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I have completed me1 twice but there is no option to import its data onto me2, which is strange because I can import me2 data onto me3, and ideas?

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I've had my PS3 for a year now. So far so good, actually its amazing! Typical that as soon as I catch up from ps2 to ps3 Sony coughs up a ps4! I am destined to be behind forever... welcome to the club.

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I think they should return, it kind of rewarded people for using Gamespot, I only managed to get to level 16 though... But I was almost 17 when (poof!) gone.

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Lego Lord of the rings is my favorite Lego game so far, it is alot more glitchy than previous Lego games however. If Lego The Hobbit follows the same path as the Lego lord of the rings it will be a success. Speaking of The Hobbit, I love that movie and I can't wait for the next one, I also read the book recently.

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50 to 60 people start to feel older.

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How about

If if there is an interactive item in the room, then the characters head moves to look at it, if there's more than one interactive item in the room then the characters head just spins round faster and faster until you cant see it.

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Does Star wars battlefront count, its a third person shooter but you can play it in first person. Otherwise Medal of honor frontline.

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Tekken 5...

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No apparently they do it to sell it...

but I don't buy games to look at women's boobs/butts/hips/whatever, I buy games to play on them...

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Male because I am male and on my games females dress up like strippers. (i dont know why they just do...)

I dont like this because im not a pervert...

So I just ignore the clothes and play...