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Resident Evil Outbreak HD remake Petition!!

Well I know there a few of us that Liked the Resident Evil Outbreak game, and would Love to play it again. Well there is in fact a petition on the internet that is asking Sony to do an HD remake of Both File #1 and File #2 for the PS3.

I think its a great idea and a lot of people would play it online now. I think even a few bonus maps could be added as well.

If you liked the game and would like to sign the petition on the internet, here is the link:

Copy and paste or click the link. If you don't wanna sign it is okay and I respect your decision.

Happy Thanksgiving!! And to all you who have a PS3 and Black Ops...

Sorry for being a bit late on this but:


Yesterday was Crazy and so was today. People have no respect or manners on black friday, complete road rage and Kart rage. I've never seen a woman ram my kart so hard in my life. All cause she thought I was going for some wierd looking phone at walmart. Sheesh, she didn't even say that she's sorry. She just rammed me, took that phone and smiled. And I was even looking at it, I was just gonna grab LBP for the PSP.

After that I went to Gamestop since walmart didn't have LBP and the line took almost thirty minutes outa my life. And it wasn't fair to some others because they wouldn't give them the sale even though they were waiting in line ON TIME and got to the register after the sale ended like three minutes. Guy ended up talking to the manager and finally the manager said okay and gave the guy the discount. What a day...

Oh, and if you have Black ops and love zombie mode, ADD ME On the PSN!! I lasted to round 18 by myself and round 25 with one partner. Please if you add me be serious when playing and dont joke around during the zombie play. Im trying to get to level 72. If you want me to add you please leave your PSN name in the comments or PM me. I am a great Co-Op partner.

FFVII Crisis Core (Spoiler Warning)

Just bought and passed FFVII Crisis Core. I've beat it many times and feel the same way each playthrough. I can't take the ending sometimes. It's so sad and I can't help but ALMOST cry. Knowing Zack goes is hard to bare sometimes. He's honestly one of the greatest heroes in Game history to me. I wonder why GS never mentioned him in the top heroes thing. I'm starting another new game plus. I'm going to try beating that godess boss and beat every mission. HopefullyI can do it. EMBRACE YOUR DREAMS AND PROTECT YOUR HONOR

Happy Halloween!!!! Woot!

Hey everyone Happy Halloween! Ready for some scary pranks or really good candy? Myself I'm going play some really scary games for today. Games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2, Dead Space (I'm shaking already), and Siren. Perhaps some more but I wanna get that scared feeling just to get in spirit with the day ofthe dead.

What are you going to do for Halloween? Anything special or tradition? Like a marathon of scary movies?

God Of War Democracy Theory! (Spoiler Warning)

Hello fellow gamers of the world. It's Motu- here with my first blog and I thought I'd start off by sharing a theory I thought up of the Game God Of War. As you all know (or may not know) God Of War Is about a Spartan out for revenge against the gods after having been tricked into murdering his own family by Ares the god of war and after the gods do not keep their promise to rid him of his nightmares of his past sins.

Motu-'s Theory:

My theory is that the whole game Is based on Democracy (meaning rule by the people), which was started by the greek empire and roamed everywhere (including a city-state named Sparta!). Kratos (his name) means : POWER. It's not that much of a coincidence since he does beat anyone who gets in his way of his revenge. Now having revealed his lost brother Deimos, Which in history goes together with Kratos, creates the word Democracy. Deimos is really the word Demos meaning People.

You learn in the end of God Of War 3 that Kratos Gave everyone The Power Of Hope and did that so no one would ever again be controlled by any God or anyone so they could rule themselves. Which is what Democracy Is all about. Kratos could in fact represent the Enlightenment Era and all the Violence that occured to achieve democracy (also like the french revolution for democracy). During the enlightenment, there many wars and Deaths in the most BRUTAL OF WAYS and it was all to achieve the HOPE of POWER resting in the PEOPLEs hands so they could decide what their future will be.

Im not sure if I explained my theory clearly but that is what I think the Origins are for creating and making the story of God Of War. Please Comment!!!