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Long time again...

So yeah, its been a long time since Ive posted some sh*t But, I got a job so Im workin 40 hours a week. Yeah, less time for videogames and on to ACTUAL stuff. But hey, I got to play a ton of games in between.

So I replayed Catherine, it was still awesome. In case you few people didnt know, Im a huge Catherine fan. Yeah, I love it that much. Read mah review if you havent already. Also got to play the Walking Dead, Dark Souls, CS GO, Siren Blood curse, and Flower. Yeah I got around with le games. Flower was great, to put it short. The Walking Dead, not finished, but its a great game either way. CS GO is a bit buggy but better than CSS. Darks Souls is hard. Siren is scary as fuk Journey was great also. I got that, read my review. :p

Also, Id like to announce the beginning of my videogame quest. :D Ill be going on a quest to search for the scariest game. Ive already started with Siren and the new Silent Hill. I got the first 3 Silent hills also, so those are on my to do list. Im going to get Fatal Frame 4 because I NEED that game. hah. Any ideas on what to call my little quest and any games that are scary to you, just tell me.

So yeah, to the few people who are following me, just informin you that Im starting my quest of sorts. Im going all out with this. Website, Japanese games, and sorts ya know? :p

(It could also be like Chris' Survival Hooror Quest. Cept ill be doing PC games with the consoles so yeah.)

Woo! What a holiday!

So this Christmas was pretty fun. I hing out with my friends and played Gears of War 3 for about 4 hours straight. All that Burger King in your tummy has to go to work on something right? Ha, well, the main thing about this Christmas was that I got to hang out with my friends and play videogames. That's a good time right there.

So, on my birthday (the 23rd), my brother's friend came over and we LAN'd some Killing Floor for a bit which was pretty awesome with the whole Twisted Christmas event that Tripwire Interactive likes to do every year which adds creepy new enemies like killer Gingerbreadmen and crazy giant nutcrackers. Killing Floor really is a great game. :)

I also got Battlefield 3. Boy oh boy is the multiplayer on this game intense! Hearing the bullets wizz past your head and your vision going blurry. I love this realism because it reminds me of when I go paintballing. The story may have sucked but, whatever, the MP is pretty sweet.

So, my Christmas was pretty fun. If anybody wants to befriend me on the PSN or Steam (sorry, I don't play my 360 anymore) go right ahead, and let's kill us some bad guys!!!

P.S. I just got a new GS achievement. Game Expert. Wooo!!1

Alright, Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys. I've been logging onto GameSpot more often and I thought "Why not start my blog?" I don't particularly do the whole "blog" thing but this is a different thing. "Thing" as in video games! Well, and other stuff. I'll be doing more blog posts since I've started it and I'll probably add to my bio and stuff like that. In the mean time, read my brutally honest reviews! And don't forget the review of Catherine! It's my latest one and is quite the game.