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Last episode of The Leftovers was pretty good. I'm sure a bunch of people are pissed, but it ended exactly the way it should have. I hope HBO does more of these mini-series. Too long to be a movie and too short to run out of steam and start sucking.

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On Watch_Dogs: Their Chicago is hands down the best realized open world environment in gaming. It's not super huge. It may be lacking in variety in the grander sense. But it's just so incredibly detailed and so full of life. Though like 90% of the map is city, the city itself looks very different in certain areas. I could always tell what part of town I was in just by looking around. There were so many things to hop over and blow up and all that. There were people everywhere doing all sorts of things. There was never a dull moment in the Windy City, and all the ways you were allowed to interact with it were entertaining to say the least. I think it's a damn shame that Ubisoft spoiled one of their greatest achievements by centering it all around the rubbish tale of Aiden Pierce, the 133t hacker hero scum - not to mention the way they thoroughly pissed fans off with their bait and switch. I sincerely want to sing their praises for how awesome Chicago is, but with the way people feel about the game now, I would just be ignored.

Good show, though, Ubisoft. You dumb bastards.

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Just got Dead Rising 3 for some reason... Will probably play like shit on my rig.. Oh well. :P

It definitely runs like shit on mine. Probably just runs like shit in general. Seems like a cool game, though.

Yeah, runs like butt.

Gameplay is a pretty constant 30fps with most things turned to high with a few things on medium and FXAA... but cutscenes run at like 15fps. wtf

The cutscenes are choppy as hell for me, too. Gameplay is kicking up and down around 30 on max settings as long as I have motion blur disabled. Otherwise, there is a split-second pause every time I turn. They definitely dropped the ball on this one. It doesn't even look that good maxed out.

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Just got Dead Rising 3 for some reason... Will probably play like shit on my rig.. Oh well. :P

It definitely runs like shit on mine. Probably just runs like shit in general. Seems like a cool game, though.

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@MethodManFTW: There's honestly no possible way they could be, unless GRRM has been writing his ass off or gave the producers permission to write the show ahead of the books. Those characters reached the end of their story arc at the end of last season.

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I know I've probably posted this before, but man... this song is one of my absolute favorites. Damn near brings tears to my eyes. And of course, Lindsey Stirling is hawwwt.

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I'm not a huge Skrillex fan, but I definitely dig shit like this.

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Mod tools for SRIV just released. Does that game even need mods?

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Nintendo really is shitty at naming their systems. The new 3DS system that they announced is officially called 'New Nintendo 3DS'. Wut?

Gameboy was the only good name they ever came up with. 3DS and 2DS were appropriate, but that's only because they named the original system DS... which is a dumb name.

EDIT: Jeezus, man. I just saw the thing. While I love the throwback colors of the white one with the SNES colored buttons (which many children are already saying is a knockoff of Xbox 360 lol), that tiny second thumbstick just further proves how fucking disconnected Nintendo is. Could they really not be bothered to move the ABXY buttons down far enough to add a second full-sized stick? There's PLENTY of room! You can shove the start/select buttons anywhere. Hell, put them back in their original spot, under the bottom screen. They've really become the company of missed opportunities, haven't they? I'm just baffled how they let so much get by them. It's a good thing their fans are obsessive and grandparents don't know shit about gaming systems.