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Okay, so the 360 took up quite a bit of that time too, but I never had a disk feed problem, never had to fiddle with more than one cable, never had to... well maybe that's it.

The 600 dollars-lighter bank account days, the Resistance 1 days, the high school PS3 fanboy days, the folding@home days... a long story ending with a yellow hardware failure light.


No regrets, except for not putting my saves on the cloud. F***.

FInished Mass Effect 3

Been a few days since I played a couple of the endings. Haven't felt motivated to post a big ol' critique, so I thought I'd point out what I liked first.

Soundtrack was mostly very good. Kind of faithful to the original style in some pieces, but a lot of levels had purely recycled music from 1 and 2.

The little moments of character helped distract from the big plot holes in the narrative, though I started to wonder if the Garrus/Spepard comradery was being artificially inflated. I don't know how to describe it, but it just seemed like the writers were laying it on especially thick that these two are fire forged friends and an inseperable duo. Yeah, we've been through a lot of hairy missions and stuff together, but it's not like shep and garrus grew up together or anything. Is this the real-world fanbase bleeding into the universe like darth vader into the sequels? maybe it's nothing.

Liara had good character defining moments. She has a bit of weakness where she confides in shepard her thoughts of abandoning everything and waiting out the exctinction for a few hundred years. The temptation to at least be the last person on earth (or in the galaxy) is believable and understandable. Her idea to leave time capsules shows a conciousness by the game of what it should be trying to do. The scales are large in time and space, and granting that defeat is likely and your legacy is vulnerable lives up to the themes of mass effect.

Prothy The Prothean was interesting. They did do something to make him seem more alien than most, not just another badass in a weird skin. His culture wasn't friendly and each of his fingers is a blood hound with a forensics PHD. But his intro mission is ridiculously shallow for being a discovery that blows Illos and the Vigil VI out of the water. Real living prothean, oh there's his capsule right over there, just thaws in five minutes ready to eat! The Illos mission in ME1 by comparison was a turkey dinner in terms of buildup and atmosphere. Huh there I went and wrote all this critical stuff again.

The Crucible is probably the laziest plot device I've ever witnessed. and it doesn't really save it that it was revealed to be an inheritence from former galactic cycles stretching back into obscurity. I can't suspend my disbelief when the admiral is describing it as "simple" and "elegant" and no one can tell the player just what it does. How do you do that? build something from scratch with technology and not even talk about the end result? Black box technology that's incomprehensible is a perfectly fine trope, but it depends on how it's used in the story. What ME3 did was basically like if the humans in Halo built their own Halo after saying they read some secret Forerunner blueprint. What you are just doesn't fit with what you accomplish in that case. I had a prediction that the crucible was actually a trojan horse, not just a reaper trap, but the reaper's goal all along. Not only would the reapers harvest technology, but they would use the desperation of organics to drive innovation, each cycle only able to add a slight improvement with their best efforts. That's a compelling idea, that the machines would exploit entire species and empires to deliver what they wanted which they could not themselves think of, because they were truly fundamentally different. What if the crucible could have been the technological solution to the original plot of 3, where dark energy use destroys stars and threatens all existence in the universe? That would have been cool.

Question about Mass Effect 3's Extended Cut

Alright, so tonight the story just got pretty interesting. Some slight revelations have thickened the plot, while also justifying why the prothean crucible project is such an inscrutable black box with no insight or details about it, so I don't have to complain as much. Thessia with Javik was good for story (and spectacle: reaper walking into the sunset), boring for gameplay no matter who I'd take with me. (The gameplay is feeling stale right about now, very few enemy types and maybe it's because I'm an infiltrator). I'm not yet convinced the prothean buddy was necessary to the third game (IMO his existence destorys the first game's excellent themes of exctinction and enslavement, because he is not dead and he is not corrupted like a collector), but he adds a nice twist to character interactions. I'm pretty sure he was an early decision and not actual DLC, he interacts with too much of the rest of the game for that.

