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Remember Me - Completed

Synopsis: You play as Nilin, a memory hunter who had her own memory wiped. You are guided by Edge to find out who did this and to retrieve your memory from them. Edge also uses you to put an end to the memory manipulation companies who make profits off who want to forget or edit their own memories.

Review: Remember Me was one of those games I just got because at the time there was nothing better on the market that I haven't already finished playing. I'm glad this was the case as I would have been thinking to myself "Surely there is something better out there right now?"

It's a great story, something I've never seen in any of the games that I've played. You're a memory hunter who has lost her own memory. You are guided by Edge, a disconnected voice that's communicating through the airwaves to you, guiding you on your lofty quest to find your memory, and destroy the ones who took it.

The story actually has a lot of little unforeseen twists, making it really interesting. Another aspect of the game that is actually very clever was the way you can kind of customize what your combo's do. You're still stuck with a set combination of buttons, but what that attack will achieve is up to you. Will it deal extra damage? Will it heal you? It's all up to you.

The camera, when left unchanged, does sometimes get a bit annoying in fights. It gets stuck in walls and you're left having to let go of your combat buttons to fix it, leaving you open to the relentless incoming barrage. The graphics isn't amazing, maybe it's just because I don't like dark orange spaces. I don't know.

There are some parts of the game where you can manipulate people's me%Amories to change the outcome, and so changing the way the person feels about you or the situation they are in. These sequences are actually a lot of fun, but I was hoping for a bit more than the few you get through the game.

It's a Fair game, with a decent story and some good idea, but I feel that as a first go at a new IP they may still be learning what works and what doesn't. I actually hope there is more of this game but with some tweaks to the combat builder and a bit more memory manipulation.

Deadpool - Completed

Synopsis: Deadpool feels it's his right to his own game. So he talks to his agent and you play through a script that was sent to you. It involves finding the source of the evil clones running around all over the place.

Review: A lot of people will probably hate Deadpool for the simple fact that they love the character but wanted more from a game which seems to be a long time in the making. Me, on the other hand, loved every second of this crazyness.

From the very start of the game I was totally entertained. I don't know much about the character, but the voices in his head and his conversations with him entertained me from the start. They are hilarious.

The story is a basic one. Deadpool wants his own we're going through the script with him as he imagines the game while talking to the developers. Some of the Xmen make a brief appearance in the game, only to add to the comical side of the game, than to please fans.

In terms of game-play, I wouldn't expect to much from it when inserting the game into your xBox or Playstation. It's going to be button mashing from the start to the end, with only a few little twists in terms of new type of game style. There are no puzzles, just slashing, jumping, running and shooting.

The graphics were a bit dated, looking like something meant for a PS2, so I wasn't too happy about that.

I liked the game because it was funny and mindless. I could pop it in, and totally relax and take any aggravation out on my enemies

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One - Completed

Synopsis: Ratchet and the gang find themselves on a new planet that is being attacked by strange monsters. After being begged out of retirement, Ratchet and Clank decide to investigate the reason for the happenings.

Review: It seemed this game was made for children when you first pick up the box. Then you put it in the PS3, and, well yes, it was made for children. Everything from the acting, animation and dialogue was made to entertain kids, with little to no entertainment value for the normal adult.

That said, as a game it's actually kind of great. Never have I played a game with so many different game play dynamics as this one. From jet-packs, Sliding on ice, riding a space ship, electric puzzles, and a whole lot more, the game keeps you on your toes on every level.

There are some major flaws that took away from the game, except the dodgy script that is. Graphics would be the one biggest let down. Everything was just drenched in pixels. Every character and location was jagged, it doesn't look like there was any kind of anti aliasing done at all.

The other major issue is the Weapons selection. There's a wheel which you open with the right joystick, then you need to press the R1 buttons to make changes to the wheel. It's impossible to explain how annoying this is, especially int he middle of battle. It sounds easy on paper, but play this game and you'll immediately know what I'm talking about.

It was an okay game. Loads of variety of weapons and level designs. Just the right length for a kids game, and the difficulty is well progressed.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Series - Completed

Synopses: You play as Lee, a man who was on his way to Jail when all hell broke loose and the world is taken over by Zombies. You find a little girl called Clementine who you promise to help find her parents. You head into the world with her, and the search begins

Review: It was an amazing idea to have the story change according to your actions. A lot of games claim to do this, but fail to actually deliver on this promise. The Walking Dead does this right. Every conversation, every decision, every action has an impact on what will happen with your version of the story, up to the very end. 

