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Oh Jackie Boy..

I recently came across a rather interesting scoop written by Winda Benedetti entiteled "Playing the blame game - Why search our souls when video games make such an easy scapegoat?", on the msnbc website. I was, as I always do when Jerk Turdson attempts to blame World War II on video games, expecting to read a lovely critic to his false accusations and obvious ego problems. And that is exactly what I read and a couple of "Thompson Burners".

A part of the article really stuck to me, since it also mentions the first video game I ever played, and it made me laugh even harder at the pseudo-logic of Jerk Turdson. I shall quote:

"This is not the first time Thompson has put his mug in front of every camera possible immediately after a mentally disturbed gunman has opened fire on innocent people. When last we spoke with the controversial Florida attorney, he was blaming video games for the massacre of 32 students and faculty at Virginia Tech last April.

Not-so-funnily enough, while Thompson's misinfomation-laced pronouncements claim that the shooter - Seung-Hui Cho - had a passion for violent video games, a governor-ordered review of that horrific incident found no connection whatsoever with games. Instead, what the review panel found was a young man with a long history of psychiatric illness and a student who fell through the cracks of a deeply flawed mental health system. In fact, according to the the extensive 260-page report, it's unclear if Cho - who was passionate about books (gasp!) and not video games - ever played anything more aggressive than the kid-friendly "Sonic the Hedgehog."

Now, according to JT's unusual, yet so incredibly right form of logic...Sonic the Hedgehog and Books can only lead to..BLOODTHIRSTY MASSACRE! Of course! Intellect and taping a D-Pad to collect several golden rings while freeing animals....Why this combination is breeding gun-wielding eco-warrior hippies *le gasp*

Or it can just mean that JT is a self-centered a-hole with a really small ego. I recommend every person registered at Gamespot to read the article, it is most definitily worth it!