cameras ahead. Nicole, you are fast enough that they cannot capture you on tape, run up ahead and destroy them."

Nicole followed the orders of their omniscient commander and they continued on.

A chrome door loomed ahead, and as they approached Nikki warned them, "The first cyborg is just beyond this door."


I hope that I provided enough info that past readers are not confused! :D Glad to be writing this again!