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Again, it's been a while.

I really haven't been around on GameSpot recently, but I've just updated my games lists and I own more than 350 titles! Not one game has ever been traded in. Kind of an achievement getting to that number, right? Here's to another 350. Happy gaming. -Monkeyseat

It's been a while.

Hey, It's been over a year since I've made a blog post. I've still been around though and reading the blogs that I'm tracking. I either haven't had the time or the urge to post anything new, but I've got tired of seeing the same old blog entry every time I viewed my profile so here's my 10 favourite games. These are in order (1 being ranked the best) and not neccessarily the "10 best games of all time", just my favourites. So, without further ado, let's begin... 10] GTA IV (Xbox 360)  GTA IV was no doubt a great game and very impressive from a technical standpoint. This was the first GTA that I got 100% on, and it took quite a while, but it was great fun. However, compared to GTA: San Andreas, I thought GTA IV was too 'serious' and not as fun. 9] Pokemon Blue (Game Boy)  I'm obviously not a Pokemon fan anymore, but this game deserves recognition for the sheer amount of hours I clocked up on it as a child. I never did catch 'em all though! :( 8] Mario Kart DS (DS)  This might not be a game you would expect in a top 10 list, but I loved it. It kept me busy trying to get a '3 star' rating on every race, and taking it to school and playing against friends was great fun. 7] The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (Xbox 360)  Up until Oblivion, I hadn't really played any proper RPG games, aside from Pokemon if you count that. Initially, I didn't like this game and I got stuck at a point, so it was left to gather dust. One day though, I decided to give it another go and try and finish it (I don't like to leave games unfinished), and eventually I started to enjoy it. The quests were great, the world was vast, and I got addicted to trying to level up my character. I was contemplating putting Fallout 3 in this list, but Oblivion just edged it. 6] Dead Rising (Xbox 360)  This is my favourite Xbox 360 game, which may surprise some. Like with Oblivion, at first I didn't like this game. This was probably because when I first got it I played it on a SD TV, which made reading the on-screen text near impossible. However, I later went back to it in order to complete it and I really got into it. I loved the concept of the game; the mall setting was brilliant, and provided endless fun. I also liked the RPG elements, which provided an incentive to keep playing (and encouraged me to go back and play Oblivion!). The save system wasn't the best, and was frustrating at times, but I got used to it. I liked this game so much that I got every achievement in this game, and had great fun doing it (although the Infinity Mode achievements were slightly tiresome). 5] Half Life 2 (PC) (I was tempted to add the Orange Box to this list, but that is essentially more than one game so I won't)  This is the game that got me into PC gaming really. I had owned PC games before this, including the original Half Life, but not really played them that much. I got Half Life 2 pretty much as soon as it was released in 2004 and thought it was amazing, with a great story, and brilliant gameplay and graphics. I still play this game now! 4] Counter Strike: Source (PC)  Counter Strike: Source was the first real online game that I played (I had played PS2 online, but not much) and so deserves recognition. I liked that the gameplay objectives were simple yet playing against others was still challanging. There are some great maps for this game - even the stock maps are great - and this game encouraged me to make a few of my own. I got quite addicted to CSS, and when the Steam friends list started working, I had some great online matches with friends. 3] Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! (Game Boy)  Wario Blast is a game that would probably not be in many - if any - people's top 10 list, but this was pretty much the first game I ever played full stop. This game was one of the most addictive I have ever played and I played it for years as a child, but I found it quite tough at the time! I don't think I ever did beat all of the bosses. 2] Team Fortress 2 (PC)  Team Fortress 2 is the best online game ever made in my opinion. Unlike other 'team' games, in TF2 you are actually forced to work as a team, otherwise you will not succeed. I am a fan of Battlefield 2, but overall TF2 is better. TF2 is not ultra-serious like some online shooters. The art style is beautiful, and the maps brilliantly well thought out. There is a great selection of classes, and the player's choice of class can have a significant impact on the game. My personal favourite is the Heavy, just for his sheer power. The stats, achievements and unlocks are also a nice touch. I have had some great online moments in this game. 1] GTA: San Andreas (PS2)  GTA: San Andreas is my favourite game of all time. I had a great amount of fun with this game, and played it for MANY hours. The game world was amazing, the missions were fun and varied, and there was so much to do. I got to 99% completion on this game but never bothered to go that 1% more, mainly because collecting all the photographs was a pain. Although some may disagree, I also thought the multiplayer mode, whilst not perfect, was great. Balancing player two on the wing of a plane, and then have player one attempt to fly to another airport never got old! So there you go. Probably not a 'conventional' list, but those are my 10 favourite games. If I had to add one more game, it would be Sega's Airline Pilots (chances are you've not heard of it, but it's a relatively old flight simulator arcade game that over the years I've played a heck of a lot). Anyway, what do you think of my 10? Do you agree or, more likely, disagree with any of my choices? That's it for at least another year! :P -Monkeyseat.

