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Movie Opinions :/

Saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules last night and it was good...sorta. And that movie, Mars Needs Moms SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enslaved Marathon...Maybe,Skate 3 file corrupted,and more

If I get a camera,I might make a Enslaved:Oddesey to The West marathon.IF I do,I'll be playing the game for one hour then a quick break followed by playing the game for three hours.Yup Im gonna play the game for 4 hours.

Anyways,I got home from school and decided to play some Skate 3on my Playstation 3 and y'know what happened.My freakin' save file got corrupted so now I gotta unlock all trophies again.The hardest trophies for me to unlock in Skate 3 was the "Platinum Trophy" trophy and the "Dedicated" trophy.At least my whole Playstation 3 didnt die or I would've been ticked off as hell especially if my Enslaved save file got corrupted because Im closed to the final chapter.

I finally got 100% on My Name is Jonas on expert in Guitar Hero 3:Legends of Rock.Thank goodness...

I went to Gamestop today and bought Kingdom Hearts 2 for the Playstation 2.Its a tight game dawg.Im currently still in Twilight Town as Roxas and I almost got powned in the Struggle match against Setzer.After I get 100% on the game Im gonna play the game on Proud difficulty.

One more thing,i tried runescape today and the game sucked


Sup guys.Im new to so yeah.I want to say thanks to for letting me join this epic website.