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ditto. *insert laugh here*starwarsjunky


now you're a donkey? or just a jackass? :P

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[QUOTE="starwarsjunky"][QUOTE="MrSelf-Destruct"] Me neither! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Scianix-Black

ditto. *insert laugh here*


 This furry little bass turd doesn't care either!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHEERRHARARHAH!!!!!
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lol I was just about to post that.Texas2089

I don't see anything about it coming to the PS3

I don't care about the PS3 version. Bahaha!

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[QUOTE="Texas2089"]The DLC costs $24 combined, plus $20 for the game so its only $44 for the PC/360 versions plus DLC, as opposed to the PS3 version which is $60. I even got lucky and got all the DLC for only $7.50 last week when they had it on sale on the XBL Marketplace :P I really don't know about PC controls since I'm playing it on Xbox, but from other people I've heard the PC version is the best. This is mostly just from SW though so take that with a grain of salt :PSphire

I've been noticing that the xbox version of ME2 seems extra cheap lately(UK), and I guess so are the dlcs(I should check if the pc dlcs are on sale too, would be sweet). MS's counter I guess. I do think the game looks gorgeous on the pc, but I don't think control wise its vastly better/different than a console version as say Dragon Age was or heck as the first ME was(of what little I played on an xbox a while back). Heck to a certain degree it may be better on the console (I'd have to retry the demo to properly say though).

They are all mapped to the "A" button on the 360. I'm pretty sure the same goes for the PS3. It definitely looks better on PC if you have decent hardware, but I do prefer a controller.

There are only a few major decisions that make a BIG impact, but there are tons of other things that you did that carry over in subtle ways like messages thanking you for something you did or bumping into somebody you screwed over in the last game. They obviously don't make much difference in how the rest of the game plays out, but it works wonders for connecting one game to the other and further immersing you in the Mass Effect universe. It may not mean much to other people, but I feel like its a great reason to continue playing on the same system I started on.


And that's kinda my point, I've got plenty of keys on a keyboard that 'use/storm/cover' could be seperated. Heck in ME1, 'use' and 'storm' were mapped seperately. And I had more buttons for straight access to inventory/squad levelling/journal whereas in ME2 I gotta go through the main menu. That's kinda what I mean when I say it doesn't feel optimised for pc.

As for the decisions, yea those smaller minor things don't really get to me. I don't really care about random messages or meetings that have little effect. On the other hand a couple moments have really impressed, where not merely a single choice but the collective experience of playing ME1 adds to the impact. But like Texas said, those decisions from ME1 should still affect things in ME3. I can already think of one decision I made in ME1 that I can't wait to see how it turns out, presumably in ME3.

Ah, ok, I see your point. Silly me. :P I assumed the PC version would give you the option to map your key commands as you please like most PC games do. Thats pretty messed up that they don't. Does it not support a controller, though? I definitely would prefer to play this game with a controller. As for that big decision you are presuming will play out in ME3, I think I know what you are referring to. There was a decision I made in ME1 that seemed to be a pretty big deal, but nothing has come of it yet. I hope they do something with it in the next game.

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[QUOTE="MrSelf-Destruct"][QUOTE="Adziboy"] Im with you SWJScianix-Black

What? Why not? We are trying to tell you about all the cool things that happen in ME2!

Yoko's sick Quarian fantasies don't happen in ME2.

WHAT!?? Well, dammit I'm putting this garbage game on eBay then!
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[QUOTE="starwarsjunky"]urrrrrrr i dont wanna read any of thisAdziboy
Im with you SWJ

What? Why not? We are trying to tell you about all the cool things that happen in ME2!
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541 bucks for MGS4 bundle that died last month, then 300 bucks for the 160 gb slim..............include the 14 ps3 games I have and it's well over one thousand.

I swear I am buying a warranty next time..................SIGH

Wow. EXACT thing happened to me! My 80gb MGS4 one died when I recieved the 3.55 update. Then I got the 160 slim. Do you miss your 80gb as bad as I do? It was my first true love! :cry:
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When you think about it... yeah. This is the best answer.

Did you guys notice that Altair is actually Desmond with the robe on?

Yeah, and Ezio is actually desmond with hair and a bad accent. They are supposed to look like him. They are his ancestors.
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I want some ME2 DLC that just features Shepard and Tali. And the bedroom.

Eeww. She got chicken legs. lol. Tali's more like a kid sister than a lady friend. I do dig the alien chicks, though. I miss my Liara.
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Yeah, I reeaalllly like Kasumi, but it sucks that she doesn't get a lot of dialogue after her mission. Its all one-sided auto response BS. :(