One Hundred Percent


Long time no blog... I've been quite busy but after 48 hours I've finally achieved 100% on GTA IV. It was good but I didn't like the city as much as San Andreas, it just seemed a bit dull. It's meant to be realistic but how cars flip over sometimes are ridiculous. Well it's only their first go this generation, I'd give it an 8/10.

Sign here if you've done it with your times. This is just a flying visit... Laters!



If Jeff goes this place is going to be very dull.

That's all I'm going to say.


Anyone NOT hyped for Halo 3?

I'm pretty sure 90% of GameSpot (or at least the Xbox section) is eagerly waiting to get their hands on this. I'm not a fanboy or biased towards one particular platform or genre but I've never really been a fan of Halo. It's not my cup of tea (I prefer shooters like R6) and like Jeff stated in his review the kids on XBL can be annoying, although to be fair I've not played it too much in multiplayer. I played through Halo 1 and 2-mainly because I got them free withmy first and second Xbox console- and I know many people who like them, but I'm not a fan, it's nothing special to me. Anyway I was just wondering, anyone else not really bothered about it?

In other news I completed Saints Row the other week. This has an even worse online community than Halo, geez seriously everyone thinks they're black and "gangstas" in real lifeand theres no sense of fun, everyones swearing which isn't necessarily bad but it's an uncomfortable atmosphere and not fun for me. There's a few decent guys but it's just rubbish online. I got it free though so it's not too bad.

I also picked up NHL 08 as soon as I could. I couldn't find it on realease day in the UK in Tesco but got it the day after. Not as cheap as usual. If you fancy a game, give me a PM (although the online connection errors are testing my patience ATM, I can only play via lobbies for some reason and have had to contact EA). I played one game online and lost 2-1, it was pretty close, I nearly nicked it; I hit the post and was so close to scoring with the goalie on the wrong side of the net. I presume it was unranked as my stats haven't changed. It was funny last night when I was playing it half way through a penalty shootout in a tie game they started randomly showing highlights of before what had happened in the game lol. I've seen the goalie just glitch one time too where he just stood still for ages and the players just skated around, nothing happened, no face-off. I'm having some trouble with the face-offs too when shooting down screen, the CPU either wins every one or I knock it forward every time. I've tried various different control methods pushing the sticks in different directions but it keeps happening. I'm probably doing something wrong but I don't know what. When going up it's easy, I win those most of the time. Also it's pretty hard to score, last matches I lost 8-4 but won 2-0 (although the last was a gimme because the CPU pulled their goalie) and the CPU seems to score a lot. I'm on Pro at the moment using a few sliders and it's still challenging (heck I even lost on the easiest difficulty unfortunately). It's also really frustrating when the CPU scores some cheap goals. Still I keep coming back to get beat lol. I probably have a 1:2 or 1:3 win to loss ratio.



Sorry for the words pushed together but GameSpot is still being stupid.

Back on ye olde Xbox Live

I got a new Xbox 360 so this time I created an online gamertag (Monkeyseat). I couldn't use the name I wanted, it was 1 character too long. ¬.¬ I'm not gonna say in case they ever increase it to 16 characters.

Anyways, I lost like the 5000 offline achievement pointsI had on the Xbox I used before this. Granted it's not that high but I don't care about it anyway lol. There is no way I'm going through Oblivion again to get all the points. I'm only on 30 at the moment. :D Add me if you wish.



Grrr, stupid GameSpot is still pushing words together.


Ha. The 2 pre-orders I make both end up being delayed.

Simpsons Movie Limited Edition CD:

Scheduled release: July 31st. Actual dispatch date: October 8th (for some reason that remains unknown a few places are delaying this but other independant sellers have it, weird... o_O)

Grand Theft Auto IV Limited Edition Xbox 360 game:

Scheduled release: October 22nd. Actual dispatch date: 2008 some time.

Ah well, it's Sod's Law. I had to contact Amazon as they wanted to hold the CD back until the game came out lol! :D I think they finally understood me. Yar, that be all for now. I'll be gone for 2 weeks on holiday.

For now, au revoir.



