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My reviews...

Unlike you lucky people, I don't have a PS3 Xbox Wii or any of that exotic stuff, I have a old old old computer a old old old old laptop, a PS2 and four DS's:shock:. Right yes ok stop screaming "awww poor MrTakeda!", because of this it kinda limits what games I can buy (and what I can review).

So when I review games, im actually reviewing games that where made six or seven years ago... So that why I write things like "This game was made in 2001 but the graphics look like 2005 graphics!".:oops:

Anyway most of the best games in this world are the old classics:D. I like old games...

MrTakeda :cool:

Games and the Effect they have on our brains...

Right now pause Gears of war, or Splatter house or whatever your playing and listen.

What do games teach us these days? "Blood" "Gore" "Splat splat" "boom" "Fire" "steel" "meat alova tha place"!!!

It cant be good for the old grey cells. Most games have to much blood and gore, other games encourage you to kill something.

Hey are you still listening? Turn off Mortal Kombat! Im not done yet...

In America there have been cases where 18 year olds have gone to there schools and killed their friends and teachers. When the police searched their rooms they found that they had written down who they where going to kill, they found guns and lots of very violent games. Now im not saying everyone who plays a game with a PEGI over 12 is going to become a murderer, but I don't think it helps...

People who play violent games act more aggressive (trust me I know), probably because you get missions that get you to kill people in all sorts of brutal ways. Games should encourage people to kill other "BAD" people. Games like Grand theft auto have you capping innocent people.

Some video games like Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, F.E.A.R etc have to much blood in, you cut of a bad guys finger and it makes enough blood to make you feel like you've just pulled off their head and squeesed it!

So all im saying is maybe they should tone the gore down a bit.


My stupid stupid computer

My computer has broken down and it wont boot up. Meaning I cant play on:

Rome total war, Shogun total war, Age of empires III, Age of empires III Warchiefs, Age of empires III The Asian dynastys, Thief Deadly shadows, Black & White just to name a few...

Now im stuck on some laptop that was fished out of a dump in the 90's.


Ive wrote my seventh review, I reviewed Summoner 2.

Also This Sunday im going to be online on Call of Duty 3 (ps2). And ill also try and go online on Battlefield 2 modern combat (again ps2), last time i tried to create a profile it just said something about "try again later".

Im also going to write another review soon.

Thank you for reading...



Black and White

Today was a bad day for me, and this is why.

I have this old game (made in 2001) called "Black & White". You play as a god and you must get tribes to worship you.

This is a great game, beautiful graphics (considering it was made in 2001), great game play,

its overall is all perfect. I was playing this level and at first I was struggling but then I started to win!

It was almost done but then IT happened!:evil:

An error occurred and windows has been forced to shut down, we are sorry for the inconvenience.:evil: Why?

Now I don't want to play Black & White anymore... :cry:

Does anyone else suffer this problem?

If you do post it in the comments.

Thank you for reading.



PEGI is a mess... They keep over rating games :cry:

If you want an example just go to Shogun 2 Total war. Or destroy all Humans.:evil:

When you play on a game you know its not real, its fun to kill people on games but you wouldn't do it in real life (unless your mad but even then you would have to be raving mad for you to go out and kill someone).

I would rate Shogun 2 and destroy all humans 12+.

Movies can be disturbing sometimes but I don't find games disturbing at all... At most games just set a bad example...

But this is all a matter for debate, leave you debating in the comments below .

Thanks you

MrTakeda :cool:

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