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Black Friday

So i went and got Rock band 1 for 80 bucks!!!!!

Im super pumped and i also got a HDTV and seasons of seinfeld.

so i think i did pretty well

Its been a long time and 360!!!!

It's been a really long time since ive been on gamspot just because it just hasn't been that fun but, now more games are coming out so im back for awhile. Oh and i finally got a 360!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Knight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Sh*t! I went to the midnight showing of the dark knight and was not disappionted.

First off Heath Ledger was just fantastic! He was so good. He acted like the joker so well that he became the joker. He made it creepy and exciting! If he hadn't had died, casting crews would be falling over to ask him to play in their movies. All the other actors were great as well, the new girl was a way better improvement over Kartie Holmes.

Anyway the Dark Knight is one of the best movies this year!

Iron Man

Well I saw the midnight premiere of iron man last night or this morning.

My opinion is that its all flash and no substance. I mean its funny and cool, but, not enough action and the ending sucks. They set it up 4 another one and im hoping that its a lot better. When the action starts tho its really intense and awesome, but, i think its not worth the price of admission.

Brawl And B-day

Ok so it's my b-day today and i guess it's exciting, but, anyway I have had brawl since it came out so any one who wants to add and play me just post or PM me. I am not going to play at least until Sunday, but, let me know i give me ur friend code.

SSBB Friend Code -3523-1914-0280

Broke something

Well first off i haven't been here in a while cause it just gets boring, but, anyway i was playing football with my friends and i got thrown into the air. I'm not the biggest person there not even close. well anyway i landed awkwardly on my shoulder and heard a big snap.

The pain rushed threw my body and i felt my collar bone and realized i had snaped it in half! :( now i can't play sports for 6 weeks! i can't even play my wii! So basically i want to die. jk ,but, my life sucks right now and my collar hurts like a mother.

Yay! I'm done with Super Paper Mario!

Well i have finally beat Super Papr Mario and all i can say is wow! This is one of the best games i have ever played.

I loved how it ended and i am sad that its over, but, then agian i am glad i have finally beat it. I had fun all the way through except chapter 7. ugh. It was such a great move making it a platformer/RPG tho i like the first one better.

The I loved all the pixis in the game, but, they didnt have enough character to them like the helpers in the first game. The only part of the game i didnt like besides chapter 7 was how much text box talking there was.

Well i am just so happy i am done, but, sad at the same time. I will prolly go trade it in because there is no other things to do with it and its the kinda game that u only play through once.

Well i won the bet against myself if i could beat SPM before the temptation of starting SMG set in. I dont like to play more that one game at a time.

Talk to u guys later because now i am off to go start SMG! :)

Christmas Presents

Well i mostly got crap for christmas i mean i didnt even get any games! I had to buy SMG!

Some of the presents tho were sweet. the nice ones were:

Tons of money

New snowboard bindings

Ipod dock

Well that was pretty much it, ya the rest is pieaces of sh*t.

Super mario Galaxy!

Well i have finally gotten SMG after a long wait. I can't wait to play it, but, I have told myself to complete Super Paper Mario before starting another game. (I like to only play one game at a time).

I know that ur thinking he hasn't beat that yet? I have had the game for a while, but, i have just not connected with the game until break now i am having so much fun with it. SMG is going to be even better.I guess it helps when u have a break from basketball.:)

Well i have bet myself that i can finish SPM before starting SMG, but, I am very curious and it looks amazing. The reviews are awsome also.I cant wait to dig in,I just might have to start it right now!

Halo 3

Man i just spent all night and i mean all night playing halo 3 with my firends and it is awsome i have to get a x-box 360 just for that game its so fun