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New pick ups.

Got some new games to get my teeth into, Uncharted 2: among thieves, Uncharted 3: Drakes deception, Infamous and Infamous 2.

I have already completed uncharted one and two. Not because they are short games but because they are SO ******* GREAT! They are some of the best games I have ever played (I could not bring myself to buy the first Uncharted because two and three are suppose to be better than it anyway). People keep saying that the third uncharted was not as good as the second one, I actually prefer the third one. I think the story is better, the cutscenes are more entertaining and I generally think the third one is better. But, don't get me wrong, the second one is still really good. In fact I think the gun fights are slightly better on the second one than on the third one. So, Uncharted two and three, great investment, there in my top five best games ever.

In Infamous, you are a super hero in a dieing city, that is you can be a super hero, but you can also be a crook. you can either run round shooting the place up, or you can help make the streets a safe place again. Infamous is an awesome game. The story is not that interesting (its a super hero game for christ sake), but you begin to care about the city and want to get it back on its feet. But that is if your a good guy, if your a villain you will go round reducing everything to rubble. Its nice to have a choice, in some games you have no choice but to be the hero, and sometimes you are forced to be a villain.
On my first play through Im going to be a hero but on my second im gunna get mean. I haven't played on the second Infamous yet, Im going to after Infamous one, but people tell me that the second Infamous is a disappointment, but other people say its better than the first, we shall see.

So, so far so good, (triple so), these games are really good and if you haven't purchased and of them then I recommend them highly.

MrTakeda out ;)