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Can play Shogun 2 Total war.

A while back I mentioned how I couldn't play on Shogun 2 without the visuals being messed up, well its fixed and I am spending many happy hours on it, I also purchased Far cry from Steam, despite the abysmal voice acting and average plot I find this game exciting!

Finished Deus Ex Human revolution, great game, my only complaint is that the ending was a bit of a let down, not because it wasn't good but because it could have been a bit more substantial, you get three choices, and after you make your choice the last cutscene is of Jensen talking about why he chose to do what he did, you don't get to see the world affected by your choice. Apart from that the game is exellent! Thats another thing, at the release of this game four years ago I remember people whining about stupid AI, now I'll admit the beings that inhabit the Deus Ex HR universe are not the brightest in existence, but I never felt like I was exploiting uninteligent undeveloped AI, in stealth or combat. If it wasn't for the poor boss fights and the fact that the game consistently expects you to achieve certain goals that you can't because you haven't leveled jensen up in ,say, hacking or stealth, Deus Ex Human Revolution would get a solid 9/10, but it will have to make do with an 8/10.

My Darks Souls Data was corrupted beause the game froze when it did an auto save, lost 65 hours of hard work, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and now it hasn't frozen at all. Still, I can't motivate myself to play it, knowing that at any minute all my progress might be taken away from me...

Purchased Battlefield Bad company 2, the last Battlefield game to get a score of 9/10, the games awesome but the single player campagin, was in my opinion, overhyped. The AI was stupid, standing out in the open blasting away into the distance being of no help at all.One time after finishing a fire fight I was ready to proceed but the AI started a conversation, and wouldn't follow me to the next fight even when they had finished. So I was forced to leave without them and take on the next 50 enemies alone. Also, when I died in BBC2 (<lol bbc2) the camera doesn't show you from which direction the fatal shot came, so you often make the same mistake twice, or five times. On Call of duty 3, a game created four years before BBC2, the camera falls facing the person who just blew your brains out, sometimes on BBC2 you fall down facing the opposite direction to the enemies.

But the online multiplayer is where its at and im looking forward to intense fire fights with my fellow human beings rather than faceless AI robots...

Dark souls, Deus Ex Human Revolution.

With the release of Dark souls II I decided to buy the first Dark souls and see what all the fuss was about. Why stop there I thought and so I bought Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition. Dark souls came yesterday and so far I've enjoyed it despite the whole getting killed every five minutes and losing all your souls thing. I can see why its so popular, its got a classic old school feel, back in the day when you needed skill to finish a game. And at the same time it has a modern re vamped vibe. Good purchase.

Deus Ex has come today, except it's the Nordic edition? wth? Well, it says on the back it includes all the bonus content of the limited edition, so ill just assume it is the limited edition. I've never received a "Nordic Edition"... What the hell is a Nordic edition! Well I only spent £5.99 on the game so if its a complete disaster I wont have lost to much money. I will play the game soon.

Im BACK! Happy B-Day Me!

I haven't really been on Gamespot, since before Christmas. The reason is that Ive been stuck on Elder scrolls V Skyrim, when you pick up that game you can never never put it down. And so I continued to play it, Quest after quest after quest, I still haven't completed the main story, which is strange because my character Is Level 63. It might be because I'm playing on Expert Difficulty? Don't know really.

So, that took me three months down my life to march, yesterday was my fifteenth Birthday! Yay! An if I'm not mistaken Ive had a profile on Gamespot for two years. To be honest I don't use Gamespot that much, I come on sometimes to post comments write some reviews that no one will ever read, and to find out what the hells going on in the video game world. Mostly, if I get any free time I use it to play video games.


Over the past few months I have obtained seven video games.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

"I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee"

Opinion: A huge adventure that I cannot stop taking part in.

Score: 9.2

Resident Evil 4

"What are ya buyin, stranger..."

Opinion: My first Resident Evil game, complete with terrible voice acting, Zombies and Women in tight red dresses who get on you nerves...

Score: 9.0

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

"El god damn Dorado"

Opinion: I avoided buying this when I purchased Uncharted 2 and 3, but I decided to try it out and its worth playing.

Score: 8.3

Total War Shogun 2

"Greetings my noble warriors, victory is certain if we hold to our Creed, do nothing stupid and help those fools die!"

Opinion: A great game but ruined by Steam, every time they do an update the graphics are messed up and the frame rate drops.

Potential Score: 9.0

Assassins Creed

"Give me names and I will give you blood"

Opinion: Great game, the ending isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Score: 9.0

Assassins Creed II

"The truth is written in blood"

Opinion: Just as good as the first game.

Score: 9.0


"Whats yours is mine"

Opinion: Oh dear, a huge letdown, don't get this game, your better of with Deadly shadows, I just finished chapter two and I honestly can't be bothered to finish it.

