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My story of how I beat Dead Space 2 Hardcore mode

So I wanted to share my story of how I beat Hardcore, so I started my playthrough 1 month ago and I was only able to play on weekends since you gotta beat several chapters before saving the game. Anyway I had my trusty Plasma Cutter as my main weapon upgraded the hell out of my health rig stasis and PC.

I gotta admit I died a few times on the first chapters because I was rushing a little bit, I died by Exploders mostly but I still continued the game and didn't gave up 'cause I knew I could do it, it was just my own fault of rushing.

So my first save was on Chapter 5I continued my playthrough next weekend and reached to chapter 8 near the frozen cryogenic room or whatever it was. I died sometimes by those freaking Leapers like if you don't stasis every one of them they will kill you. I really hate Leapers and I bet most people do too.

One of the hardest parts for me is the elevator of chapter 11 before attempting this I decided to get Contact Beam's alt and used it and didn't received any damage. I was relieved I though I was gonna die!

Anyway so I reached the drill part and I used to die a lot in previous playthroughs in that place that I was like should I save right now or not ? After wondering a bit I grabbed my ***** and decided to give it a shot and I told my self ''You're almost in Bel-Air!'' no just kidding lol anyway I told my self ''You can do it!'' before attempting this I decided to respec my PC and bought the Javelin and upgraded it with the special upgraded to blow necros with the alt button. Since the only necros that would kill me were the Lurkers I used the CB on necros jumping the drill I almost died in that part but made it.

After beating the drill part I used my last save on chapter 13, as I went through I reached the infamous red rooms and this was another part I used to die as well but went pretty good too. I got to chapter 14 and the Ubermorph appeared so I rushed on this part just tried to kill the leapers that were near and dismembering the Ubermorph whenever I could as I was close to get to the (I don't wanna put spoilers for people that haven't finished the game )final boss the ubermorph slashed me and went through the door I checked my inventory and had no medkits at all with a yellow bar I decided to take on the final boss I was scared yet excited.

So I took on the final boss with my yellow bar and my contact beam, I shot the final boss once the marker opened shot the marker twice used the alt to keep away the pack shot the final boss twice and the game was over I couldn't believe that I did it. After Ellie gets to you while flying I though I was gonna crash to some flying rock and was about to die lol.

And now I can use the funny and epic Foam Finger! :D

So that's is my story of how I beat Hardcore. Hope you have a good day and excuse me if I made a few mistakes, my english is not very good but I'll try.

PSN Outage and quick blog.

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So it's been a while since my last blog, I just don't feel like writing something lol. But since I've been bored. So why the heck not. There are rumors about PSN coming on the last week of May and seems like the rumor will be true, but who knows anything can happen, but if that's the case we all can get Uncharted 3 beta earlier and maybe, my anticipated game Resistance 3, no idea when is this beta scheduled but hope we are able to play this beta!

Anyway during this outage I've been playing Mass Effect 2 and I absolutely love this game I wanted to get an xbox for this game but then I waited a bit to see if it was going to come so it did, I guess when you are patient you get a reward, I also got the platinum of Mass Effect 2, I want to play Arrival, anyone knows if it's good btw ?

Right now I've been struggling with Bayonetta didn't though I was gonna have a hard time with it, currently I can't beat Jeanne, I just gonna keep trying untill this witch gets down. >:(

I want to get Dead Space 2, but I dunno if to get it right away or wait for some deal or pricedrop, since I don't have any interest on the multiplayer at all. But I also wanna save a few bucks. Next week is the release of Brink, while it looks awesome I think I want to wait for some reviews 'cause I'm a bit skeptical about the game.

Sorry about the boring read lol. I just felt like writing a bit. Well hope PSN gets up soon and that this mess doesn't happen to us

again. :(

Awesome day, got my arcade stick, BB:Continuum Shift and my Birthday!

So yeah for my birthday I got my sexy Tournament Edition Arcade Stick and Blazblue Continuum Shift I know I will like this thing and this is how fighting games are supposed to be played! Now I can play SSF4, BB:CS, MvsC2 and when Mvsc3 comes out! I gotta admit I'm pretty excited. :oops: This is one of my best days ever!

P.S: Sorry for blurry pic. :(

Quick blog. What I am getting and whatnot.

So a few days ago I ordered from Amazon an Arcade Stick TE Edition, because how fighting games are meant to be played with an Arcade Stick. So while I was at it I also ordered BlazBlue Continuum Shift. Cause it looks really good and my friends got it too, so now I'm gonna be playing SSF4 and BB:CS. From the meanwhile still been playing Uncharted 2 online and waiting patiently for my stick. For the upcoming games I still don't know if to get Black Ops, the game seems really balanced from MW2 but still gonna wait what people say about it. Like the only thing most of us hated was the 100ft lounge commando perk and infinite spring and of course the grenade launcher. Also might get Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

I think that's all for now, when I get my stuff I post some pics and update the blog again. :)

Got L4D2 on steam for $10.20!

