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Veteran Retiree.

You know. I started out playing FPS Multiplayer on the PS3 basically in that failed game called HAZE.

then. i played call of duty world at war. and continue on till now. Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

been a good friend and a source of aggression for me. but alls well that ends well. Goodbye Call of Duty. i retire. 

i am a....

i am a easy going PS3 player. predominantly owning any RPG/Sandbox games. but why do my fuse profile state i "ROCK THE HOUSE ON ACTION GAMES" man. there's just too much acion games.

5 Years 3 Phones. 1 WINNER

So in 5 years. i've experienced using 3 different smart phones. from 3 different makers. Apple, Google and Windows. my reviews here are simple. and nice. 1st up. my first brush with the Smart Phone was with. Apple. just when apple came out with the iPhone. bought it a year later. an Apple iPhone 3GS model.

iPhone 3GS

and sure. it was an awesome with alot of things that you can't do with it. sure. everyone's talking about how cool and awesome the App store is. and how intensely filled with games it is. but still. as someone who owns a high end PC and a Gaming Console. i tend to use my phone as a way to watch videos. and with its small screen. i can't used to it. and not to mention no support for Adobe Flash. which means. NO VIDEOS ON OTHER FLASH WEBSITES. which is very bad. VERY VERY BAD.

and my 2nd phone after i destroyed my iPhone (YES I DID. you know. crack and installous and all. software crashed and it can't restore) is a LG OPTIMUS 7!

LG Optimus 7

now. when i chose this phone. i was like "well! since i just bought an Apple Macbook Pro! might as well go for windows! since when i had an iPhone! my computer was a Windows Vista!" god damn regret. i've never used such a bad phone. i bought it when Windows just came out. very little games. no support for Adobe Flash. and sure yeah. the phone has got some cool unique looks. but i ended using my phone just for calling and messaging since there aren't any outstanding features! Windows Marketplace is an EXPENSIVE STORE! you could get 2 games in App Store for the price of one in Marketplace. which is just bad! and then i lost this phone afer a year. so i ended up switching to...

Samsung Galaxy S2

Google's Android Phone. a Samsung Galaxy S2. i almost bought an iPhone 4. then decided to go for Android. best decision for a phone i've ever made. NOTHING COULD COMPARE TO ANDROID PHONE.
well. maybe cause some phones are made different. but you can definitely trust Samsung made Android Phone. an awesome piece of hardware. with a very large screen which is sharp and very good to look like. and this time around i didn't bother with the marketplace since. well. phones to me are a device to watch Videos on the go or to Call and Text friends.

but yeah. best decision i've made for a phone. able to watch any video on any website. able to download any files. able to surf any website. even those not suited for a mobile device. trust me on this guys. Android phone tops Apple and Windows anytime. CHEAP and MUCH BETTER THAN AN OVERLY EXPENSIVE APPLE PHONE and has more capabilities then your standard WINDOWS PHONE.


Completed FFXIII-2

as the same with Final Fantasy XIII-2 i have a bone to pick with said game.

sure. it expands on what Final Fantasy XIII lacked. (interchange-able characters, an easier time with the chrysanthemum [LOL!] board to name a few)

i've got a whole idea on the reviews for this game.

i am so gonna get beaten down as i did in Xenogears.


Final Fantasy XIII-2. shouldn't it be.

Final Cross?
Chrono Fantasy?

hell. it could be Chrono Cross 2 for all you know. =)

i got hit badly by the Hallyu wave.

i am pretty sure even if you don't know anything korean. You'd heard of So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD, GIRLS GENERATION) or at the very least. WONDER GIRLS or even better 2NE1. these are Girl Groups out of South Korea. it may seem surprising to see something Asian-ish in your borders singing Korean Pop songs with tons of ecstatic crowd to the point of WORSHIP. well. these girls are part of the on-going invasion called HALLYU. which is. KOREAN WAVE.

now what is Korean Wave? basically. its just invasion of their entertainment industry into the world. it may seem harsh and probably killed those countries with small or unsuccessful entertainment industry. BUT! the hallyu wave is definitely fresh air. at first. i hated everything K-POP. after being hit badly by HALLYU. i am practically in love with it.

its not about the songs or the girls that can't sing. its about their personality and their work-ethics that i am in love with. Being hit by the korean wave's not bad. go for it guys! try out!


i've played every single iteration of Uncharted. and i have to say. 2 was better then 1 and 3. i mean. the story in 2 has more kick then the others. well what do you think? there's not much climax in part 3, and the antogonist wasn't really intimidating. i mean. i have more fun with Elena Fisher as a partner in Uncharted 2 then Victor Sullivan in Uncharted 3. but then again, it must be one of those fatherly figure kinda thing.

either way. all 3 was an enjoyable game. just that Uncharted 2 was the best.

first and foremost!

I MANAGE TO QUIT MY CALL OF DUTY ADDICTION! YES~~~~!!!!!!! (CAUSE MODERN WARFARE 3 IS JUST BAD!! VERY BAD!! its beyond bad. its like the worst game i've played"

and now i am playing Skyrim. you see. you brain can't comprehend the HUGENESS of a game like Skyrim. you'd think you'd have it easy in this game? the game will spit you out and force you to play for hundreds of hours. and you just can't stop.