There's a lot of cool little stories going on in this game: the PTSD asari, joker trying to cope with it all, character development for liara, seeing her weaknesses and anxieties, her memories, etc. But I'm aware that the ending has killed it for a lot of folks out there. I'm aware that there's an "indoctrination theory" which sounds interesting and I can guess what that might be, though I doubt indoctrination would be given proper justice in this game by bioware. indoctrination needs subtletly, like a survival horror title, where things are slightly off and it would be up to an observant player to pull on the thread and confirm that yes, things are very very wrong. Mass effect 3 has too big a budget and a team for subtlety, my guess. Yahtzee from the escapist wrote a nice article on this here. I wanted to experience indoctrination before I even finished mass effect 1, but again, I still need to finish 3 and see it all for myself.

(I'm guessing shepard's dreams about the little kid will play into whatever happens somehow. After two of these dreams, I'm not really impressed with the emotional aspect, I can't choose how shepard reacts to this kid's death. So there's more ridiculous railroading and directions shoved down our throats. so if this is more a pyschological thing, some kind of forshadowing, than... cool, I guess. We'll see. Is shepard losing her mind? been too close to too many reapers? hmm.)

So I ask: should I continue playing to the end following whatever narrow choices I can choose, without the extended cut DLC? I want to give whatever the original content is a chance. But this would be the first original viewing of the ending by me, and if bioware really did **** up the story, than... yeah, that will have been the original experience. Not a huge deal, I'm going in blind either way. Post-production re-edits based on fan-feedback can be just as bad or worse than the original ****-up. So without the spoily details, what did you think about the endings? Did you like the original product or did you think the new content made it better?

Finally got to Mass Effect 3

Beat ME1 with a complete shepard and fixed background (because sole survivor background makes the cerberus story unbelievable), did every sidequest on the off chance that I'd get an email about it or something. Finished ME2 finally doing the arrvial DLC, and damn was that a rushed product. Now I'm at 3, my shepard's face was messed up, I'm on earth, not standing trial for what happened in the last game, talking to wimpy earth generals acting like children.

There is a hell of a lot of railroading in this opening act, with half of shepard's dialogue out of my hands. No time to walk around on the normandy, or get aquainted with joker and EDI again (where did her console go?), you have to go to mars right now! Go find a prothean artifact that conveniently can solve all your problems mysteriously. (I do hope it can open a portal and send Dom back home to the gears of war dimension, so there's that) We should have been building up fleets and making super weapons in ME2, not coddling team members. But now we're at the last game and everything in the story now has to happen all at once.

I would like this to be the best game ever, but so far it's too transparent, and someone was cutting corners in design and it's killing the immersion. Femshep looked perfectly fine in 1 and 2 besides the thick neck. In 3, she has the figure of a starved person. There is no way this body type can stand up to a COG soldier in a bare knuckle sparring match. Who thought this was a good idea, to show off the main character's bony arms in an action sequence and expect us to believe they wouldn't break at the first Renegade punch we threw? Why is the walking animation so awkward now? Can they possibly fix all of this down the line with a new model?

School's Out

I gotta say, finishing finals week felt a little like this. Now I've noticed that time is going by fast. It's been going by fast for the last few years, but now I just really see it. Life is short, but my head is full of ideas, I have a pretty good job but no girlfriend, and I don't know what I want to do. So I figured I'd come back to this blog as I try to start making youtube videos as well. I have a few things to say about games, ideal games, and movies.

With the Dark Knight Rises coming out in a month, I thought it would be nice to look at the quirk's of Nolan's sty/e of direction across some of his films, to see what affect he's had on stories and prepare ourselves for whatever tricks there may be in the last batman film.

Having played the latest COD game, I want to illustrate what I think is missing from the most popular shooter series and what niches other games provide. This fall it looks like Halo Reach will be getting its own replacement, just two years later. What's happening to the Halo universe after 3? Where is it going and where has the multiplayer gone?

