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Noob Snake

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Out of boredom, thanks to my 360 dying on me (which has been shipped), I bought Metal Gear Solid 3 for the Playstation 2. This is my first Metal Gear game, and all I can say is that I suck at it. Hell, it's on Easy and I suck at it. The thing is the camera angle...I must get used to it. It's pretty difficult to see enemies with it. I also noticed that the game talks a lot. I've only gone through the beginning, and there has at least been 15 minutes worth of dialogue in there. Other then that, it seems like a good game, and I'll take a crack at it tomorrow.

I just finished watching "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" as part of Spike TV's Star Wars movie month. I catught the prequel trilogy last weekend, and I saw "A New Hope" yesterday. "Return of the Jedi" should be on Spike tomorrow at 8pm if your a huge Star Wars fan (like myself) tune in.

There hasn't been a lot happening. I don't have any major updates related to gaming. Played a fair amount of Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for my PSP lately...thats pretty much it. I've had writer's block for a while now at Gamespot. I really don't know what to talk about. Plus I haven't been using the computer as much as I used to. Maybe when Gamespot gets back on it's feet, and gives us the site we used to love back I may return much more frequently.

Till then, and my next blog

"See you guys later"© (Aha, told you I'd get my sign off copyrighted :P)

Fool's Gold

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I love the saying "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you". Right now, I'll go over some of todays best pranks...or not. Links and images at the end.

You see, we're starting off with Capcom releasing news that the character Shen-long (Who Ryu talks a lot about in Street Fighter II) will finally be playable (A couple of years ago, EGM did an article giving a little secret that will make Shen-Long playable in SFII...this was later found to be a prank). Now, could this be a humongous prank, or the real deal? I mean, Capcom even gave the ridiculous stipulation you must go through in order to get him in Street Fighter IV (Select Ryu, complete a perfect round up into the last boss, and perform a Shoryuken). Capcom is not to be trusted.

Another good prank...again by those dirty people at "LEGO Halo". Supposedly, Bungie saw that LEGO and Halo would seem nice together, and decided to make a game on it." Like Lego Star Wars, Lego Halo will let players relive the entire Halo trilogy...only with 100 percent more blocks". The screens given looked legit and believable. It also looked...dare I say That's right fun. Well, it doesen't matter now. My dreams of using Master Chief and destroying a swarm of Flood in a bigillian LEGO pieces is now shattered. A man can dream though...a man can dream.

Gamespot also had it's share of "holiday" fun by fooling people that Rock Band was coming for PSP. I have to say, it had me for a second. As soon as the page loaded, it looked higly believable...until I started looking around and...well Disney publishing Bumfights game pretty much shouted "You've been duped".The addition of monkey related games in the Top Games area was also a nice touch. *sigh* I can only imagine now, playing drums on my PSP.

Next up is the best looking, and most exciting video game related prank that I've seen. Ready? It's a Legend of Zelda movie trailer, courtesy of IGN. This had me for a bit. I mean, it looked incredible. Now I'm saddened that it's not a real movie. Well, I can't really say anything other then WATCH THE DAMN THING!

These images are LIES!:evil:

Link to the Legend of Zelda April Fools Movie Trailer

Turn off the Lights + Tagged

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Today, at around 8:00pm-9:00pm, people all over the world will be shutting off and keeping those lights off, as well as any electronic devices. Me and my family will be taking part of this event, so no console gaming for a bit...or TV. But hey, thanks to my PSP and laptop, I won't be bored. I'll watch some YouTube videos, and play some WipeOut Pulse. So, if you want, remember to turn off those lights at 8:00pm-9:00pm.

This week was a very eventful one. For one, as part of a school trip, I visited a Hindu and Buddhist temple. The Hindu temple was astonishing. The building, people, and culture are absolutely beautiful. The Buddhist temple looked pretty nice as well, lots and lots of gold. But the tour guide was very rude to some students. The second thing, is yesterday was my semi-formal (Like a prom, but for Grade 11s). I went along with my date, and had a blast. The theme was Hollywood, and there was a red carpet, and cool decorations. I sat at my table, ate the good food, danced, danced some more, watched my Friend's band play, and ended with a bunch of slow dances. The third thing, is that my San Jose Sharks not only took a playoff spot, but are now second place league wide, and took the Pacific Division title. This years playoff will be tough, seeing as my two favourite teams (Sharks and Montreal Canadians) have a shot at the Cup. Who ever wins, I'm sure it'll be sweet.

Well, in other news, not much has happened. Played a bit of Resident Evil 0 to keep me from going insane thanks to the absence of my Xbox 360. That WipeOut has also been helping. I received my "coffin" and should be shipping it soon enough.

