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New pick ups.

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Got some new games to get my teeth into, Uncharted 2: among thieves, Uncharted 3: Drakes deception, Infamous and Infamous 2.

I have already completed uncharted one and two. Not because they are short games but because they are SO ******* GREAT! They are some of the best games I have ever played (I could not bring myself to buy the first Uncharted because two and three are suppose to be better than it anyway). People keep saying that the third uncharted was not as good as the second one, I actually prefer the third one. I think the story is better, the cutscenes are more entertaining and I generally think the third one is better. But, don't get me wrong, the second one is still really good. In fact I think the gun fights are slightly better on the second one than on the third one. So, Uncharted two and three, great investment, there in my top five best games ever.

In Infamous, you are a super hero in a dieing city, that is you can be a super hero, but you can also be a crook. you can either run round shooting the place up, or you can help make the streets a safe place again. Infamous is an awesome game. The story is not that interesting (its a super hero game for christ sake), but you begin to care about the city and want to get it back on its feet. But that is if your a good guy, if your a villain you will go round reducing everything to rubble. Its nice to have a choice, in some games you have no choice but to be the hero, and sometimes you are forced to be a villain.
On my first play through Im going to be a hero but on my second im gunna get mean. I haven't played on the second Infamous yet, Im going to after Infamous one, but people tell me that the second Infamous is a disappointment, but other people say its better than the first, we shall see.

So, so far so good, (triple so), these games are really good and if you haven't purchased and of them then I recommend them highly.

MrTakeda out ;)

... oh I can go online now. FINALLY!

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Good news I can now go online on my PS3 yay! Bad new, now I know Im not as good at XCOM as I thought, actually IM TERRIBLE! So far out of six games I only won two YES WON TWO! 2 is a very low number. Anyway that's helpful, I only have two games i can go online, and I have two friends already (why does two keep cropping up!).

So Im only really good at Call of duty 3, but don't worry, or you SHOULD worry! IF YOU PLAY ON CALL OF DUTY 3, BEWARE! I WILL MAKE THE NAME MRTAKEDA A NAME TO BE FEARED! :twisted:

XCOM enemy unknown, Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

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Recently I have been playing on XCOM enemy unknown and Dragons Dogma "Dark Arisen".

First XCOM, I have never played any of the original XCOM's, actually up until now I had never even heard of it! At first I was kind of reticent to buy it, "How the hell does a turn based shooter work?" I said. I don't know what made me buy it but I did and I have to say im glad I did! When I first played on it though I was actually regreting buying it. At a glance the graphcs feel out dated and the sound effects in the first cutscene sound bad. BUT at a closer inspection I noted that its amazing how close to somthing you have to be before you can see the pixels! Also the sound effects on the missions sound REALISTIC!!! Honestly this game looks and sounds awesome. Only problems are camera glitches and choppy frame rate. The voice acting is cool to! I shall be posting a review on this game in a few days.

Man, I loved Dragons Dogma, when I heard there was an expansion pack I pre ordered it ASAP! Now all of us who played on the original know how easy it is to die on Dragi's doggy, right RIGHT!!!! On this expansion pack there are big enemies that can kill you with one hit! yes 1 hit and your history! Capcom recommened that your character be level 50 before braving the danger's of Bitterblack isle "dun dun dun!". Well in the first few rooms this seems right-ish but after your first proper boss fight the difficulty jumps drastically from difficult to "OH **** HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO LIVE THROUGH THAT!" I personally recommend that thou be 100 before ye brave the curse of BitterBlack isle "dun dun dun!" That said though this expansion pack is awesome, Bitterblack isle "dundundun" has a nice survival horror theme to it. I have been spending the last few days stumbling through torture chambers, rooms full to the vomitline with god only knows what, and being killed while I do it. Honestly I think this expansion pack is aimed at people who have completed DD twice and still have'nt ditched there character. This I did do because things where geting to easy, AND I HATE EASY! If you plan on buying this game BEWARE! It is very difficult (this poor smart arse who's been preaching to you for the last fifteen minutes of your life has a character of level 76 and still finds it difficult, either he's telling the truth, doubt it, or he just aint good at this game, probably,.). SO, YE BE WARNED!!!

To hell with these ads!!!!

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So there I was writing a long and important review for Devil may cry HD Collection, I had finished it and was just checking that my spelling was correct via the "check spelling" option, I went through correcting the five mistakes I made in an hours work and pressed spell check again to check if my corrections where correctly corrected! AND WHAT HAPPENS! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS!!! nothing... AT FIRST! So im sitting there as its checking, then I had the bight idea that I needed to press it again, the split second I mouse over it, it finishes correcting and It shortens the page, moving a samsung phone advertisement into my mouse's way! AND I CLICK IT! I am bounced to a page telling me to Download content onto a phone I don't even have! AND WHEN I PRESS BACKUP I HAVE LOST MY ENTIRE REVIEW THAT I SPENT A WHOLE HOUR WRITING!!! WTF WTF


My news...

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Here is my news and ill make it short.

Im now 14 years old

I have been on gamespot for a year

I have new games: Devil may cry 4 (very awesome), Devil may cry HD collection (Very nice) and Call of duty 3 (ps3)

I will be reviewing them shortly. :cool:

SO, ive been on gamespot for a year. Tis a nice place gamespot, The Gamespot community are full of much nicer people than most other websites, people who don't say "Duh!" when you ask them a question, people who don't spam my messages with junk, and people who are really interesting, I thank you.