It's more of a Point and Click type game on steroids. You move Lee through the world, talking to people, looking for objects and just generally try to progress from one area to the next. It works for this game, though I am not personally a fan of this type of game play. 

The graphics is more comic like, but you get involved into the story so much that you actually forget that these are not real people. The characters are THAT engaging, and each one will react differently to the way you talk to them, and in turn it will again change the story.

It's an amazing concept and I think xBox Live was the perfect launching platform for it. Getting in a pack like this was great, but I think it would have been more enjoyable if I got the episodes when they came out.

The Last Of Us - Completed

Synopsis: In a world taken over by a fungus which turns people into almost Zombie type creatures called Infected, your character, Joel, needs to take a young girl called Ellie to a group called the Fireflies for medical reasons I can't go into right now. The two make their way through lush cities taken over by nature, a few hospitals and even sewers, fighting rebels and Infected along the way.

Review: Yet again Naughty Dog manages to push the PS3 hardware to its limits with absolutely stunning graphics supported by superb and vivid environments. The world is littered with the most minute details which you can't help to explore. Exploration is actually rewarded as well as any drawer or corner could be hiding some extremely valuable resource. In this post-apocalyptic world, every bullet is important. 

Unlike many other shooter type games, The Last Of Us is not over populated by cashes of ammo randomly lying around for you to pick up. Ammo and other supplies needed to craft bombs and health kits are limited, adding to the urgency of the situation you're in. Missing that all important head shot makes you cringe as you wasted another bullet. 

The acting is superb and the story is awesome. Ellie would get bored when you explore to long and start random conversations with Joel, or start reading jokes. This was a nice touch which gave the characters a lot of life, giving you the feeling that you actually care what happens to the people. It also helps build the relationship between the 2 main characters and gives you a bit more information about the world you're in. 

I really don't have anything negative to say about the game. It's an amazing game which stunned me visually and I just really enjoyed playing. The story made me wonder about where I will be heading next when I wasn't in front of my PS3. 

Well done Naughty Dog. You did it again!

Fuse - Completed (My Review in the new format)

Before I start: I've decided not to put any more spoilers into my synopsis from this point on. Play the game, to find out what happens. :). The Good and The bad has also now been removed. If someone actually reads these posts, let me know if the new format is better. It gives me a bit more freedom in terms of writing.

Synopsis: You play as 4 mercenaries who have been sent to destroy a base testing with Alien technology. As you infiltrate the base, each character receives his/her own special alien weapon, helping you clear some enemies. You're flown from place to place searching for the person in control of these experiments.

Review: Fuse, I think, is actually in my opinion, an underrated game. There are few, to no bugs. The graphics are actually pretty good, although not super real, but I think that is what they went for. And all of this doesn't mean squat if the game isn't fun. And you know what, it was fun. I really really enjoyed it.

Let's start with game-play. You have 4 characters which you can switch at any time during the game. Each character has his or her own ability and special weapon. Unlike many other games, you won't get the feeling that every character is just another skin. Each one has their own play style suited to their abilities and weapons. This gives the game a great sense of diversity. 

Each character also has their own upgrade tree, though most of the upgrades are similar, there are some that are actually specific to the character. There are also team perks that can be purchased and equipped to your characters to give more experience, money or health (to name a few).

The story is actually quite good, with some solid voice acting. It takes a few turns for the worst, putting our hero's in jeopardy. The dialogue between characters is entertaining and fleshes out the story just a bit more as they each tell you a bit more about their past.

The graphics is good, though it was clear they didn't go for realism. It's more cartoony, which suits this game perfectly. Even though it's decent graphics, you won't be wow'ed by awesome scenery. There is a lack of giant awesome vista's as it's more of a get from point A to point B type game. 

Even though there is a bit of repetition when it comes to the battles, the way you handle each situation can be different. Stealth, run and gun, different weapons and characters with different powers etc. all gives it a bit of variety.

I think for me personally it's one of those games I'm going to keep hold on to, because I'll deffo give it another play through.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel - Completed

Synopses: You play as 2 new TWO recruits on a job to protect a Diplomat (I think). He ends up getting kidnapped and you need to go save him. Playing through hordes of people who all look the same, shooting their faces off, you get to the dude you need to save and they kill him anyway. Now it's become a revenge mission. 

Rios and Salem from the original game make more than an appearance as well.

The Good: The game has half decent graphics. For the exception that it looks like they might be made of metallic metal, it's pretty okay looking. 