Score: 5.0

Dragons Dogma sequel

Dragons Dogma was an awesome game, it wasn't perfect but it was good fun. DD: Dark Arisen added some great new content to the original but on its own it was simply "good". Capcom is considering a sequel to DD, I'm hoping that it will fix the in-perfect aspects and completely fix all the flaws. For a start I hope that the map is bigger, the map on the first game is huge but it sometimes feels like you're running through a load of rat runs. A bigger and more explorable map complete with a more reliable travel system would be great. It would also be great if there are more vocations and more abilities, it was also annoying how your pawns couldn't use hybrid vocations. And speaking of pawns, I hope they improve the AI and fix the repeating dialogue (If Clio says "what a large tree" one more time, I'm gunna throw her into the sea!) I sometimes thought that you actually level up to quickly in DD, Cyclopes are fun to fight, but after you pass level thirty they can be killed in as many seconds, same with Griffins and Chimeras. It would be nice if either you level up slower so you can enjoy fighting them for longer, or they add stronger versions of them. Yes, it does have Gore Chimeras but even they can be killed easily after a while, same can be said for Cockatrices and Gore Cyclopes (Gore Cyclopes are unique to DD: Dark Arisen). In short, add more enemies to keep the game's difficulty from dropping into easy.

I mentioned before that a more reliable travel system would be great, well mounts would solve the travel system problem. There are no horses in DD which is a real shame because horse combat would be great in this game (imagine you and your pawns riding around an enraged cyclops firing arrows and magic at it). It is possible the geography of Gransys means that there is not allot of areas that could allow horses, so a lack of horses in DD can be forgiven but in a DD sequel horses would be great.

The Story of Dragons Dogma was not told very well. (If you haven't played Dragons Dogma then this will be some big spoilers for you) You spent allot of time doing things that had nothing to do with the dragon such as fighting Goblins, dealing with criminals, and hunting down large beasts. The closest it came to the dragon was when you were dealing with salvation, a group of heretics who worshiped the dragon. Then in the middle of the quest where you fight salvation the dragon shows up and says how its time to fight him. Then after you kill the dragon everything changes and you are sent down into the EverFall. After you properly kill the final boss the game comes to an ending that doesn't make sense, I didn't understand what happened until I had completed the game for the seventh time and played through Dark arisen! So from the sequel I hope to see a much better story. Dragons Dogma's story was unique and had great ideas but it didn't tell the tale very well.

Like I said, Dragons Dogma is a great game, I hope that if Capcom go through with this sequel they will apply these changes to it. But hey I thought of it so I suppose they must have thought of it as well. So, If you bothered to actually read any of this why not comment? You would be doing me a favor because no one has commented on anything I have done since the move to the new Gamespot and I would like to know if its an actual problem with my computer or if its because you've been forgetting about me!


Is anyone their, I have not had contact with anyone since this change!

This new Gamespot isn't so bad... but it can be a little glitchy at times.

But all in all Its ok, just hope that the problems get fixed.

bad things...

I remember when a bag of crisps (chips in America) used to bulge. They don't bulge now because they have less crisps in them. That should mean the price should go down to shouldn't it?! But no, we pay the same, if not more, for not only crisps but other foods. The crisps are also thinner and not as substantial then they used to be. Its the same everywhere, prices go up and food goes down.


I mentioned in a blog some time ago that we had solar panels fitted at my place and how the electrisity companie was ripping us off. Good news is we are being paid for our spare electrisity now! The bad news is that they found another way of ripping us off! We get charged less for using electrisity when the metre goes onto "low rate" and we pay normal the rest of the time. Low rate comes on at night when only the essentials are being used, and it goes back onto normal at day when we're using everything in the house. Since we had the solar panels fitted low rate comes on during the day and goes back to normal at night! That means that means we pay low rate during the day, when we are making our own electrisity and don't need to pay for it, and being charged normal for the essentials that run during the night. Now the electric company seem to thinks its a problem with our metre, but COME ON! Is it just a big coinsidence that it happend as soon as we were starting to get paid!

Oh and soon it will be winter, so oil prices will shoot up into the skies, oh well...

Humans, what horrible creatures we are.

We are a horrible little bunch aren't we, humans I mean.

We cut down forests, murder animals on an unimaginable scale, pump fumes into the atmosphere, fill the oceans and rivers with all sorts of shit, and generally we are sending the world to hell, and to top all of that it doesn't need to be this way!

These problems can easily be resolved, but people don't because it costs money and they don't think its worth doing.

We think its not our problem, its our grand children's grand children's problem, But that's unfair since we are the people causing the problem.

Just something to consider.

Oh how ******* ridiculous, and how convenient for the electric company.


So we had solar panels put on our house, and any spare electric we produce the electric company buy from us. Except they wont pay for it untill they get our metre reading, and they wont do that untill we send off a ton of paper work, and if they find a single mistake they send it back! That means that at the moment they're taking our spare electricity for free! The bastards! They are deliberately dragging there feet! The sods!

We received an email today that said they are ready for the metre reading, and after they receive it they will read the paper work! The BITCHES AINT EVEN READ THE PAPERWORK YET! :evil:

But apart from that everything's fine.

inFamous 2

Ok, inFamous 2 get's a bad review compared to the first game. I have played it and I think its just as good as inFamous one! If anything is wrong with inFamous 2 its that the city is not as cool as the first one and there is not that much ambient SFX. Empire city had an apocalyptic feel to it and the ambient sound only makes it better. On inFamous 2 your are in a city called New Marais. It is no way near as apocalyptic as Empire city and there are next to no ambient SFX, which makes it worse.

But other than that it is fine. If you have been put off of Infamous 2 by the bad review then I recommend it.