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The Return?

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It's 00:37 and I am bored, I should renew my XBL subscription. I am going to do it soon enough, but with well over two months worth of XBL cards I think I am covered.

Since I can't play online and I am playing lot of GHWT, and Halo ODST.


Pre-ordered, waited, bored

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I pre-ordered GTAIV not to long ago, but it seems like it has been a lifetime ago. I preordered it from Gamestop since they have this offer "trade in three 360 games and recieve GTAIV and 20$ giftcard." So I went and bought the three cheapest games I could find. Prey, Prey and Star Trek Legacy was the games I bought. I was suprised over how bad Prey looked compared to the newer games, but I should expected that. In the time between the pre-order date and the release date I plan to spend reading to the big tests before exam time. So it should keep me busy.

On another note it started snowing again, after several days with clear skies and warmth. I have to say I was very suprised waking up seeing my front lawn filled with snow.


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My internet connection to my xbox 360 is not stable. Most of the people on my friends list can see this when my gamertag pops up every 15 minutes or so. I don't know why this happens so frequently, because when I use the internet via a computer it is very stable. This adds further frustration to my mind. So now I am left with an unstable xbox live and a sad face..

Save files = GONE

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Lost my save files today, all of them. I still don't know how I deleted them, but they are gone. So I do feel a little empty inside, but I'll manage. This has one positive good side though. It means I will have to spend more time with my games, resulting in me not have to buy any new games. The negative side is that I lost my Mass Effect save file, I had a maxed out my character and had completed a little over 75% of the game on the "Insanity" difficulty. 80+ hours of Mass Effect vanished today....

Snow, it has begun

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I wanted to inform everyone that it has started to snow here in Norway's capital Oslo. Just wanted you to know. Yes, snow is cold.


I got teh Haloz

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Well the title says it all. I am currently in posession of a certain game called Halo 3. I don't own it, but I have it. You may ask how can you have it but not own it, well the answer is that I just borrowed it from Benny. I went with him to the store and he bought Halo 3. I asked the day before if I could borrow it because he has my copy of Bioshock. And he answered yes to my question.

I haven't played a lot of it, but I can safely say that it's Halo alright. So you should expect that I will write more about it when I finish the game.

Ebay wow just wow

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SpazH3d wrote:
I always masturbate all over my games, clean them up, and then sell em on ebay



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I got my 360! =D But only one 360 game, GRAW. I am going to buy Nba Street Homecourt, RB Six Vegas and Saints Row. My holiday shopping list is Army of two, mass effect,nba2k8/live08, 12 gold subscription and maybe Bioshock. Suprised why Halo isnt there?That's because I don't like it that much...... My gamertag is Philantrophy =D

We don't have them in stock, sorry

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My topic title was the line I got to hear today. The day I was about to buy my xbox 360. Bumped out by it, but they said it would come later this week so il get my game on soon. The only two good things that happened today was me buying Ninja Gaiden Black for 15$ which is dirt cheap here in Norway. The second thing was playing Guitar Hero 2, I must say I got my ass kicked by it. But the reason may be that a) My first time trying it b) I picked the hard difficulty.


e3 has come and gone

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For the people who don't know e3 is the biggest eventof the year. Or let me rewrite that sentence it was the biggest event. Now we witnessed a dumbed down version, supossedly to make it more effcient and more about the important thing the games. In that procsess they lost the heart and soul of e3. The battle for the most gloroius booth, the hectic atmosphere and the most importantly the passion for games. I would compare this e3 with clothes, older e3's were laidback where as this year it was more like an expensive suit.

No huge anouncements were made. If youcount the slimmerPSP huge, which I don't,there was nothing. You can think of this year's e3 as a month with Gamespot news. The companies weren't very into this e3, it's show by Konami's 15 minute conference. Where the MGS4 trailer took more than fiveminutesof it. I couldn't shake the feeling that most devlopers was thinking "Meh, this was boring. Let's get a burger or somthing." It's clearly what Square Enix did, when they packed their stuff and left the booth. One day before e3 closed.

The press conferences wasn't that huge either. With Microsoft, for starters,throwing numbers at people. The two thing I enjoyed about it was Peter Moore trying, emphasis on trying, to play Rock Band.And when Jeff Bell went black for 5 seconds while playing Madden 08 with Reggie Bush. And then there was Scene It, and it's controllers. Which does remind most people herein Europe. Because the same controls were made for theBuzz games

Sony's wasn't great too, with them trying to do they whole thing through Home. And the one thing I noticed was that when they were about to change place with the next presenter. They waited for them to come up the stairs, and if you were watching it seemed like the stairs were 5km long, then shake the other mans hand. And how many times have you seen Chewbaca, why not Darth Vader for once. His face is on the new and improved PSP that will come later this fall. Other than the lighter weight, thinner size, more memoryand video output there wasn't much else of signifigance. The nice thing though is that they showed Killzone 2 and GT5 prologe, why don't they just release GT5 right away?

Does it for me right now, I am going to right more about the Nintendo conference, general e3 stuff and flesh out the rest. Signing off WHOSH!!!