No need for a new entry just for this but the CD finally came although I've lost track now whether it was early or late. It doesn't really smell of donuts though like it said, maybe a tiny bit sweet but not much. Seems Amazon finally updated the incorrect information too after many emails.

DS Friend Codes

Don't think I ever posted my friend codes here.

Pokémon Pearl: 4983 2295 8456

Mario Kart DS: 0172 8661 8687

I think they're correct. XD


Simpsons Movie - FIRST REVIEW! A return to the glory days! Almost!

Best. Simpsons Movie. Ever.


Ok, so I had to see this film as soon as I could and I was lucky enough to get the first ticket to the first advanced preview in a jam-packed cinema. I don't usually write reviews but being a huge fan, I had to pay tribute to this film. I eat, sleep and drink Simpsons and I've got tons of the merchandise. I've even been said to look like young Homer Simpson (prom) by 3 different people now. I don't know whether that's a compliment or insult? Anyway, I wasn't sure how The Simpsons Movie was going to play out. I'm not biased in my opinion just because I'm a collector. A lot of people know that the show isn't quite as great as it used to be, but with many great responses to the new film, it looked like they had blown all of the negative predictions out of the water. And I can see why.

The Simpsons Movie is a brilliant laugh-a-minute adventure. As Ralph* sings the opening Twentieth Century Fox theme it sets the standard as to what will follow and when people are laughing already at this point, you can tell this is going to be good. The basic story involves Homer and his trusty "Spider-Pig" that he rescues from slaughter at Krusty Burger. Grandpa however has a "senior moment" and a premonition (reminded me of a mix between Zoidberg and Homer for some reason) beforehand of the evil that this pig will bring and lets just say, Marge realises that Homer's new pet will cause a few problems for the town. The film pokes fun at the whole global warming debate (like Lisa's lecture - "An Inconvenient Truth") as the government trap the town of Springfield in a dome due to Homer and the now appropriately renamed pig, Harry Plopper's polluting antics, and plan to turn it into the new Grand Canyon. And guess who has to save Springfield (or at least reduce the damage he has caused a bit) albeit with an angry mob after him and his family fuming? Mr. Simpson of course.

Guess who gets the blame?

The film also makes many other humorous satirical and ironic references to the real world other than the Spiderman and Harry Potter jibes as The Simpsons are chased to Alaska, such as the game Homer is playing "Grand Theft Walrus**" (a walrus pulls up in a sports car and shoots an innocent penguin) and McBain after being rejigged a bit playing the brain-dead President Schwarzenegger voiced by Harry Shearer. What's great about the film is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. You will soon realise this in a few minutes if you haven't already, when Bart writes on the chalkboard as per usual; "I will not illegally download this movie" - it is again making fun of the macrocosm and what will probably happen to the film. There's too much to name without spoiling it but it's hilarious stuff!

Don't fret about the PG age rating; The Simpsons Movie is no kids' film a la "Shrek". There weren't that many kids in the screen but I was actually surprised after seeing it that it got a PG (the DVD's are usually 12's and this seems the same sort of material) due to some of the stuff being a bit risqué like Marge and Homer undressing and Bart's penis being on show/joked about. The response from the BBFC was "natural nudity with no sexual content is acceptable in PG films" which is true and I'm sure many kids would find it funny. I think it got it by the skin of its teeth however as there are quite a few sexual innuendos and the Itchy and Scratchy violence at the beginning might be a bit much for some young children, but hey, that's what makes The Simpsons have a universal appeal. It's good to see the show has not got too politically correct. In response to actions to save the town Lenny says; "Code black?! That's the worst colour there is!" and then looks at Carl and goes "No offence." Carl replies, "I get it all the time". As Homer is watching the latest Itchy and Scratchy flick he also ironically mocks the audience at the start of the film for paying to watch "something they could see for free on TV", and points at us and calls us all suckers - "Particularly you!" Great stuff.

So it's clear to see that young, old and everyone in between will enjoy this film as reflected by the variety of jokes (such as the "Boob Lady" for example) and constant chorus of laughter coming from all around me. I didn't find it laugh out loud funny, I never liked The Simpsons for that reason, but it was a damn entertaining film and it's clear to see that many others found it hilarious so they can't have done much wrong at all. Most of the first half is Homer's comedic escapades, whereas the second half is more action focused. You will probably be longing for Homer to return to Springfield in the latter, as the comedy does take a slight dip here, still, I was happy to see that the humour was not sacrificed at the expense of the action, although the stereotypical ending is quite predictable. But what were you expecting?

