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After five years, I guess it is time to start over.

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A month ago it was my five year anniversary. But sadly, it is not time to celebrate.

Yes, I have heard the news about GS. I have to say goodbye to my UCB. It sucks because I was trying to think of ways to bring it back. I guess it would be useless at this point.

However, that's not the worse part. Far from it. I am going to tell you guys why I have hardly been active on here.

You know when two of your friends get into a fight and then you are stuck in the middle and you have to choose who you agree with or who you want to hang out with but you couldn't hang out with both of them at the same time? That's what happened around here even prior to this big change. People were already split up in unions and UCBs prior to this. (Not like I helped with my own but mines were rarely active so it doesn't count.) Sure, my other friends might have met people prior or after meeting me. But here's where I get all frustrated.

When they all split up and make it even worse ask constantly whether if I am coming back. I kinda wanted everyone or at least most of my friends stick together. But they have their reasons like they do not like some people or whatever. I am sure I don't like someone on GS or any offsite boards but I still post there. Not everyone is going to like you. In the end it is their decision and I can't do anything about it.

I know I am in TDH, The Roll Call, and Anicomix. Not to add tons of unions and posted in UCBs. Eventually, some people will people will stick to places where they know the most people so I am at a loss. I guess my choices are shortened when those GS boards are gone. Still, I know eventually someone might invite me to another board. So is that where I have been the entire time? Posting on offsite boards? Nope, those people who post there can vouch for that. I can't even pick the board where I know the most people because half of the other people I don't even know them. I do not mind to talk to others and make friends but I joined for my friends from the beginning.

Well, you know what happened when that happened with my real life friends? I just basically lost touch of both over time.

So either I have to:

1. Forget everything and if they want to find me, they will

2. Put up with it and visit all the boards when I can

Two sounds like the choice I should pick but I am a busy person. I have other projects I am planning and working on. Some boards might get my attention more than others depending on if it is active at the time I sign in.

However, I am not leaving the site no matter what happens. If you guys need to contact me I am sure you can find my offsite contact info on my profile or ask someone. I do answer my PMs as well. If you are sticking around, that is. If not, I guess this may or not be goodbye. And if you are being a drama queen... be quiet. You will be back.

Thanks everyone and GameSpot.

What would you guys do in this situation?

Mina's Lost Life Report Part 2

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According to GS, I haven't had a blog since Christmas.

So.. what have I been doing lately? Hmm... a whole bunch of nothing but I guess I did do some little things in between. Here are some of them:

  • Went to two conventions in Feb and Aug
  • Birthday passed, now 24 which now I have a Vita
  • Went to Disneyland
  • My 4th year anniversary was in July

Yeah, I am still in school and this is hopefully my final year in community college. So... I will soon be transferring to university. I guess I am going to University of Kansas because I can't think of anywhere else to go.

Will I ever blog as I used to? I don't know. Even with being so busy I haven't had that much interest in the site anymore. I am sure you guys have moved on to bigger and better blogs about rants and gaming stuff. :P

Actually, I do have one rant left in me but I will save it for tomorrow or the weekend.

Oh, and it's a big maybe.. you might see blogs about reviews I written but no they are not for those dang profile points. :x It is just something that is just well overdue.

Mina's Long Lost Life Report

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It has been months since I have last blogged. It has been even longer since I read everyone's blogs. I should get back into the swing of things again hopefully pretty soon. Maybe.

How is everyone doing? I know I have only talked to a few of you guys in the past couple of months.. not everyone else though! As for me, I am doing alright. I have been a busy pants with school so to speak. For all my classes, I got all As and Bs which is really surprising to me because I am usually a C average student. So, I am glad for the first time in a while I actually worked really hard for those grades. Might not get those next semester, though. :o

So... what did Mina get for Christmas you say? Well, I basically got everything off my Christmas list except one thing because they couldn't find it which is the following:

White Knight Chronicles 2

Drop Dead Diva Season 1 and 2

Chuck Season 4

Arc Rise Fantasia

Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine

Boy Meets World Seasons 1-7

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Inuyasha seasons 1-3 DVD box set

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Gossip Girl season 4

Community seasons 1 and 2

Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS

Also, I got some games from a friend on Steam.

I know some of the stuff on this list you guys wouldn't get in a million years but that's okay! More for me! I went with a few Wii games this year because I hardly have bought any this year at all. If you guys can recommend any 3DS games that would be great as well. Otherwise I will be stuck with playing Nintendogs for a while. :P

What did I get other people you say? Well, I got my mom some shoes to match the night clothes I got her last year and I got my dad the first 2 seasons of Hawaii Five-O. I got my friends a few games and other items that they wanted but that is just too much to list.

