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Holy God Its Homebrew

I've, in the past week, discovered the exciting new world of homebrew for the PSP. Since MPH's downgrader came out, I've been loading so much crap on to my PSP. Now I'm playing SNES on ma PSP. Also got DOOM on there and a whole bunch of other junk. Thank god for hackers.


HAHA, oh my god. This game may be stupid, but it is sooo fun. My god, I have to little dogs, a chuawa or however you spell that, and a german shepord. I'm attached to my little dogs, which I've tought many tricks. I've entered the disk competion 3 times, and won. Seriously, no matter how childish this game looks. GET IT.

Final Verdict - 9.8

PSP Review

I guess it's about time I do one of these....ok lets get freakin to it.

Graphics - B e a u t i f l e. As if that pretty little widescreen isnt good enough, It comes packaged with some sweet ass graphics. Definately, the best on any hand held to come for a while for sure. The only problem I have, is sometimes you get a little motion blur, which, well isnt a big deal at all, but it's still there. 9.9

Sound - Definately better than the Ds, the sound on the PSP is great. For listening to mp3's it sounds great, depending on what bitrate the song is, give or take a little. But I couldnt ask for more for in game sounds. No complaints. 9.4

Look - Great sleek look, ok pocket fit, and when you see a psp, you are immiadiately thinkin, damn that looks good.

Also I was able to brows the internet on mine, wootzerz.

Final Verdict: Anything less than a 9.9 would be a fellony..

My Review of the DS

I want to start by saying, the DS has amazing features. The first feature I'm goin to talk about, is the touch screen. First of all, combining a touch screen with any system is pretty cool to me, especially a handheld...I mean wow! The touch screen is what sets the DS apart from all other handhelds/systems. It adds many new features to games we all ready love. It's used for maps, menus, and for FPS's, a way to look around. If your wondering how the touch screen holds up, it's great. I have had my DS for about 2 months, and I don't have a scratch on my touch screen.

Sound - So far as I have seen, well, heard, from my expieriences with the DS, it has great sound. It plays music very well, and doesn't distort the music at all.

Graphics - Compared to all other handheld systems, the DS graphics are awesome. It's got a full 3-D engine, and looks really good.
I'm gonna wrap up this review with my final verdict

Final Verdict - 9.7

Madden 2005 DS

Madden 2005 DS is a pretty good, well rounded game. It has nice features, such as ok 3-d graphics, a huge playbook, trading, signing, and drafting new players. It also has fun enough game play to keep you playing for an hour or two at a time. Overall, I thought this was a much better game than the score it got on gamespot and other websites. I has kept me entertained in times when I'm bored with other games, because it has such lengthy games.

Final Verdict - 8.9


Well, what about it. I realy cant imaging an mp3 player the DS. First of all, because the DS has great sound but...not good enough sound to play song with good quality, (i hope i get proved wrong). Second because i cant imagine how it will work, it seems pretty wierd that my DS could be playing the song i love...It would be great if it could play songs while you were playing a DS game. Well anyway i hope play yan is a success, its a really cool idea, and i hope it works.

Asphalt Urban

I don't now why people are giving this game such bad reviews..First of all, when i got this game, I was disapointed because couldnt beat the first race :p But once i beat it, the game got imediatly more fun. I went and bought my own car did some races and was hooked. This game gives you lots of options to customize your car such as, weight reduction, evo kits, body gits, paint, turbo, and many other things. I love the arcade style feeling that you get when playing it. when i first introduced my friend to this game, he bought a DS because of it, and also got the game. A week later he had the game beat, and all the secret cars unlocked lol. he's farther than me, and ive had my DS for 2 months.

Final Verdict - 9.2

Yoshi T&G

I just got Yoshi Touch and Go two days ago. When i first opened up the game and started playin it...well, i sucked at it, so I just assumed it was a bad game. I kept playing it, and kept playing it, and kept playing it, and suddenly realized I was completely encased in playing this game. I played marathon mode over and over again, because i just HAD to beat my las record. I must have play Yoshi 3-4 hours that night. I unlocked all the mosed and set all the records. AND! never gets old, I have the game running as I am typing this. Yes i really am a loser...but oh well. If any of you are wondering about getting Yoshi..get it, but make sure you give it a chance before you make any judgements :P

Final Verdict - 10.0