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Ghost Trix-A-Lot

Ghost Trick Beateded.

Well, like, a week and a half ago that is.

Quick bullets:

  • In love with the visual sty1e. I would just stare at some scenes to watch the animations play out, even when it wasn't necessary to do so.
  • My favorite parts were manipulating the environment to manipulate people, as opposed to manipulating objects to manipulate other objects. In other words, I preferred the metaphorical Rube-Goldberg machines to the literal ones. Examples of each, respectively: Taking down the sniper Tengo versus operating the Pigeon Man's contraption in his basement.
  • While trial and error usually bothers lot of people, I like how Ghost Trick embraces it, being completely self-aware. Hell, even the instruction manual says to not skip the "Time Over" screen as it may give you hints. The game emphasizes keen observation and potentially nutty logic; "just trying things out" is less about random trial and error and more about understanding what everything in the environment does such that you can better arm yourself with a plan.
  • Finding out who you are... I thought that was a little stupid. Scratch that--I thought it was very stupid. I let out an audible, "Oh, come on. REALLY?" when I came across the reveal. However, the rest of the ending and other reveals surrounding that--once I got past the hokey reveal--were nice in that sappy heartwarming way.
  • I got my girlfriend quasi-hooked on this now. Victory.
  • I would certainly play through this a second time to relive the experience, as I did with Phoenix Wright. I don't know that I'd play through it a third. (Hey, sue me. I'm old now and have precious little free time or shelf space.)

EDIT: Holy crap, I've been gone here so long that I forgot about the "sty1e" bug!