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XCOM enemy unknown, Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

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Recently I have been playing on XCOM enemy unknown and Dragons Dogma "Dark Arisen".

First XCOM, I have never played any of the original XCOM's, actually up until now I had never even heard of it! At first I was kind of reticent to buy it, "How the hell does a turn based shooter work?" I said. I don't know what made me buy it but I did and I have to say im glad I did! When I first played on it though I was actually regreting buying it. At a glance the graphcs feel out dated and the sound effects in the first cutscene sound bad. BUT at a closer inspection I noted that its amazing how close to somthing you have to be before you can see the pixels! Also the sound effects on the missions sound REALISTIC!!! Honestly this game looks and sounds awesome. Only problems are camera glitches and choppy frame rate. The voice acting is cool to! I shall be posting a review on this game in a few days.

Man, I loved Dragons Dogma, when I heard there was an expansion pack I pre ordered it ASAP! Now all of us who played on the original know how easy it is to die on Dragi's doggy, right RIGHT!!!! On this expansion pack there are big enemies that can kill you with one hit! yes 1 hit and your history! Capcom recommened that your character be level 50 before braving the danger's of Bitterblack isle "dun dun dun!". Well in the first few rooms this seems right-ish but after your first proper boss fight the difficulty jumps drastically from difficult to "OH **** HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO LIVE THROUGH THAT!" I personally recommend that thou be 100 before ye brave the curse of BitterBlack isle "dun dun dun!" That said though this expansion pack is awesome, Bitterblack isle "dundundun" has a nice survival horror theme to it. I have been spending the last few days stumbling through torture chambers, rooms full to the vomitline with god only knows what, and being killed while I do it. Honestly I think this expansion pack is aimed at people who have completed DD twice and still have'nt ditched there character. This I did do because things where geting to easy, AND I HATE EASY! If you plan on buying this game BEWARE! It is very difficult (this poor smart arse who's been preaching to you for the last fifteen minutes of your life has a character of level 76 and still finds it difficult, either he's telling the truth, doubt it, or he just aint good at this game, probably,.). SO, YE BE WARNED!!!