On to the part where I say "I have been tagged". Thank you RosAzzo and kingrich06. Here goes nothing:

1. I will spit it out right now: I was a crier. Simple as that. If a film got really emotional, I would fill my eyes with tears. Several examples of films I have cried in are: Titanic (Yeah, yeah...), Free Willy, Black Cauldron, We're Back, and of course...Pokemon The First Movie (As a kid, when I saw Ash turn to stone...I was emotionally scarred). Even though now it does take one hell of a movie to make me cry, I won't lie so I will tell you that there are movies I have watched recently where I have felt like crying. Seems like I'm a very emotional guy...not the emo kind.

2. I am a compulsive buyer. There will be times, where I have a bit of cash...and I just feel the need to buy something for the hell of buying. A prime example is my Ace Combat 6, Dead to Rights II, and my first PSP (Bought it, realized my mistake of blowing $500 out the window, and got my money back...I did eventually buy another PSP about 1 to 2 years later).

3. Many of you know that my name is Daniel...well that's half right. Let me tell you the coming of age tale of how I was named. When my mother gave birth to me, and was deciding on a name, she thought of "Maximiliano" or "John-Paul". Now, my very religious and Italian grandmother went straight up to the doctor, without asking my Mom and said "This baby, is name Danielé". Now, this name has haunted me because going to school, when I was registered they forgot to put that accent on my name. So, it read Daniele. From Grade 1 to this day, people always read my name as "Danielle" (Basically thinking that I am a girl). So when I raise my hand to say it's me, there is always confusion. Thus, that is why I like to be called "Daniel".

4. My father's occupation is an Italian chef. He works at a simple yet cl@$$y family restaurant now a days. But before, he was a top cl@$$ chef. Worked for several 4-5 star restaurants, had a little restaurant of his own, and served some celebrities (including Madonna and Al Pacino). He also was on TV a couple of times, and on the cover of this Toronto cuisine magazine. Ironic thing is, that he hates to cook at home (I don't blame him) but when he does...its amazing.

5. This one is short. I like the song "I want it that Way" by Backstreet Boys...yeah....

Hey, it's 8:00pm. Gotta turn off those lights.

See ya guys later!

The Day After...

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...yesterday I guess. As many of you know, my 360 succumbed to "Red Rings of Death", a common disease found it many Xbox species. It all started when I was playing Condemned 2. I was a little bit into the gameplay when it froze. Thinking that it was a common issue (C'mon, who's console has never frozen?) I restarted the console, thinking it was nothing. Then it froze at the Xbox 360 logo. "Weird" I replied. So I restarted it for the third time, and it made it to the Sega logo. Now I was mad. I restarted it a couple of times and gave up in frustration. But, remember: I had not experienced any rings thus far. So the next day I attempted it again: I made it to the guide, and even spoke to my friend over XBL. Thinking that it was a one time thing, I popped in Condemned 2...for the last time. It froze at the menu, screen went black and voila! The red rings appeared. Two things happened after this: 1. I said a very nasty word out loud (make that several nasty words) 2. Called Customer Service. I had a better experience then what most people go through. The lady that helped was very nice and understanding. So, in four days I'll be receiving my "coffin" to lay rest my 360, and in a month (3-4 weeks) I'll receive a replacement console.

There was some high points in the week though. I did receive my prize that I won from GamesRadar's contest: A Wipeout Pulse game for the PSP and a Buzz! (You know that trivia game for PS2?) t-shirt that says "I just got Buzzed". I would take a picture, but I am extremely lazy right now. The game is the equivalent to digital crack cocaine: quick, flashy, addictive, and all accompanied by crazy acid techno beats. Really fun. So I've been playing that. I also got desperate and brought my GameCube in my room, and played a bit of Super Smash Bros Melee and Resident Evil 0. Feels weird taking a generation step backwards. But doing this made me remember something: The GameCube controller is so damn comfortable. It feels really nice in my hands. Moving on, I played Super Smash Bros Brawl at my friends house, and it is pretty good. Same proven formula, nothing really changed (Aside from new characters, stages, and some other goodies). I tried some of the new characters, but failed to beat any of my friends. The second I got Samus in my hands everything changed...I completely destroyed everyone. Feels good to go back (Plus I put an avy of her!). In movie news, I bought Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary edition for $9.98 at Wal-Mart. I have yet to watch it but I think tonight I'll pop it in my DVD player. Other then that, nothing new. Oh, was reminiscing at my first blogs on this site and noticed how I was such a newbie. It baffles me that it was even me. I don't even talk like that anymore. Guess it had to do with Gamespot being my first blog AND first forum experience on the web. I didn't know any better.

I may or may not be on tomorrow, so I'll go right now and say Happy Easter to all! Don't eat too much chocolate...or do what ever the hell you want.

See you guys later!

Descent into Chaos...

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...remember me putting off talking about video games? Yeah...forget that. It'll be way to hard not to mention games, seeing as that's what I like talking about the most. So, the game related "Weekly Doom" has resumed.

