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The gameplay in 2 is very different from 1. There is no inventory to manage and no equipment to customize. You collect ammo from enemies and from the level around you, instead of waiting for your gun to cool down.

You also get into the meat of the game much more quickly. The game doesn't bother with elevators or airlocks in between the places you want to get to. Action and roleplaying are better paced early on compared to the first game.

I only played 3 once, but I can tell you it's similar to 2, like most second sequels, it settles into a certain groove without many huge changes. But the weapon system in 3 is definitely an improvement. You'll be able to use any type of gun with any class, creating a tradeoff with how fast you can use your powers.

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It's a lot of fun. Yes, the story is short, but it's one big sandbox you can replay. The extra missions to unlock change it up drastically simply by changing where you start on the map and what the time of day is. As a fan I'm pretty happy and even more excited for TPP.

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Single player could be good if they just let players make their own memorable moments instead of shoving artificial ones at them.

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I love MGS3 so much I have my own dating system in my head starting on the day it released and I first played it. Will it really have been ten years this november? holy crap... I've still got my copy of Snake Eater with the case and manual, the disc is barely scratched.

and I know there's a lot of hate for the idea of remakes... they stifle innovation, lazy devs, greedy devs, milked for money, etc. After playing Ground Zeroes, there absolutely needs to be a FOX engine remake of 3, with open levels replacing all the old levels.

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It's kind of strange that they would sell people a game that can be completed in 10 mins for $30.

Does that mean there's only ten minutes of fun to be had?

no, but you get more content on Free to play games on Android and iPhone than you would on Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes.

Okay, which games? What mobile games do what GZ does plus more?

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It's kind of strange that they would sell people a game that can be completed in 10 mins for $30.

Does that mean there's only ten minutes of fun to be had?

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I love it. Despite the disappointing plot and overpowered character, it's one of my favorite games.

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SC: Double Agent and MGS4.

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multiplayer needs to be balanced again. enough of this unlock crap. the instant kill melees to the face pretty much killed KZ3. the spawn grenade should not have been removed. it was the developer's responsibility to tell players how it worked, instead of pushing worthless "tips" on the loading screens.

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let's first see publishers pushing games that aren't so replacable.