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Ok, so after 17+ hours of downloading I finally got to try the PS3 version of DC Universe Online. I hate to sound cliche, but the PC version is waaaaaayyyyyyy better. If you have a decent gaming PC you'd be silly to play this on PS3. If you want to use the DS3 while playing then there are ways to do that. I was really wanting it on PS3, but I can't get passed how ugly the graphics are. Anyway, if you guys have a decent PC and get a chance to check it out before release I suggest you at least give it a look. Its a really awesome game, so you should enjoy it either way.
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That demo is a poor showing by BioWare, what is the deal with the framerate? I hope that is not indicative of the ME3 engine, they have some work to do. Sepewrath
I feel like they would have done better to leave it on the ME2 engine. They've already used it and probably knew how to better optimize it for the PS3. Instead they just upgraded to a more powerful engine without allowing themselves time to iron all the kinks out. I'm kind of curious to know how much time they actually did spend with it before deciding to make the jump like that. Superior lighting is not worth all those screen tears and hiccups. Just saying.
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I, too, am interested in the new Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect 3, but I just can't see those being out next year. Publishers are getting over confident in how much they can force their developers to do in a certain amount of time. The push backs are a new constant in the industry, so I'd expect them on most big releases like that. If it says fall 2011 just prepare yourself for a spring release. :P
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[QUOTE="MrSelf-Destruct"]Its free, isn't it? It could suck total donkey tail at that price. funsohng
no, AC2 ones are not free. and TC, idk, I found them enjoyable, but it's really up to you.

Oh, dang. I was thinking of Brotherhood. Well, in that case, TC, I can say they are worth it. They're nothing too extravagant, but they are more of one of the best games to come out this gen. They're pretty cheap, too, and definitely worth it.
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DEFINITE BUYS: Killzone 3, InFamous 2, Uncharte 3, Dues Ex: Human Revolution, Gears of War 3, Batman: Arkham City, and all the Team Ico stuff. POSSIBLE BUYS: Deadspace 2, Little Big Planet 2, DC Universe (likely on PC, though), Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Dragon Age 2, and Resistance 3.
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Its free, isn't it? It could suck total donkey tail at that price.
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If that is so thanks for the heads up. I only use my PS3 slim on-line. I never use the PS3 60 giger on-line.

But no version is safe! BWUAHAHAHAHA! :P Seriously, though, its not that big of a deal. Its so rare its not worth worrying about. Worry about it when it happens, but until then just play til your little heart's content. ;)
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If this was a mass problem, we'd be hearing about it like we did with the leap year bug. Not just a random thread on GS.TheMoreYouOwn
That's the thing, though. Its not a mass problem. It only happens to a few here and there. Its not just PS3, either. Lots of devices are killed at random by firmware updates. I had a Zune that once the firmware was done it was nolonger able to sync. I had it plugged into the PC, the update finished, and then I heard the sound windows makes to let you know your USB device is unplugged. It's a rare, sure, but it still happens.
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Its crazy that I was thinking about this thread earlier and taking my old PS2 collection into consideration when all of a sudden an old gem jump right out at me: Beyond Good and Evil. Then I remembered that CGI bit that was for a sequel and was curious as to what they were doing with that. Well, I didn't find out much about the sequel but I did stumble across confirmation from Ubisoft that Beyond Good and Evil is now in HD and almost ready to hit the PSN! Woot!
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