Boob Lady?

Groening and Brooks didn't try to re-invent anything here and I believe playing it safe was the best option. They stuck to what you know (or at least used to know) and love the series for - top quality entertainment. Both of them did a good job of upholding the series' good reputation. One slight difference is the art. The Simpsons hasn't been hand drawn for a long time since the brilliant old epsiodes and is now mainly done on computers. That's a bit sad but not necessarily a bad thing. The buildings in the film are now much more like Futurama in more 3D, whereas the characters are all still 2D as can be seen when the camera travels through them all as they are hunting for one Homer Simpson. Overall though this is a very well-made polished film with great visuals and a flawless score by Hans Zimmer, with the opening theme played by Green Day (of whom I will get to later). This new design works very well on the big screen and makes it seem more than just a dragged out episode but doesn't feel too overhauled.

The film was quite short, around an hour and a half (87 minutes to be exact), but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It was definitely time and money well spent. The film captures the essence of the original episodes in this whole period neatly and provides constant entertainment. I don't know if it's just that I haven't seen the new series as much as the old episodes but they just aren't as good. Unlike the latest outing, Season 18, the story is brilliantly funny and clever, and it is not all just celebrities. You will be pleased to know, there is no Ricky Gervais. No Keifer Southerland. No White Stripes. In fact, Green Day feature for all of (about) 3 minutes at the start, but it was still funny as their barge is sunken by angry Springfieldians who don't want them "preaching" about the environment. Even Mrs Feesh (the organ player at the church) has to play American Idiot! If it was longer, the results may have been quite different and I think they got the timing just right.

You will find all your favourite characters here, from Itchy and Scratchy opening the film, to Bumblebee Man to Dr. Nick (you might not be able to love him anymore, you will see!). The usual title scene is there with a few tweaks such as Frink bringing the titles in on his wacky invention, and Bart will still be playing his pranks, although not on Moe, but Mr. Cargill - the villain - getting him to say "Imaweiner?!" You fans may also spot that the villain, Russ Cargill, was also the same voice of Hank Scorpio in the episode "You Only Move Twice" [3F23]. Basically it's all you loved from the show with added gags. I don't want to give too much away but it's a lot better than the shows current run on the television. The only down point was a few continuity errors, such as "Moe's" being called "Moe's Bar" on the sign and a few other errors I spotted. This however may just be me - a major fan - being a bit picky and were probably just done for a joke like when many animals that wouldn't look out of place in Bambi come flying into the lodge through the doors and windows after an avalanche - doesn't really compute, but as Bart says in "HOMR" [BABF22] - "Cartoon's don't have to make sense".

You want be saying "D'oh" after seeing this! It's non-stop entertainment. From the start until the final credits roll (which also feature various jokes and Maggie's first word - I missed this unfortunately as I had to leave and will have to purchase the DVD to see this or maybe see it again), you will be laughing. If not you'll still love it just because it's The Simpsons in a feature length film - the thing we've all been desperate to see for about the last 10 years ladies and gentlemen. A few may want to disagree, but hey, that's their prerogative.It's still going to be a smash in terms of profits.If the film had been made when the show it was in it's prime it may have been better but it is too late to dwell on that now. It's hard to tell if there will be a sequel, but if it will be this good, I say bring it on! Just don't go in with any super high expectations of it being the greatest thing since sliced bread or the worlds best film, and hey, you might be surprised.

Family who?

Overall, a high 8/10.
Not quite the quality of comedy in the first Seasons but still damn good. A must see!

*In the newspaper The Sun, they said this was Martin, however it was in fact Ralph.
**Grand Theft Walrus clip (do not watch if you do not want to spoil this part of the film):


The day has come!

Yes, The Simpsons Movie tonight! First day of advanced screanings, ticket #1 and #2. I think they're showing it in the day but it's better at night. :P I've seen all good reviews so far and might do a full review of my own tomorrow.

Pointless blog, but to give it some slight purpose, anyone else going?

Home Simpson away! I mean, the Pie-Man.



Also should be getting through the hell that is Level 20 today. I hope they don't fix this "glitch" (I don't know if it's meant to be this slow) after I get through it. ¬.¬


Yay, Pokémon Pearl has arrived 2 days early with a free (ridiculously oversized) Pokémon stylus! Winnar! :D Can't even add it to my collection yet though. :( Ah well, I can wait 2 days. I'm going to play it now as I finally got my 3 star rank on Mario Kart DS! Yay! Now, time to sort out getting it online...


Yes, I am now a rescue ranger. :P

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