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Another Addiction

Remember when we first got so addicted to Prison Break and Michael Scofield that all you talk about, or blog about are them! well I got addicted again. Im having the same feelings I used to have for Prisn Break.

Im watching it every night, a must!! or I can't sleep. have to get my daily dose. er..sorry .. I think I should let you know that I am talking about the new show on CBS.


Amust see! Its truly addicting!!

To give you a little info about it: Its about a kind of newly turned vampire who is also a PI (Private Investigater) who has some kind of feelings(or so it seems) with someone he really shouldn't. He's got a past, and there are alot of questions that need to be answered (and we do get some answers) about how he got turned, how does he know this gurl? and among other stuff.

Im really not goot at describing it. but it is a good show, its very entertaining, filled with suspense and humour (lots of humour). I recommend it to all. and NO.. its nothing like Buffy or Angel.

well thats it ... that's all i really wanted to blog about. and ofcourse i would love to leave a picture of the gorgouse vampire who have "bitten" me and got me hooked and addicted forever..

man i could go on forever.. posting his pics!!

My Blog Shows up in Google!


So I was googling about Nick Santora yesterday and on the fourth page our forum shows up! I get all excited and tell the others about it!

Then one of my friends (Bless ya Laura) told me that if you google for Nick Santora PB... my tv.com blog shows up!! how cool is that!!

It's the first, second.. and then our fourm shows up on thefifth of the search list!!

Am sooo excited!! and I still can't believe it!!

Nick Santora + Prison Break +(Wentworth Miller plz!) = Doya Very Very happy and on cloud nine!!

Nick Santora! PB Writer in our Forum?!!

Hey all!

So it's been really a while since  I have blogged! I have just been awfully busy with the new forum.

It rocks! Make sure you atleast visit.

 Ok so I am a non - believer! I really am.

I was online , on PBreakfans forum and this "dude" called Nick Santora posts this:

Hi, I see some of you had a thread going about my myspace blog ... I appreciate the incredibly kind things you said about me and our show ... we try our hardest to bring you a great show every week. Some seemed bummed I couldn't reveal more in my blog, but it appears you all understand that I have to keep the secrets, well, secret. I mean, what fun would it be if you weren't surprised every week?! Just know that the PB/Writer Producers all appreciate the PB fans very much and we love that you love the show. Best, Nick Santora.

Well, I did not know who he is and i kinda ignore the post, then sometime later I hear this loud screechy scream, i get back to the board, and there she is, Wendola screaming her ass off about Nick and how he posted in our forum. so ofcourse I had to ask her who he is..and she goes like...


and a few minutes later, the whole forum was filled about how Nick posted in OUR forum (I still can't believe it) Wendola sent him a pm to verify that it is him, and he replied saying indeed it is him...and Shortstuff (yes our own Stalker) checked his IP and did some research about the location, and also came to conclusion that its him.

Note: I am still not convinced!

Again Nick posts after reading our childish posts about him being him and stuff..

Yes, it is me, I am not an imposter. Have any of you gone to my myspace page? Have you seen my photo? If I was going to impersonate someone, why would I pick some ugly, bald guy from New York? I'd pick Brad Pitt or some famous surfer from Cali with long blonde hair. So, unfortunately, that is me, for better or for worse.

Note: I am still not convinced! still! (wats wrong with me)

Days go by, post go by, the forum is crazy about Nick, they killed him with questions. He told us about his new book (slip and fall) his website, told us bits n bits about PB (cause he can't really, we are not even allowed to post ideas/suggestions or pitches as Nick would call it. - well every writer does)

I started slowely to believe that it i him..but cannot at the same time! I mean come on!! its NICK!!!

he's such a cool dude, so down to earth, and soooo funny! i think he's quite patient too considering the amount of questions he get!

 well that is all i want to say, Nick occasionaly drops by and posts in his thread :


so come and drop by and see what he posts or if you have a question.


PS. Nick I dont care wat you say, you are really hot!


New Forum!!!

Hey all.. its been a while since i blogged here..actually i dont have the energy since Tv.com has soo many glitches... they really need to be fixed!!

Well I just wanted to say that I have created a new Prison Break Forum, its much better than the google one we have.


We have smilies :) Signatures,avatars. etc..

We also have our own live chat.. so we could discuss freely the newest episode!

NOTE: The Forum is under construction though..so bear with us.

I will still be coming to tv.com to discuss other shows..and visit PB Forums here.. though those new ppl really get on my nerves!

Are you in?? I'm Bringin' S*xyback!

The PB Forum has been slow lately, and we are all have been miserable and depressed!

Two of the most PB fans have been banned and we want them back, for those of you who have not had the chance to meet them, you can check out their profiles: Pb_Lover & Angel_147.

If not protest for their sake, do it for PB.

I mean it this time! It's time do go to higher more daring measures. ARE YOU IN?

If you want in, This is what you have to do:

1.  Put on one of the Protest banners in your siggy.If you have one on your own, that's fine. For those who do not have it i will post them below. I made a Went one and a Dom. If you want a special one. pm me and i will do it.

2. Sign in your name here so I could keep track of how many we are ( I need this because I will be mailing tv support with it.)


My Love! (New)

Yeah, because
I can see us holding hands
Walking on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sitting on the grass, laying side by side

Yeah Yeah Yeah ... I know you all expect to see Wenty. ofcourse he is my love......but am talking about a recent love of mine! My new Mp3 player -Samsung K5!

I first noticed it in PCD's new video "Wait a minute" and it was love at first sight! a Must have!!!

and now just for you Went lovers (i know you like pics of my hubby- check this one out)

My New Prison Break Banner/ The Scofields - Finally Married!

Check out my new Profile Banner...

lol..I think am the only one in that banner who is happy to be there! Happy to be with Mike!! :)

* The real reason is that I can't find a single pic of me not smiling!

I have just started watching Prison Break Season 1 again. WOW the thing you miss... Watching it agian made me realize that I have missed alot of good stuff. Makes you realize "Have I really been watching?"  You know you just kinda skim through to reach the ending which ofcourse you have to wait for next week and the next..know what i mean?

Ok note to all! I still insist that Micheal is mine! so Back off!

You will find me alot with that phrase in the forums! I realized that am really in love with Micheal Scofield - the character - and not Wenty! so Wenty's all yours.. I don't mind..I love Mike more..

And now to Introduce you to the Scofields, sorry i couldn't find a better pic of the wedding but this will do..Get the picture?

Leyton or Brucas! This means War

Ok. I know I have seen this somewhere on the forums but I wanted to make a blog of it!

I have just started again to watch One Tree Hill – Season 4.

I still think it’s a good show, with good drama and love triangles... My favorite couple was Lucas and Brooke. Loved them together, but somehow my opinion changed in Season 4 and I would like a break from those two. So yeah I got my wish granted... But still a lot of fans are debating whether Lucas should be with Brooke or with Peyton.

Personally I prefer Peyton (Have changed my mind)...its getting real old and a drag between Lucas and Brooke that I don’t feel the chemistry between them anymore. Brooke is starting to show alot of insecurity with all those questionings about her feelings and Lucas’s feeling every step of the way. She's also becoming quite demanding and selfish!

Lucas with Peyton is much more fun together and easy outgoing that makes them such a relaxed couple.

So who do you vote for? That is if you are a One Tree Hill Watcher!

Need a Banner?

I have been creating banner for some time now, and i get alot of requests. I love making banners, for siggys or profiles!

If you would love one just PM, reply here.




Any other special requests?

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