I bought, wait, let me rephrase that...I, for the lack of a better word, "bargained" for Condemned 2: Bloodshot. What I mean is that I traded in some games at Blockbuster (Transformers, Ace Combat 6, Doom 3, and Goldeneye Rogue Agent) and got Condemned 2 for only $10. I only played 5 minutes of it, but it sure is fun...and dark. Has a great movie feel to it, and that's always good. Monolith did a great job. I'll be sure to play more of it after.

My March Break is over, and that's where I descend into chaos (The blog title also refers to the tagline of Condemned 2). I can already imagine all my teachers slapping tests in my face once I get back. But I can't complain, seeing as I have Friday off (Good Friday), Monday off (Easter Monday), and one day this week will be a retreat day (going to go visit a Buddhist and Hindu temple). But still, I would have loved another week off like those private school students are getting. I had a good break, my cousin slept over, played some Turok, made a stupid movie about zombies (which is always fun), and among other things. Then I slept at his house where we didn't play much games, but played some road hockey, watched movies (Lord of good!), and my uncle brought us to a Toronto Marlboro's game where they lost the championship to the Canadians. It was an awesome game.

This is going to be quick, as I have some math questions to do, and going to watch a movie with my Mom and Dad.

See you guys later!

March Break is here

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Hurray for March Break! Now I get to spend all my time doing...NOTHING!

I have some news to tell you guys. I have gone exclusive.

That's right. From this point on, I am no longer a member of Gamespot, but putting my time for MovieTome. Seems like Gamespot couldn't hold onto me. The site got too lazy, and I've moved on to other sites for my game related news (mainly Kotaku and GamesRadar). it is. My blogs from now on will be basically movie related.

I watched Blood Diamond the other day, and oh boy was I impressed. The fusion of the story and acting made it a very moving movie, and an eye opener at that. Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou put on one hell of a performance. Another thing I loved about this movie was the music. As a matter of fact, I'm listening to "London" from the official soundtrack. I know its a tad bit late, but that doesen't mean I can't still apperciate it. As you can see, the movie influenced my mind to put up that "Stop Conflict Diamonds" image as a blog header. Be sure to check it out, it has a lot of information on how to prevent this problem from happening.

SPOILERS: One thing I noticed, is that DiCaprio dies in almost all of his movies. Take that in...let's see here: Rome+Juliet...Titanic...Blood Diamond...The Departed...I'm pretty sure he dies in The Aviator (correct me if I am wrong). Well, doesen't matter, he's one hell of an actor anyways.

The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham is interesting me. If you don't know, I am a huge...wait let me emphasize that.. HUGE bank/casino heist movie fan. Ocean's films, Heat, Inside 'em all. So, I might be doing that today. Plus Statham kicks all kinds of a$$.

Thats just about it. I have two birthday parties to attend, and errands to do (*sigh*). I'll speak to you guys soon.

See you guys later! (It's official..this is my phrase :P)

Frag 'em and Bag 'em

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Hey guys. If you haven't noticed, I changed my profile banner to one of my older ones that my good friend Bavoke made. It's a shame that he "disappeared", he was a pretty cool guy. My MovieTome banner also changed to the 300 one he had made for me.

I went to the theatres to go watch Jumper. Other then the fact that Samuel L. Jackson was in it...the movie was an epic failure. To think I was hoping it would be good. My friend even fell (or was about to) asleep. I don't blame her. I only stayed awake thanks to that damn high sugar slushie. If it weren't for that, I would have been in "lalaland". The Oscars were on last week, and I enjoyed them a lot. Even though I was disappointed with Best Actor and Actress awards (Ellen Page and Johnny Depp deserved those), it was a pretty damn good show. The Nintendo Wii even made an appearance, with Jon Stewart playing Wii Sports. I found that a bit funny.

All is good in the gaming world. I had to return Rock Band to my friend, but I did get Call of Duty 4 from my other friend. It's sad that I haven't really played it. Been too busy playing Rock Band and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron for my PSP. That's something I find underrated. I love my PSP, it's got a lot of games that suit my tastes, and is a great multimedia tool (Although I do use my ipod for music most of the time). If you have a PSP, I highly recommend BattleFront: RS. It's pretty addicting. I love customizing my character and giving him weapon preferences of my choice (Republic Clone, Captain Nero helmet, green colour scheme, bowcaster/sniper rifle, cluster grenade, stamina increase power, and health boost=pwnage). It's pretty awesome for a portable game. But I still think that next week's release of God of War:Chains of Olympus is going to be wicked. I am defiantly buying it.

Other then me getting my ear pierced today (I always wanted an ear ring), nothing else really happned.

See you guys later!

Step Number One...

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...get started. That's right, I finally made a Director YouTube profile (SteamBulletFilms) to create movies. We just finished an un scripted, quickie movie entitled "Dumb Gun". Just click my profile logo above, and watch it. Rate, comment, subscribe, and fav...would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and don't worry...future films will have a MUCH higher quality. This was a quickie to try out the camera, and how to convert and stuff. It still came out pretty good if you ask me. Well, I gotta make this I have to cut this blog a bit short.

See you guys around!