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*blink blink* I remember this!

It's been way too long since I've visited here--I'm not just talking about blogging, mind you, but just coming to the site in general.As a matter of fact, I rarely visit any gaming sites anymore. I'll admit that the only one I go to with any regularity is Giant Bomb, if only for the video content, but I don't read anything there.

There are a few reasons for this all:

1 - I used to spend time writing about games and trying to think up of blog posts / feature pieces for my various blogs and Trigames.NET, which itself hasn't seen anything editorially in a LONG time--the podcast being the main exception (and even the frequency of THAT has dropped). That time has been re-allocated to actually PLAYING my games, as my backlog has gotten way, way too long thanks to my addiction to buying older games physically AND through Steam on sale (yeah, I just recentlygot Rhythm Heaven on DS for $10).

2 - I no longer really seek counsel for game-buying advice, nor is my interest critiques as high as it once was. Part of this is due to the time thing. I kind of know what I want now, and in order to make a dent in my backlog, I need to not be encouraged to buy new games I might not be aware of. It's a sad thing, but it makes sense logistically: If I keep buying the lesser-known games that I might come across by reading reviews and looking through forums / gaming site communities, I'll never get rid of this backlog! (Also, Giant Bomb videos are a kind of entertainment that I can throw on in the background while I'm working from home and get a random laugh out of. Videos on other sites are those which I would look to for hardcore information and critical analysis... which, as I said above, I kind of don't have the time, need, or attention span for these days. Which is sad--because I used to eat 'em up.)

3 - The time I spent writing / blogging / chillin', which was re-allocated to game-PLAYING, has partially been re-re-allocated to working out. No, I'm not a meathead. In fact my love handles beg to differ. But I'm at the ripe old age of 30 and it gets harder to remain healthy, or so I hear from decrepit "old" people (like my sister [36, but still looks like she's 25], my girlfriend [31, but she still looks like she's 25] and my friend Dave [30, but still looks like he's 12]). Some of the other time is spent managing my fantasy basketball team because, hey, SPORTS.

4 - For Christmas, my girlfriend purchased a TV Writing class for me which is currently in its 5th of 10 weeks. Awesome gift, but also TIME CONSUMING! I'm currently attempting to write a spec script for the show Community and my already-meager creative juices are draining rapidly. As is my free time.

5 - The last few months of my videogame life have been taken up trying to finish Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS), and the only things I have to say about that game have always been the last few things I remember of it, which constitute the last few things I retained from my most recent play sessions at any point in time. I PUT SEVENTY EIGHT HOURS INTO THAT THING. And it's one of those rewarding-yet-maddening experiences where too much grinding sends me into a tizzy. So I've basically had very little to say about ANY games I've been playing. So guess what? I quit it. I moved onto something MUCH easier, that being Chrono Trigger.

Given item (4) on that list, perhaps I will be motivated to write about random stuff again in typical attention-grabbing fashion. I miss the lot of folks I befriended here and although I wouldn't have time to interact on as regular a basis as I did four years ago or so, I miss dropping in on your blogs and hearing what you have to say.

So starting today, I hope to be back once a week (because, you know, I'm kind of a big deal and you should all be grateful for my attention /sarcasm). BE PREPARED FOR THUMBS-DOWNSENING!