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How I do things...

How I do things.

When I write reviews, I try to go through everything one at a time...

Example, first I write what I think about the game, then I give a little info about the story and give my opinion, then I write how good the game play is and explain any bugs and glitches. After that I write about the graphics, A.I. and sound track. After that I Just put in the overall and then presto! My super review is finished!:P

When I first play games I don't review it until I have looked into everything, but I try to review it before I complete the game, that way I decrease the risk of accidentally putting in spoilers.

And when I write a blog I just write whatever is on my mind... like Im doing now... LETS ROCK!!! :cool:

MrTakeda ;)

P.S. The reason I haven't uploaded any images is because I don't own a camera. :cry:

My bad computer...

OK THAT'S IT!!! My computer is starting to struggle with all of my computer games! Even the ones that are really old!!! :evil:

That's the last straw... Im not going on my computer games for a while (ill only go on Gamespot). Ill just play on PS2 (yes I have one!) My computer was made in 2000 so its just rubbish so ill give it some time out. But should really be getting new graphics card... that might help with the lag on my games...

Over the next week ill just play PS2 games.

MrTakeda has spoken!!! Go back to your ugly families!!!

I like PS2

Yea I still have a PS2, you have a problem with that?:x

I have so much PS2 games I cant be bothered to add them to my game list...:P

And why are they making a PS4 when the PS3 is at its prime:question:


no comment...


Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, Tekken.

I think Namco, Tecmo and Capcom should get together and create a Tekken/Dead or Alive/Street Fighter crossover. They'd sell millions! It would be awesome!!! They are all great games. If they put them together it would be a huge success (providing the do it all right).:D That's a good idea ive just had!!!

If I where them I would do it...:roll:

I mean, nothing could go wrong? The only thing that could go wrong is the acting, graphics and fighting. If they put in online people would go crazy... (I don't really care if a game has online or not...)

Also if they put in some new characters that would make the public swallow it down much better, look im coming up with all the idea's why dont they put me in charge???

no comment...



how come i cant go on Battlefield 2 modern combat online??? Every things working???

Maybe Gamespy is a broken down network.:evil:

Or maybe I missed something.... wait i never miss anything!:roll:


so angry...

When I do go online there's no one there soI have to play with myself.:cry:



graphics card!!!

ohhh this is great!!! Might be getting a better graphics card soon!


This is gunna rock!!!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


P.S: Its not official yet but there's no reason why I cant get it.

My computer...


Those are the emotionsI go threw when I play my computer. First it all seems fine,:lol: then the frame rate takes a nosedive,:D then it starts to glitch,:)then the controls go all funny,:| then the audio goes all messed up,:( thenI start to lose connection on the online stuff,:cry:Then the computer goes CAPUT!:evil:


Well my computer was made in 2000 so this is hardly suprising...

But it means I cant get any of these new games that are being released all the time :cry:


yea right! Like that's going to help!!!

MrTakeda ;)

Bad games.

Why are Gamespot Reviews so bad? For example, Destroy All Humans Path Of The Furon doesn't look like a bad game and Gamespot users say its good but Gamespot gives it 4.0??? Samurai Warriors 2 Empires looksgoodand users say its good but Gamespot gives it 6.3???

I have lots of games that i got whenI was 4 and i thought they where great (obviously ive outgrown some of them but some i still like) but Gamespot rates them below 5.0!!! They forget that the games are for little kids!:evil:

So when your reading a Gamespot review always read what the users have to say, some of the game I own are for little kids and my little brother plays and enjoys them despite the Gamespot rating.

MrTakeda :roll:

Customizable characters.

Hello its me MrTakeda, and I'm putting my point of view across about "Customizable Characters" DUN DUN DUUUN!!!:twisted:

The whole point ofCustomizable Characters is to make games more fun, when you're playing on your Dynasty Warriors

its cool to make an animatedversion of you in the game. But (theres allways a "But") this distracts you from the rest of

the game for example, Dynasty Warriors.

When you create a Customizable Character all you can think of for the next few weeks is "Gotta level up this guy GOTTA LEVEL UP THIS GUY!!!" this just destroys the fun for the rest of the game.

And when you've had enough of the character, what do you do? You create another one!!!

This goes on for Months until you get another game, and then your Dynasty Warriors game is shoved to the back of your games and you forget all about it...

So I wrote this to warn you not to get to preoccupied with the Customizable Characters DUN DUN DUUUN!!!

However Customizable Characters can also make the game much better (as long as you dont get to occupied with them".

So it all boils down to how occupied you are.

I recommend on a scale of 1 to 10

you are around 4 to 6

MrTakeda :cool:


Ive wrote my first review OH THIS IS SMASHING!!! I reviewed Rainbow Six 3!!! read it if you want..................:cool:

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