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Counter Strike GO for XBOX 360

So I haven't had much experience with CS. I've never played the PC version, and only played the Xbox version for a very short amount of time. But when I saw this on the dashboard, it spoke to me, telling me I wouldn't make a wrong decision if I get this. I did, last night, and I love it. I was just playing COD Black Ops all before that moment, so there are major differences, most of which I like. First off, I'm not a COD fan boy, yes I like their games but if I think another shooter did something better I admit it. I feel like this game is so... so... so simple. It's that simpleness that i like. There are no classes, no perks, everyone is on the same gameplay level edgewise. You buy your weapons in each match, I like that. No crosshairs? That too I like, though I wouldn't say I like it better then ADS, it just makes it more challenging aiming like that I feel. So far I love the community. For example, with any COD game I've ever played online, I could do ten matches and in those ten matches maybe find two people with mics. My first game the entire enemy team, and my entire team had mics! COMMUNICATION. Occasionally I find someone who doesn't have a mic, but I either get really lucky, or people realize this is a strategic shooter that demands communication. Something else I see is there are showboaters, like on COD. But these kids don't yell profanities into the mic. If they win a game of defusing a bomb (Forget the name, Classic Competetive?) they might sit there and t-bag all our dead bodies while shooting wildly into the air. That kind of thing makes me laugh, because he earned it. And when you see an entire team of 4 or 5 guys all trying to t-bag one or two bodies whilst shooting wildly it's quite funny. Now if they were telling me I need to go kill myself and my family sucks and this and that with all that lame game trash talk that COD screamers use, I would get pissed off quick. I just feel like it's a more tactical, team based shooter. You can not start this up hoping to run and gun like you did in COD. Hell, lately I even find myself t-bagging and showing off to speak! But if your team wins, you really earned it! Express yourself! LOL

Bioshock through and through!

Just finished the game moments ago. I have never had my mind blown this bad in a long time... and that's a good thing! The plot twist about 3/4s of the way through really made my jaw drop. I can't even describe how great this game was. Later I'm going to have to review this game once I have had decent time to sit and mull it over.

My opinion on the COD franchise.

Over my short time period of owning an Xbox 360 I have been asked by both friends and people I hardly know about whether I own a Call of Duty. I honestly haven't had much experience with the nex-gen COD's. But back in the day when there was Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2 The Big Red One, and Call of Duty 3. I was super psyched. I loved those games, the action, graphics. Overall fun level was top notch. I love the WWII setting, always have as that time period greatly interests me. Though I have never played World at War, I do want too.

No when it comes to Cod 4 and the Modern Warfare series, it's a bust for me. (Give me time to prepare against the onslaught of Call Of Duty fanboys and girls desperate to defend their most honoured game...) Okay I'm ready, throw your insults. First off I love Call of Duty 4, but Mw2 feel like a DLC with updated graphics to COD4, and MW3 seems like ANOTHER DLC for MW2. So really it seems like just one big DLC. I do not feel like the games are different enough to earn it's fame that it currently has. Don't get me wrong I like the games and I think they are fun, but ugh. It's just one big complicated mess.

Oh god this is when people really get mad. I love Call of Duty Black Ops and I can't wait for COD Black Ops 2. I said it. I just feel like Black Ops was a very good change in pace. It's slightly more tactical when talking about the multiplayer, I feel like the maps were just a little bit better. Yes the gun variety is better on MW but guess what MW wasn't during the Cold War. They didn't HAVE many of those weapons during the Cold War. A buddy convinced me to get Black Ops again with the First Strike map pack for 30 dollars, and play that with him until Black Ops 2 comes out. I sold Black Ops when Halo CE Anniversary came out, long story short. I'm getting Black Ops back. Won't be for a week or two though.

Games I want to complete 100%

So I have beat many many games, but I have never officially completed an Xbox 360 game 100% obtaining all the achievements. I really want to do that. I have never really put much emphasiseon getting all the achievements on any game. Though like I said I have beaten many games. I just decided on several games that I want to complete 100%.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Bioshock
  3. Bioshock 2
  4. Splinter Cell Conviction
  5. Skyrim

Yes I realize that I won't complete these over night, nor in a few weeks. But I am already close to Minecraft 100%, and Bioshock is getting there as well. These are just a select few that I want to complete 100%.

