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Maybe new blog post is coming...

I have been playing on my PS4 little while now and I'm thinking doing old fashioned blog what is my opinion on the system. So this blog is post is (hopefully) coming this week :)

- MorkkiTH -


Hey everyone!

I starting broadcasting on TwitchTV soon. At the moment I'm in testing phase. At first I'm going to broadcast only PC games but I'm looking hardware to broadcast also PS3, 3DS, Vita and probably x360 games. I will be updating my blog how I'm doing on this front...

Here is a link where you can watch me if you want :)


- MorkkiTH -

Some blaa blaa about WiiU

Hello everyone! (my GS friendlist seems to be pretty much dead but why not post new blog posts? :P )


I did give in a while ago and pre-ordered WiiU (black, premium pack). I have to say that WiiU may not have powerfull processor or anything like that but I have more confidence on Nintendo than I did have with Wii. And I really like how they implemented touch screen to the controller. Of course I have to play with the new controller before I can say anything more profound. When PS4 and new xbox comes out I hope they manage to implement touch screen on the controller too. I have my doubpts but well see.

I'm also planning to buy Assassin's Creed 3 and Darksiders 2 on WiiU too. Pikmin 3 is also on my want list but when it will be out...(?)

AC3 WiiUDarkSiders 2 WiiUZombiUPikmin3

There is still about 2 months before the release But I have still games to play (I have always games to play :P :D )

Your thoughts on WiiU and are you going to buy it?

- MorkkiTH -


hey everyone! :)

I finally updated my games list here on GS :) I have sold most of my PS3 games, some x360 and some WII games. I Haven't sold any 3DS games because I really like to play my 3DS games :D and of course the biggest grow has happen on the 3DS games section. This is probably going to be most growing section in the future too...
I have tried to look some interesting PS Vita games but it's no go. There is only one game which I have some light interest but I hope to find it on sale someday... this year seems to be bad to PS Vita gamers. I hope Sony brings some big games before christmas! (If you know some great games on the VITA, just tell me :) just check my games list before saying anything!)

I'm starting my vacation on friday and I'm trying to finish at least 2 games before my vacation is over (about 5 weeks). My main game is "Tales of the abyss" (3DS) which is almost finished but will take me about 5-10hours still to finish. I'm not sure what game will be second one... I have great games on my PS3, PC and 3DS... It's hard to chooce :/

- MorkkiTH -

Gaming PC

I got my gaming PC couple days ago :) I have Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Bastion and couple other games. I haven't followed much PC games so if you can give me some PC games I should test(?) :)

I'm getting a... Gaming PC :O

I Finally gave in and bought (I ordered online and it's not yet here) gaming PC! It's not best of the best but at the moment I think it's enough.

Here are the specs:

600W power
MSI Military Class 3 Z77 Motherboard (USB 3.0, Sata 6Gb/s)
nVidia GeForce GTX570 (1.28GB GDDR5)
Intel Core i7 3770k (3.5GHz) 4-core processor
Antec Kühler 620 watercooling for the processor
Kingston HyperX 2x4GB DDR3 memory (1600Mhz)
120Gb Kingston HyperX 3K SSD -levy
SATAIII 2 Terabytes hard disk
Dell 24"UltraSharp, IPS, LED, 1920x1200

I bought this indie bundle and got really good games which I have wanted to play so long: Bastion, Super Meat boy, Amnesia: Dark Cresent, Braid, Limbo, Lone survivor, Psychonauts, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery.

I'm also buying Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and I'm not sure of couple more...

It's been long time

Like my title said it's been long time since I have written something in my blog (except my "mini blogs if you can call it those...)


So what I have been doing? My job is going ok. I have been doing lots of work and money is good. it just that couple days ago my co-worker said that couple guys got laid off and there is rumour that company will be out sourcing my department so I'm little nervous about that because that means pretty much all workers will get fired... I'm pretty sure that I can get job at my last work place so I'm not that worried. Money is just much better in my current job...