I'm not much of a PC gamer but L4D2 is the only game I would play since it's not on PS3 and for PC is much better and who doesn't like to shoot zombies, it never gets boring at least for me so, yesterday I bought L4D2 on steam so if anyone here has the game add me so we could play sometime! And it may be a little late but there's a offer on almost every steam game offer will last like 25 minutes. So if you're reading this hurry up!

Edit: It's now $20 bucks lol.

Why is Red Dead Redemption so good ?

I don't know, but this game is something fresh from everything I've played, Western, Open World, Horses, 1900s, Lasso, Saloons, Dynamite and more western stuff. But it's really fun and I'm really enjoying the single player so far, there's so much stuff to do, at first I wasn't aware of this game, then I start seeing vids and it's a 3rd person shooter, my favorite genre, then FPS then fighting games but that's for another blog. And I also got to level 60 in Uncharted 2 but the game been lagging everytime I play so I think I'm gonna take a long ass break from Deathmatches but not co-op, since is still fun. So I think I have around 15 hours in RDR and I don't think I'm even close to the ending. Also riding the horse reminds me a lot of Epona. :D The game is really awesome, I'm glad I got it and also been playing Super Street Fighter 4 was maining Ibuki but saw everyone was using it, so I said k screw it and picked Dudley and I'm liking Dudley more, the game got better like it doesn't feel like SF4 at all, just I really really hope they dont come with Super Duper Hyper Street Fighter 4 later, but it's probably inevitable. Enjoying both a lot. If you get both of these games you can add me so we can either have a match or join my friend posse in RDR. Sorry for not able to blog these days, haven't been in the mood lately.

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Got God of War 3 Platinum!

So I finally got God of War 3 Platinum, the 2 hardest trophies to get are aMAZEd, which is beating the Labyrinth level without dying or failing, that took me years, you must be guessing why, because on my first playthrough I played Titan mode and was having such a hard time, the 2nd one you guess it right, beat the game in Titan mode man that thing was intense, specially in some parts, like some giant Cerberus, Hades, an Scorpion and the final boss. The friggin Satyrs, I hate those things so much... Anyway, sometimes normals enemies do a lot of damage if you don't roll or block, is such a rewarding Platinum for an awesome game. Anyway, this week is my last week of vacations, next monday to school lol. Oh well. Hope everyone is doing well. Cheers.

Springbreak !

YES, it finally has come, finally some friggin' vacations no more school for 2 weeks! I don't think I'm going to be able to go out from town, but doesn't matter I have my friends, videogames, sleeping oh and yeah ton of homework, homework for vacations... that sucks, but at least I will have enough time to do it. I'm gonna be trying to Plat the both God of Wars, leveling in Modern Warfare 2, leveling my pokemons in Soul Silver. And I've been looking for this Limited Edition of Battlefield Bad Company 2, it's kinda cheap $49.99 really nice if you ask me, so I hope I be able to get it, but who knows. So, if you are having an springbreak like me, what are your plans ?

And here is a pic of this T-Shirts I got on this videogame convention. The MGS4 one is a bit old... cause well Snake is old. :P

Finally got a Rampant in Uncharted 2 and Demon's Souls Impressions

Rampant medal is awarded for killing 20 people without dying in Uncharted 2, I could already have like 3 with this one, but I always got 18 or 19 kills and the game ended. :(

If I don't play Demon's Souls I'm playing Uncharted 2 multiplayer, so in Demon's Souls I deleted the soldier and started a Knight and by recommendation of gdw0908, I don't know what's the difference between the soldier or Knight but I like the Knight armor better lol. Got 3 rings, the Hercules one, Cling ring and some other one I found in 1-2 I believe, also got the stone for summoning people in co-op. So I went through the game and found this huge *** boss named Tower Knight, he's friggin' huge... along with 432424242354 of soldiers with crossbows. I died 5 times and ragequitted. But even if I die there's an strange force that keeps me playing it, the game is really good. And it's easier when you play it more and you defend and play it better so it doesn't really get harder, with bosses maybe. I gotta check if I can get more equipment and a better sword. But yes the game is really good. I gotta really finish GoW 2, I was going to beat 2 after I finished 1 but didn't expect to get Demon's Souls. I didn't expect to like the game that much, now I hope I can kill that huge *** son of a b****!

Oh, before I forget here's the link for the Rampant:
Mauri's Rampant

Happy gaming!

Got Demon's Souls and a bad day

Well there's a story, today was a really bad day, 3 exams in 1 day, luckily got a B on all 3. And besides it's cold and raining, I really hate that combination of weather. Had to wait the school bus for like almost 1 hour and 30 minutes. If Nathan Drake passed by he would say ''Aww, kitty got wet!'' So I heard the best sound in the world, the school bell, so I went to the school bus, good thing I didn't had to wait for it, buuuuut there was a 40 minutes traffic... got home at 6pm. I was like, ''What else could go wrong...'' BUT when I got home, there was Demon's Souls laying on the bed. My eyes glittered like an anime character. It was a present from my mom for getting good grades at school. So I guess it wasn't a bad day after all!

P.S: Could someone give me some hints, of how to start ? Pwease ? :(

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