And I want to share my dreams of games remade, of sequels and hybrids and reboots to boot. This includes a criticism of the original Bioshock and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Battlefield 3

I've seen the screenshots, I've seen the article, and I'm jealous. My fancy laptop probably can't huff and puff enough to run this game respectably. But a couple of years after release, I'll probably have a powerful deskstop and the game will still be around. Or maybe I'll play the console version, though I have no idea if the player count is going to be the only difference.

If the console versions graphically look better than Bad Company 2, if a soldier has one polygon more than his predecessor's equivilent, one superior texture, something will be horribly wrong. BC2 is a gorgeous game, but I play it because I can destroy walls and the game changes dramatically because of the mark you can leave on the world with explosives. Deeper lingering destruction should be the number one priority with the engine, and I'm cynical of any news that it is, seeing as graphics are always demanded first in all games (the responsibility of that trend is probably both short sighted consumers and timid marketing).

We did not get "cover that chips away" like DICE said. that only applied to tall concrete walls, and not brick walls, or house walls. concrete sniper towers stood no matter how much they were bombed, and sheet metal buildings never collapsed either. if they still don't in B3, it's another case of ****ed up priorities. You can't play with graphics, it's that simple.

And DICE says 4 cIasses is the sweet spot. That doesn't sound good. All I know is that the guy with a grenade launcher should not be the same guy with ammo replenishing abilities. Simplyfing things down like in BC2 just didn't work out. Medics need to have small personal defense weapons for close quarters, not LMGs. snipers should be snipers, with sniper rifles and small pistols, not shotguns. Are we dumb players with short attention spans? I don't believe so. I think we can all handle 5 or 6 distinct roles. By all means, give a little wiggle room with different gagdets to swap, but don't simplify it.

New Laptop

Yes, after four years (one spent in dead silence with corrupted unfixable audio software) with my dell inspiron, I have finally upgraded!


HP Envy 14, for all my music, movies, writing, college, and light gaming needs. :D

Cave Diving

I wanted to post something else, like how I'd reboot bioshock or how I'd want to reboot Halo 3 so it all took place on earth and was epic and not an end-with-a-whimper story. But that didn't work out today, so....

I felt like posting something, so why not go with sharing a gripping read? Reading this article damn-near made me cry

short version: (though you should read the article for all the details that give you the full picture)

cave diver dies while trying to recover long-lost body of other cave diver from extreme depth

I'm a registered open-water scuba diver. It's an awesome activity. You see fish and coral reefs out in their natural enviorment, you gain an appreciation for nature.

However I cannot fathom (wait, that's not funny) why anyone would want to dive in a cave. When I was becoming dive certified in 2006, my buddy was training to be cave certified. I considered him a little crazy after that.

Is there any better fusion of horrible terrifying places that can make one's death particularly awful? Complete darkness, claustrophobia, and drowning.

cave diving should be Number 1 on a article called "Ten Most Insane Hobbies" or something like that.

I just don't think it's worth it. Sure, you could say it's a simple matter of following one's training. But there's always a risk, and for what result? Beauty of the caves? If one has to recover the body of say, a friend, from the place they practiced their hobby, is continuing such a good idea?

Stuff I'll Play

... when I get money coming in again, and after classes end:

Metro 2033 (high priority!)

Bioshock 2 (meh priority)

Bayonetta (some priority. you say it's good champ, so it had better be)

Splinter Cell: Conviction (need to see for myself just how much stealth there is in this thing)

Final Fantasy 13 (low priority, but somewhat curious. it's on rails in any case, so I wont' have to divert much effort to the experience anway :P )

God of War 3 (oh yeah high priority here. smooth combat, epic-scale boss/puzzle/platforming)

Heavy Rain (depends on the timing and success of the patch Quantic Dream plans to release and fix the freezing issues)

Dragon Age: Origins (moderate priority. it's like mass effect, but with swords, right?)