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I have a Navy clan for xbox 360. We are currently for Gta IV and soon for V. We help crime families by protecting them, and by doing hitman jobs for them. When GTA V comes out, you will be paid in the game, for completed jobs. We are basically Navy Seals but, we do provide air support for the Los Santos Police Force. If you would like more info or maybe even join message Dark Unleashed on Xbox, or you can go to the website/link at the botton. (FYI- I am changing my name to "LSN Admiral" on xbox soon) Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. LSN Website- www . LosSantosNavy . Webs . Com NO spaces^^^^ I had to put it this way for the post
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Hosting a roleplay on the ballad of gay tony. Its on xbox. Message Mr Don Bonanno or Dark Unleashed in joining