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Oh dear..I dropped off the face of the earth again...

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Hello and happy summer!

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying life legally :P

I'm doing fine except for being roasted 24/4 but hey that's what you get when you live in the tropics!

I confess that I really have been slacking off from my gaming...I have no idea why (besides work and other things and *cough* facebook *cough*). I just can't seem to finish any RPG I started. Right now I'm shuffling between finishing FF13, Persona 4, probably go back and finish Wild Arms 5. But I really want to replay all my old games, especially the PS1 but hey...they don't exist down here anymore...(sigh)

But maybe I can go back and play FF9 though...that one is still in good condition lol

Also! I have been watching FMA Brotherhood...currently on 57 :) in a week. I prefer this one than the first FMA, even though I never finished it, I got bored but the new one has pulled me back in!!

Well I'm out to watch some more FMA and FB, enjoy your weekend folks

Mizzy out! :D

El Boredo....

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What's up?

Just here...nothing to do really. It's not a good thing that I am idle. I tend to get depressed and my mood changes too...

Well I hope everyone's day is going well.

I think I'll just draw of something to pass the time. It sucks when all your friends are living abroad now and you're stuck here with no one to hang with...

I'm out...

PS3 Update and my PSN ID

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Good night everyone,

Just here to write my PSN ID if anyone's interested, I'm still learning the system but I getting used to it. My ID is RonaKun86.

Hope to make some more friends in the PS world.

Gotta go again!

Mizzy :P

PS3 finally online! And happy 2010!

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Just writing a quick one today....got my PS3 hooked up online how so yay!

I'm still getting used to the controls but now how do you find ur friends on this. :P

Ahhh I'll figure it out! lol

Well I gotta go quick again, will be back soon!

Enjoy the first day of the New Year!

-Mizzy Out!

Gosh I missing the Ol' School RPGs...

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Belated Christmas to everyone!

I'm here recovering from the flu and also listening to some good old RPG soundtracks of Chrono Cross, Grandia 2, Final Fantasy 10 and Legend of Dragoon to name a few. I'm getting a little sad...

I am offically missing my older RPG games...there are not much interesting ones to play these days down here...I only see FPS galore in the stores. I just bought my PS3 and I miss my older console now lol.

I just hope Final Fantasy XIII put some hope back into my PS3 soon. And I also need t ostart ordering online for some games I am missing.

Well my head's spinning again so I will go and rest for now.

Mizzy Out! :)

Mizzy On Facebook! :-)

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Season's Greetings Everyone! (Ho Ho Ho..) lol

I am still getting used to this Facebook phenomenon and I was thinking...hey, maybe it would be great to see you all on facebook. I can get to know everyone while they can get to know the face behind Mizzy. (Don't worry, I do not look like an Ogre... :P )

Well if anyone is interested in adding me as a friend (or if you just want to see how I actually look lol), then follow my link


Well, hope to have new friends to add soon!


Bought some more games today!! I couldn't help it!! & Arg! My Router!!

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Hey everyone,

I was checking out some electronics today and when I looked up at the games section, I turned zombie mode and bought 2 more PS3 games....Dragon Age: Origins and Valkyria Chronicles....

I just had to pick them up as soon as I saw them...I needed some RPGs in my life! LOL Now how am I supposed to go to work and juggle 5 games at once? :P

Anyways, I tried connecting my PS3 online a couple days ago but still nothing...the problem is that I have a french router (Bewan900 - I know much people don't know this brand...) and someone had to hook it up for me. I coulda done it myself but I cannot read a word of french. - _ - it seemed that the person put on the MAC filtering from the online site so now I was trying to either add the PS3 MAC # on it of take off the whole MAC filter thing...but yet again, the French language had screwed me over again lol.

Another problem I also have with the router is that everytime I go online I get kicked off the net constantly...I am seeing red when it comes to this. I can't hook up my PS3 and the router keeps going off the net!! (sigh I really don't know what to do about it) Can I change routers without the company's consent? Or probably it may be a problem at the company? Either way, I need to get this solved soon!

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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Hello everyone!

Hope you didn't forget me too soon. Well I am back, missed my gamespot friends and I am ready to see you all again!

Just bought my PS3 (finally). I waited so long for the price to drop here....about what 3 years???? lol

First 3 games I took:

-Assassin's creed 2

- Little Big Planet

- Genji: Days of the Blade

Well I still have to set up my internet settings and hopefully soon I will get to game with you guys online!! :)

See ya later!

Hurricane Omar Blog

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Hey Everyone!

If you haven't been looking at the weather channel a couple days ago and today, Hurricane Omar has been on the loose and is finally moving away from where I am, which is in the caribbean.

Omar hit us quite hard in the Leeward Islands as a Cat. 3 storm, the eye was around 50 or more miles away from my island.

Here's a link from the weather channel.com site to see how close it was to me (I live in St. Martin):


It started getting intense around 1:00 am. I live in an apartment complex so water was getting into the residents downstairs. All the neighbours helped and we had to smash holes in a couple of walls to sibside the water, which was at knee-length. I wanted to take some pictures but my cell phone died.

I got back up around 7:00 am today to see the damages. It's mostly flood water and alot of debries and huge trees were uprooted. One tree almost fell into a house and another piece of the tree blocked the entire road. They were also cases of tornadoes which is rare down here.

I'm just glad to so far no one is hurt so far and I just felt like telling this so that someone can here what happend around these islands.

I just found out that I have to get back to work tomorrow. I'm a bit pissed off LOL

Anyways Mizzy Out!!

Writer's Block??

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Hey everyone!

I finally saved up some cash and invested in the internet so NO MORE WEAK WIFI BABY!!

Anywho, I was looking at my comments and I am happy that iowastate and probably others are interested in my stories. I must be honest, I'm going to try make more time to continue it, but I'm a bit stuck...I don't know how to continue it as yet but I'll find some inspiration!

Thanks Everyone!