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Can play Shogun 2 Total war.

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A while back I mentioned how I couldn't play on Shogun 2 without the visuals being messed up, well its fixed and I am spending many happy hours on it, I also purchased Far cry from Steam, despite the abysmal voice acting and average plot I find this game exciting!

Finished Deus Ex Human revolution, great game, my only complaint is that the ending was a bit of a let down, not because it wasn't good but because it could have been a bit more substantial, you get three choices, and after you make your choice the last cutscene is of Jensen talking about why he chose to do what he did, you don't get to see the world affected by your choice. Apart from that the game is exellent! Thats another thing, at the release of this game four years ago I remember people whining about stupid AI, now I'll admit the beings that inhabit the Deus Ex HR universe are not the brightest in existence, but I never felt like I was exploiting uninteligent undeveloped AI, in stealth or combat. If it wasn't for the poor boss fights and the fact that the game consistently expects you to achieve certain goals that you can't because you haven't leveled jensen up in ,say, hacking or stealth, Deus Ex Human Revolution would get a solid 9/10, but it will have to make do with an 8/10.

My Darks Souls Data was corrupted beause the game froze when it did an auto save, lost 65 hours of hard work, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and now it hasn't frozen at all. Still, I can't motivate myself to play it, knowing that at any minute all my progress might be taken away from me...

Purchased Battlefield Bad company 2, the last Battlefield game to get a score of 9/10, the games awesome but the single player campagin, was in my opinion, overhyped. The AI was stupid, standing out in the open blasting away into the distance being of no help at all.One time after finishing a fire fight I was ready to proceed but the AI started a conversation, and wouldn't follow me to the next fight even when they had finished. So I was forced to leave without them and take on the next 50 enemies alone. Also, when I died in BBC2 (<lol bbc2) the camera doesn't show you from which direction the fatal shot came, so you often make the same mistake twice, or five times. On Call of duty 3, a game created four years before BBC2, the camera falls facing the person who just blew your brains out, sometimes on BBC2 you fall down facing the opposite direction to the enemies.

But the online multiplayer is where its at and im looking forward to intense fire fights with my fellow human beings rather than faceless AI robots...