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How did Durant make that 3!? And just like that it's a one point game.

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Yup, same problem here. Also it doesn't want to go full screen if snapped.

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Getting the same thing.

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Ugly ugly win for the Seahawks. The way they were playing they shouldn't have been in the lead and shouldn't have won. How many yards of penalties did that have? 100?

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I hope the Seahawks have a better game this week.

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As the title says, I start a video and I want to full screen it, but it tries to reload the video and I get nothing but a black screen. Same thing happens if I just change the size of my window or want to pin to a different side of my screen.

Latest version of Chrome on Win7 with adblock off.

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I want to be able to go to a video's page and not have the video auto play. Is there a setting some where that I missing that turns that off?

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So the OP is visible at the top of every page of the thread??? Not sure how I feel about that...

The OP being on top of the page on every page is for poll posts only.

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@sammyjenkis898 said:

@Jebus213 said:

Even the new poll is shit.

We can't see how many people voted? Wtf?

Yeah, I just noticed this.

Christ this thing is a mess. Even the poll looks awful.

What high school drop-out designed this crap?

it says right there (21 votes) and then the percentages of those 21 votes. Sure you can't see the amount until you vote.

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On the "Microsoft changing Xbox One policies" article I see the comments start at 871 and then start to slowly fill in, but then at 1170 they stop loading. I've tried both Chrome and IE and I've tried clearing my chache and it didn't work.