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All of those who have beaten MGS2 have had the chance to listen (and watch) the end credits. In doing so I'm sure you all noticed the jazz music playing in the background, which is so not MGS! But to be honest I loved every second of it. So I did some research, and the woman who sings the end credit song is Carla White- "the queen of scat". Listening to her at the end of MGS2 gave me a slight addiction to her voice, or more like a growing love (just from one song). I wanted to listen to more of her, and after searching and searching all over the internet, I could not find anything except two other songs by her.Heck, not even the itunes or Amazon online stores have any of her music.Carla White, The Queen of Scat, is most famous for a song in a video game. The more I think about it, the sicker I get. In 2007, she died of cancer- and she is most known for a song she didn't own. Known, not remembered- since no one is aware of her death, I bet. It's a morbid story to me, and a frightful one. She might have been "successful" in life, defined by her own and the world's standard. But was she remembered as a jazz enthusiast, instructor, and monarch? No, she is known for Metal Gear Solid 2.

And I don't know what this leads to, but I hope you guys got a good lick out of this.

So much for closure.

Hello everyone! It's been...a month. Or so. So even though I decided to 'quit' videogames, I'm still going to play one more game, one last time. I won't be getting rid of my PS2 until late August- and the side effects(orwithdrawals) of gaming are not completely horrible- yet. My summer roommate has had this growing interest for Final Fantasy- so heck I'm going to show it to him. Starting off with my favorite, Final Fantasy X. Yeah. So I figure there will be enough time for us to beat FFX (we'll just have to get the ultimate summon(s) if we wanna beat the game in so short of time). So yeah, I'm back! For a while, at least. I figured since I'm gaming again I might as well be GameSpotting again, lol. And other than FFX? Well he's also developing an acute addiction to Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. So I've been watching him play a little of that too. Either way sorry for my sudden appearance. How are all of you guys??

After more than 5 years, goodbye. PLEASE READ!! MOST URGENT!!

You guys are going to think I'm crazy after saying this. In fact, I know you will. I'm getting rid of my PS2. Along with all of my games. And to save you from curiosity- no I am not replacing it with another console.

The main reason is I feel like I can't really live my life while playing games. They consume me. I can't live my life when I'm immersed in a virtual world. Iexist in a real world whileloosing myself in a reverie.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions :)

With that said, I think this will be my last blog entry. I really gotta thank all of you guys for your friendship. The laughs and discussions, all of it really :D I'll still log in to check PMs and such, so don't think I'm not friends with you guys anymore!!!

My email is stephen-wong(at)live(d0t)com . Do add me at MSN if you have it. And my myspace URL is . I also have facebook. PM if you want a link to my profile!


PS- This isthe first public appearance of my name!! :lol:

Why didn't I go 3 days earlier?? (+ Kirby update)

Well, I'll start off by apologizing for the Kirby Theme vid not being up yet. My buddy has the video, and he's been running into problems putting it onto youtube.

Okay! Now to the real news. Arch Enemyis coming to town. Ha, I call it town. Huge event,massive, EPIC! Oh-ho man these guys are one of my favorite bands. They never leave Europe,so I consider this show to be a once in a life time event. So I walked upto the Ticketmaster booth in a self-assured stride, layed my (about $50) on the counter and asked for a ticket for the Arch Enemy show. They were sold out.Trying to stomach the news, I quickly shoved the money back into my pocket andhalf-skipped out ofthe store. If only I left with my very-good-friend three days earlier to get a ticket with him!!!

So what was I to do? In my newborn lunacy I found myself standing in the game store. Fingering the crinkled bills, I anxiously slapped the money on the counter. Took a few (free) surgical masks while I was at it for the subway ride back home--and walked away with the first God of War.

Haha so maybe I'm over-dramatizing the event :P. Thanks for reading everyone!


I was away this week.

Okay, I'm FINALLY Back.Sorry everyone for not letting you guys know!And I'm good to stay now, so you're stuck with me. I'm sorry if I missed any of your blogs, or havn't been participating in the unions.

In other news, my buddy and I arranged Kirby's Theme on our guitars, and filmed it. We're still in the editing process, but we're hoping to upload it on Youtube tonight. When that's the case I'll probably post a new blog- so don't wonder off too far!!

Have fun everybody.


I'm seeing to an old promise. Yep fellas, the time is finally here.

Hello everyone

Well good news, I'm finally over my flu! It took 2 weeks to almost get over it,butI still have a cough.Other than that though, I'm good! Not that my condition is blogging-big news anyway..

Well fellas, the time is finally here. I promised that I'd play this game...months ago, and well now I am carrying it out. I'm playing Final Fantasy IX! Muaha. :P Nah, but I'm glad I'm finally able to get to it.

So the first thing I noticed was the music, specificallywhen walking through Alexandria. "Yupp, that's Mr. Nobuo". I love it. What I really liked about this game is how they threw me into the story. The whole first 3 hours were full of so much creativity, I never would have guessed the game would start off with performing an epic play in front of the whole darn city. Another thing I love about this game is how incredibly vivid and detailed the world is, eventhrough the small things. I'm mainly talking about Lindblum, and how every house, room and person is different. I think that the world is very well designed.

But unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the characters. I don't think I'm a fan of the character designs this time around. To me, the designs seem to take away the real-ness of the world and remind me that it's not. Having a believable cast of characters goes a long way in my book, andit's a factorFFIX apparently lacks in .... So far.

Saying this, you might come to believe that I'm not a fan of the quirky nature the game expresses. But in my own mind I'm really liking it. This oddball environment is actually a refreshing sway away from all the melodramatic/serious -qualities one may find in the other Final Fantasy's. Either way I think this game is just what the series needed at the time, and it's a game I'm really looking forward to get further into.

So, I gotta say thanks to all of you who have seriously recommended this Final Fantasy to me, and for supporting the game despite all of the yellow say-so's.

And how have you guy's been? Thanks for reading and I appreciate all the comments.

Best regards,

Uh oh. Yeah I've been away for a little bit.

Hello everyone

If you didn't know, I've been away for the past week and I just got back. So sorry if I missed a few of your blogs.

The gaming is going a little slowly, I've been playing Drakengard 2 and some Eternal Poison.

So have any of you seen Watchmen yet? I thought it was great, just don't take your family along if you go watch it.

So how have you guys been lately? Short blog this time.


*EDIT* Tuesday, March 10
I now have the flu. Hurrah for not being able to do anything all day.

20 Random Facts about my videogame life. Plus a Freebie!

Well it hasn't been too long since the last time I did one of these, but oh what the heck. Just started a new game in Drakengard 2 to replay it and get my final ending :twisted: This is gunna be sweet! And I'm also playing the game with my buddies Slaves and Zathic (not physically with them, but we've all decided to start the game at the same time, for us all to see the last ending). Yeah I'm so excited already I love this game.

And thanks to Lionheart08, I had to make this list of random trivia about my videogame life haha. So here you go.

  1. I'm a die-hard RPG fanatic
  2. My first console was the Super Nintendo, man that system is hardcore.
  3. My first games (got them at the same time) were Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart, Justice League: Task Force, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.
  4. I will only play Shooters when I'm with a group of people nowadays, save Resident Evil 4.
  5. Halo is the only FPS I have been thrilled with, I'd play the whole game on easy just to play The Maw on Legendary. Man I have good memories of playing through that game on Legendary mode with an old best friend. Oh it's also the only game that's provoked me to swear :oops:
  6. I got into WoW for about 1 day. I spent 4 days downloading it.
  7. Even though I had no idea what an RPG was at the time, my first RPG was Pokémon Red Version way back in the day. I never caught them all :cry:. But then I realized that Red Version sucked so I got Blue Version and glitched the "Missing No's" into giving me infinite items.
  8. Drakengard 2 is the game that has given me the most to figure out and dig for in games. Consider me a Drakengard 2 disciple (If you haven't figured it out already)
  9. Final Fantasy X was my first Final Fantasy. It is also my favorite, but just because it's my favorite doesn't mean I consider it to be the best.
  10. Lord of The Rings: The 3rd Age, Fable, and Star Wars: Knights of The old Republic were my first console RPGs.
  11. I bought my Final Fantasy VII for only 4 dollars. That's just not right. Yes, it is an original, yes it is one of the first released (meaning it's not a Greatest Hits re release).
  12. I never play my Wii.
  13. So not counting Pokémon Red Version, my first RPG was Golden Sun 2.
  14. I have gotten sun-burned from playing long hours of- Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hands. You get your ammo from the sun. Literally, there's a solar sensor that measures how strong the sun is. Stronger the sun the faster you can charge your gun (and artificial light doesn't work!). That game is monumental.
  15. Nobuo Uematsu and Shiro Hamaguchi are my favorite game composers. They're responsible for the soundtracks of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII if you didn't know.
  16. Slippy was such a pain in Star Fox 64, but I would always save him. Falco on the other hand, would just be left to die.
  17. My first game to spend money on was Toy Story for the N64. xD
  18. My first game to buy and beat for the PS2 was Kingdom Hearts.
  19. Twelve and a half (12 ½) is the most times I have played through a game, the game is Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. Which by the by I think my fastest time in that game is somewhere around 17 hours.
  20. Even though I have owned an EA game in the past, I think EA should be overthrown before it turns the free market of gaming into a totalitarian monopoly.

And this is your freebie list: a list of dramatic ways I have reacted while playing games.

- I got all teary eyed in Final Fantasy X.
- I forgot to breath when I was playing Final Fantasy VII.
- I screamed, kicked, hollered, and jumped up and down while playing Doom 3, Resident Evil 4, and multiplayer Halo.
- Playing Drakengard 2 makes me giddy.
- Without noticing, I would dramatically lean to the left and right when I first played Super Mario Kart.

Thanks for reading and stopping by. You know I always appreciate it.

So why don't you make a random facts list too? If not than at least a small freebie list at least. If not well than..[spoiler] I tag you! Muaha! Now you have to do both! (please make sure to tag others if you want) [/spoiler]

Yours Truly,