Opinions on Minecraft?

I was just sitting here thinking I want to play some Minecraft. Then a thought came to me, do anyone of you like Minecraft? Either the PC or the Xbox edition? I have played both, and love both. But surprisingly I favor the Xbox edition even if it lacks some sweet features from the pc. It's just more user friendly. So what's your guys's take on Minecraft? :)

My review system and how it works

Okay so I want to share with anyone who's reading exatly how I review games. That way when a game gets a crappy score you can understand exactly why. First, something I have always believed in when it comes to games is that there are NO perfect tens. If other people think there are perfect ten games, good for them, everyone has their opinion and they are all entitled to it. But in my opinion, NO game is perfect and EVERY game can be improved or changed for the better in SOME way shape or form. So with that said, lets continue with exatly how I review games.

First off, with no perfect ten games in my review process, the highest score that can be given is a 9.0. I do not give out 9.5's or 8.5's or any halves. Only solid numbers like 7, 8, 9, etc. The reason is, when it comes to a game there are three very important categories.

  1. Graphics/visuals (how the game looks)
  2. Sound (both from the in-game sound as well as music, all sound included in the game)
  3. Gameplay (How fun the game is, includes storyline, plot twists, sometimes includes replay-ability but is optional)

Now for each of these individual categories there can be a total of 3 points. So if a game gets a perfect score in the sound category, it means it got a 3. A 3 of 3. Hmm how do I explain this... There are three categories, with three possible points each, so say a game got a perfect three in all categories, you would then add up those three's (three three's) to equal 9. And that 9 is the overall final numbered score that the game achieved. A game with the score of nine in my review process is a game that is as close to perfect as possible but as I said before there are no such things as perfect ten's.

So now you guys and girls know how I review my games. I know my process is sort of weird, but I just thought of it one day and decided to go with it. So in the future if I ever say something like (insert game here) got a 3 out of 3 in graphics, a 2 out of 3 in sound, and a 3 out of 3 in gameplay, you can then figure out that the final score of the game is 8.

Easy as that. Time to write my first official review. Still trying to debate whether I will post a copy of the review on my blog so that you readers can view it without having to actually GO to the review. Or maybe I will just post a link. Tough decisions. Until next time Gamespot, peace out.

My Gamespot philosophy

I'm new on Gamespot. I've had several accounts in the past but I made a new one. I was never really that connected in my last accounts. As in I didn't really check it much, didn't really care. This times different. I am BIG into video games. I plan on doing many many reviews on all types of games, new games, old games, from all differente consoles. (This is sort of a mini "about me" section in case you haven't read my full "about me" section on the left)

When it comes to how I review games, if the graphics are good, sound is good, music is good, story is good, and it's fun to play, it gets a good score. If not, well obviously it's reduced. I like to go in depth on my reviews and generally will probably type much more then your average person reviewing a game on here. I'm also just now getting familiar with the buttons up top in the editing section when you blog. (I know it's not rocket science, but I never cared to use them before)

Something that I want to start doing is playing and reviewing games that YOU the readers want to see reviewed. So say I get three messages saying "Review the game Fracture" then I will gladly go buy the game, play it, and review it, to let everyone know exactly how good it is. Also, I have a lot of experience with games. No, I'm not bragging at all. I'm just stating that I do have A LOT of experience with games. So if anyone out there has ANY questions, feel free to ask. Even if it's not something you have seen me discuss or review. Maybe you need help on a level? A boss fight? Can't find that certain item?

Now just because I say I have a lot of game experience doesn't mean that I will have played every game I get asked about. So before you go into detail about your problem your having, make it easier and just say "Hey bro, ever played Bioshock? I need a little help and was wondering if you could help me a bit?" And of course if I've played the game, I will help all I can.

Or if you just wanted to have a friend on Gamespot, that works too. I'm always looking for someone to talk to about the newest games, or classics. I am interested in reading other peoples blogs and reviews as well!