It's a decent game in the fact that it works. There are no bugs. The Camera works. It's a properly functioning game.

The Bad: It's good to have a game that works, but if it's boring, it kinda ruins it. It's a crappy game! It's boring. It's extremely repetitive. They've lost everything that made the first 2 so good, the need to work together. There's no such thing here. You can run in and just fire on everything, it won't matter. 

It's just a bad game, which is sad seeing as the first 2 were pretty good. 

LEGO Lord of The Rings - Completed

Synopsis: The story of this game pretty much follows the movies' story. Frodo gets a ring and must take it to mount Doom to destroy it. Easy peasy.

The Good: It was interesting that they've made it open world. It does make the game feel a bit larger. Although it's not really completely open world. You are still kind of steered through the world via paths. 

There's a good assortment of characters, and each one has it's own special ability. There are a lot of side quests that will keep you busy for a few hours. Collecting missing items for people who are to lazy to do it themself. Finding Meathril to cast new items for your characters etc.

There's also all the normal stuff you would expect from a lego game. Hidden collectables through the stages which you can only reach with specific characters which you unlock later. Stud collection. Building sets.

The Bad: I really did not like the fact that they used the voices from the movie. It kind of took away that charm which was the LEGO games. It's not as funny as the previous games either. They obviously found a game that works for them, but they didn't add anything new to it. It's the same recepe as any other LEGO game and that can become a bit annoying. Smash stuff...get stuff. We've been there and done that.

The graphics didn't work for me either. It was a bit pixelated, and things seem to render as you walk through the world. So it's not particularly sleek like previous games.

It was okay, but I think there are better LEGO games out there. If you are a major LOTR fan, you'll like it. 

Lollipop Chainsaw - Completed

Synopses: You play as a chainsaw wielding cheerleader in the midst of a zombie takeover. As Juliette you need to save the world from this invasion. But you have help. Your boyfriend (who is just a head) is there for moral support and to break through some barriers. Nick can be used as a weapon or added to Zombie bodies to be used as a walking wrecking-ball. 

The story takes you all over the school, fighting zombies and other manner of evil creature. Each level has an amazing boss battle where no two are the same. At the end you find and kill the person who was the cause of all this happening, and after he turns into a giant elvis, you soon end up killing him.

The Good: Okay, I know this is going to sound silly, but I freaking loved this game! It's nothing completely mind-blowing about the gameplay. It's a simple slash everything up type of game, which I love. But that's not what makes it so cool. 

The dialogue between Juliette and Nick is soooo much fun to listen to. I've cracked myself up a few times just listening at their back and forth banter. Not even just Juliette and Nick, but also the side characters are entertaining. There are a fail load of upgrades that you can do by collecting cash etc, but it's not mandatory. You can probably play the game without doing a single upgrade. Though the graphics are not anything awesome, it's still decent and super colourful.

It was just a really fun game to play and I was sad when it ended. 

The bad: It's too short. There are some camera issues at times.

Assassins Creed 3 - Completed

Synopses: You take on the role of Conner (who's real Native name I won't even try to say). He is half Native American, Half British. After an attack on his village he swears vengeance on the people responsible. He trains to become an assassin and help the Americans in their revolution against the British. You play through all the important events of the time, from the Boston Tea Party to some of Washington's more famous battles. 

After working with Connor's father, and him betraying you, and you killing him, you track down the man who you met so many years ago. The one whose fault it is that your mother died. You track him down, and kill him.

The Desmond story line also comes to an end with him dying to save the world. 

The Good: I actually really loved this game. Everyone said it was bad, but I really liked it. The Graphics are good. The world is beautiful and rich with a lot of detail. The Frontier is giant, and it is only one of 3 locations. The water battles are amazing as well, with you taking control of your own ship. The story made a lot more sense that AC 2 did as well, never getting lost in the hours you spend running about hunting and completing one of the 100 quests you have.

There's a village you control that will give you upgrades and more things to sell and buy to help you on your quest. And oh boy are there a lot of weapons for you to play with. It truly gives you a range of ways to complete a single task. The acting is pretty decent as well.

I clocked in about 50 hours on this game, completing it to 100%. I just loved it that much.

The Bad: Connor is sometimes a bit difficult to control. I think  this is a thing that Ubisoft has been struggling with for a long time and I don't know if they will ever get it to work properly. It's not impossible, it's just as if the dude sometimes jumps where I exactly don't want him to jump.