Now with all that out of the way lets get down to business, Yes Devil may cry 4 is awesome, I must say I had my doubts about it but its really fun, but it would be a lie to say its not as hard as DMC 3, but the more you play the easier it gets.

DMC HD collection is alright but its average as far as HD games go, but Im glad to be able to play the first three DMC's on my new PS3.

Call of Duty 3, ill never miss the action, so Im glad to be able to play it on the PS3, If you ask me its actually better than the PS2 version and not because of graphics, the game just feels more intense and more realistic.

And Im looking forward to this Dragons Dogma "Dark Arisen" expansion pack! not long to wait.

So that's my news form my place, thank you for reading.


I have returned!!!

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I've been gone for a long time, no I was not killed, abducted, Imprisoned or anything like that, I was playing on my new PS3! :twisted:

Its awesome! (the only problemo is I can't go online). I've been playing on Dragons Dogma, Portal 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings with my little brother (I mentioned Lego Lord of the rings in my previous blog, so far its really good but it keeps crashing :cry: ) I've completed Dragons Dogma and Portal 2, so Im looking for more games! I was thinking about Devil may cry 4 (Im not even going to even consider buying this re-boot, its been booted up the walls if you ask me).

Soon I shall write a review on Dragons Dogma and portal 2, but when I discovered that there was an expansion pack coming out for Dragons Dogma I decided not to review it until I got the expansion pack.:P

So far Dragons Dogma is my favourite PS3 game but there's more games out there waiting for me to buy. Portal 2 was good and I would have gave it a score of 9 but apart from the two player campaign, there is almost no replay value.

I am told that as far as open word role-playing adventure games go, Dragons Dogma is not exactly in the top ten, as a matter of fact there are a lot of people who hated Dragons Dogma, it is the first of its type that I have ever played on and I understand that the graphics could have been better, but i still think its an excellent game with epic boss fight and story. One thing about the game is that the ending doesn't make that much sense, but not as much as Kevin Van ord says, he was acting like you would be up all night pacing up and down saying "How the hell did that happen" I was more like "Oh... wonder how that happened (for 5 seconds), so be it...). One thing that Kevin was right about was that Dragons Dogma at first is one of the most frustrating games to be realised, but when you get to level 30 its not as hard.

Oh and that's another thing, HOW THE HELL DID MY LEVEL GO UP TO 14!!! Last time I checked it was 12 now its 14 and 85% at that, and probably about to go higher when I submit this blog, suddenly pressing submit seems a very very good idea......

ThankyouforreadingMrTakeda;) Done

Lego Lord of the rings

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The Lego series next game is Lego lord of the rings. Now I like the lego games, my little brother plays on them to death and every now and then i have a go with him. We have so much fun, so when I hear the next Lego game is "Lego Lord Of The Rings" I feel quite excited for two reasons, firstly its another Lego game to the pile, secondly I love The Lord of the rings and I hope it will make it into lego un scared.

And here's something funny, last year I said to my brother, "What do you think the next lego game will be? I bet It will be Lord of the rings!" Honestly sometimes I scare myself.

I really like the Lord of The Rings and I have several of its video games. There very good but I don't play on them as much, probably because I played them to death. So I hope this Lego lord of the rings goes smoothly.



Another reason I go on Lego games with my brother is because its better than him playing on Destroy all Humans 2! with me. Man he loves that game:x.

New games (2)

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I haven't been posting much, reason is ive been playing on these two games.

Devil may cry 3

Devil may cry 3 is one of the most stylish games ive ever played.


Monster Hunter

Monster hunter is probably the most underated game ever, ill write a review soon so you can see what i think about it.

(ive been wondering if anybody still plays online, so I thught the best way to find out is to go online, but it wont work! When its loading it just gets to 60% and just stops, if you know whats wrong please tell me!)

My computer has gone slower than ever, meaning I cant play on the game that actualy worked on that computer. I miss Rome total war...:cry:


More stuff

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I found this game in the bottom of a box called "Alone in the dark", what is it? Gamespot doesn't seem to have done a review about it, is it any good? Its sequels haven't had very good reviews but this one, all I know about it is that it was made in 1992 and that its some kind of survival horror game. Its also been played before (I know because there where a few scratches, not enough to stop it from playing but enough to suggest its been played allot).

I don't go on fighting games very much (example Tekken) because for some reason or other when I play, I start to have heart flutters or something, my heart beat gets faster and faster and I feel strange. Apparently its because the game is so intense that your body gets ready to run or fight, but your just siting still so it hurts:cry:. So im not going to go on Tekken as much (I was never that good at it anyway:oops: ), or Street fighter, or The King of fighters:(.

So that's whats happening with me, hope everything's alright with you.

MrTakeda :cool:

Stupid computer bugging up again...

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My computer has been working for what five minutes and its already bugging up again, clearly it takes me longer to eat a pizza then it does for my computer to die on me :cry:

Whats wrong with it?

It wont boot up, it gets to the part when you put the password in then KA-PUT!:shock: Im now writing this blog on my laptop, good ol laptop never lets me down, its just a bit slow from time to time.

Bottom like, if theres a god (of computers), then he must like watching me suffer.

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