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Moron Monday

So.. I work in a video game store and it seems that Mondays are particularly bad for people missing all or part of their brain. Today we had cap lady: "Hi um I saw that EB Games (not the chain I work for) have a pre-order offer for Mario on the Wii with a free cap, are you guys doing that one?" "That would be an EB exclusive offer, we have a different pre-order offer." "Yeah but I want the cap you see, my son wants the cap." "We have a different offer, we don't have the cap" "Yeah, I just want the cap, can you do the offer with the cap for me?" It surprises me just how many people do not listen on a Monday. "Do you price match because I have seen this game for $12 and you have it for $24" "We do as long as the competitor is in the centre and has the game in stock" "Oh, well i saw it on EB's website for $12" "Do they have it in the centre?" "No.. but it's on the website" "If they don't have it in stock in the centre we can't match it" "It's an old game you see and well, is there anything you can do with the price" "If they don't have it in stock I can't match it" We get so many resumes from gamers and the like who think that working in a video game store would be ever so amazing, well I'm here to tell you that it's not how it seems people... it's not how it seems.