My daughter is growing and she is 8 months now. She is going so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep track where she is going :P

My dogs are well also :) I'm hoping that we will get 3rd dog but this dog must be my oldest dogs puppies but there is only one little problem... There is no proper father candidate :/ OurNeighboroffered her long haired collie but that isn't the best breed I want (not bad either) but there is certain breeds I want. All of you who don't know my both dogs are mix breeds (oldest 3yo, germanShepard/terrier/Tibetmastiff mix and youngest 2yo,Irelandred setter/south-RussianShepardmix)


When the year 2012 started I wasn't playing much, it was pretty much none. But after maybe two months I got annoyed that I haven't been playing so I picked the game controller and after that I have been playing much more. It still isn't much but it's something :) Lately I have been playing FFXIII-2 (PS3), Tales Of The Abyss (3DS), Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS), Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS), Uncharted (VITA), Super Stardust HD (VITA), Journey (PSN) and much much more. I haven't finished as many games I would want but good amount still. I really need more games on my VITA because I havefinishedall my vita games (4 games) I have about 50 games I haven't finished! (AGAIN!) before my daughter was born this number was about 10... about 30 games are PS3/PSN and about 20 are 3DS games.

I bought PS Vita even that I did have some concerns about the system but after I played and finished couple games I have to say that Vita has great potential to come something big. Sony just have to bring enough games which screams "VITA!" and price drop wouldn't be too bad either...

3DS has gotten steady gaming love for me but is this going to change? I know that there is games coming but those games are long way to go and like all the big games on 3DS has seen release date changes.

- MorkkiTH -

Christmas :)

I want to say all of you Happy christmas! :) I hope you all are enjoying good food and company :) I'm busy with gaming now that I have some free time :) My boss did give me Nintendo Wii as a christmas present :D At the beginning I wasn't sure what to think but I will buy Skyward sword and couple other games which I want to play. After that... I'm not sure.

I have spend time with my 3DS, I have played Mario Kart 7, Tales of the abyss and The Legend Of Zelda (NES). I'm also planning to play Skyrim and... some other games :P

How are you spending your christmas? :)

- MorkkiTH -

I'm here...

Hello everyone! :)

I mentioned while ago that I will be busy with life, work and such. I haven't had much free time in couple months now. New job, my daughter is growing and needs more and more attention. So my gaming time has been mainly in the weekends. In two months I have finished only couple games. (Uncharted 3 and Super Mario 3D Land) I have bought/got lots of games and I just can't keep up :P :(


My 3DS has gotten lots of gaming love in these couple weeks. With release of Super Mario 3D Land and Tales Of The Abyss i have had lots of good times :) I'm waiting my copy of Mario Kart 7 and with that I can spend lots of time with my 3DS :) I Have to mention about "Tales Of The Abyss". It's first jrpg on the 3DS and it is... GREAT! Graphics, sound and story is great! Also I like how the controlls work. I have only one bad thing to say about the game and it is the 3D. It's bad and I have played without it because it just don't work very well. So buy the game if you can! :)

My Dog...

If you remember my oldest dog broke it's leg about couple months ago and at thursday we did have it's final x-ray and she is mostly healed. There is just one problem. Bones hasn't merged 100% properly so there is a change that leg won't be 100% fully operational ever but it will take several months or a year before we know for sure. So let's hope for the best because I don't want my dog(s) to suffer. So if I have to... I have to put it down :( By the way Iines is best dog I have ever had or known so this time has been very hard to me... :( I really hope that everything works out.

That's it for now because my daughter want's attention... Again I probably wont' do the monthly blog... :( But I will try to check your blogs and such. (If there is spelling errors just forgive me because I wrote this in a hurry)

- MorkkiTH -

monthly Blog will be late... again

Hello everyone!

I'm just informing all of you that I will be late again on my monthly blog. I started my new job and I have done very long days at work and I'm really tired! I go straight to sleep when I get home but I have to do this like this... So I hope I can make my monthly blog in the weekend

- MorkkiTH -