I know the next question will be what is my 3DS friend code thingie.

EDIT: The Friend code is 5370-0892-5207 Name is Allie

Catherine Review

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I know, I haven't blogged in a while! Shame on me! Well, here is some bright news for you folks! I recently bought the game Catherine. You know, that game everyone and their momma was hyping about? How is it you say? Well... it is fantastic you see! Really worth a purchase, IMO.

There were some gripes going for me during this game. I kept on getting texts from my bug-a-boo chicks a lot. I mean like dang, can a guy go out with his friends and drink in peace? Apparently not. And those sheep blocking my path.. I kept yelling at the TV, "Move, *push* get out of the way!" They were so annoying! Anyway... lets get to the unboxing.

Review for people who just want to read that only.

Alright, what does the LE look like you say? You have to wait.

Apparently the images were not showing correctly, I will fix it asap.. sorry!

That's all! I know you guys are glaring at me for not catching up with blogs. I am done with summer semester so hopefully I can stop being lazy and get to blog reading! See you all later!

MistressMinako is now three years old.

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Before you go and report my account for being underage... As you can see, my join date was on July 8th, 2008. Well, look on your calendar! Today is July 8th!

So.. three years. I thought I would be super excited about this day and give shout outs and make everything all super fantastic.

When I look back at the last year, I can honestly say that I haven't really been too happy to be a part of the community. It seems like some people have been a little jerkish lately (including myself). I actually think I have changed quite a bit.

Sorry, I am just tired of all the popular media bashing, Kinect bashing, and any other bashing going on. I thought I complained too much but wow. But you know what they say, if you don't like whar you read/see.. get off the Internet. Since I refuse to do that, I just ignore folks but I don't know how much longer I am going to ignore so you better watch what you say. :o

I have changed my stances on what people say/do in general. Some people get upset when other folks talk about them. Now, I have had some time to think about it and I say that if you don't want someone to talk about you, don't say/do it. I told that to a friend of mine and of course he got upset. I mean just really think before hitting submit people. The people getting trolled here most likely aren't getting trolled for no reason so check your posts. I used to be on the side of the people who would get upset whenever someone got trolled and tell them that wasn't nice. Now, I just laugh at some of them.

Well, to the selected few I still talk to and to the folks reading my blogs, thanks for putting up with me for so long even though I am a huge brat, :P

Note: I think I might leave out my introduction/ending lines from here on out.

Summer of Gaming

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Hey GameSpotters!

It has been a while. Since March, I believe. You might have been wondering what I have been up to. Or you probably don't care what I have been up to, and that is just okay with me!

Well, I have been on and off here because of my spring semester in college. I did okay. Had two As and Cs. My Japanese Culture course was killer but I barely got past the passing mark with a C so I don't even have to take it again. It was mainly because my teacher was an evil lady. I think by the time we were finished with the semester, half of the students dropped out. Yeah, students drop out but it wasn't as bad as this course. Knowing my huge Japanophile manner, I stuck with it because I was really interested in the culture enough to not let her make me run away.

Does that mean that Mina will be back spamming all over OT? Well, yes and no. I am also taking a summer course. It is only one course so I wouldn't be too busy. The thing is, I have a backlog that is through the roof. Seeing as I didn't game much during my school year, I am using this month and the next to do so.

E3 was last week. Yup. What did I think? I thought it was okay. But to save you some time I am not going to go into full detail because to be honest... you guys are probably tired of reading it and so am I. I don't feel like typing it either, so you get a get out of jail free card this time around. :P

What am I currently playing? Well, these are the following games I am going through, so if you have a question you can just post it here:

Ar Tonelico 3

Dance Central

Dragon Quest IV

Hyperdimension Neptunia


Add Alice: Madness Returns to that list for tomorrow.

Also, I need to defeat the final boss in Hunted: The Demon's Forge. I am thinking about putting up a review but not sure when exactly because I have a paper due this week and the like. But, I will tell you this. If you like dungeon crawler type games, you should get it. I know there are low scores floating around about this game but it is not that bad, IMO.

Also, my game of the month (game I buy for full price) is Alice: Madness Returns. The big day is tomorrow, I can't wait! I wish I preordered from GameStop so I could get it at midnight but I got it for 45 bucks so it is just as good. I never got a chance to play the first game and it runs for like hundreds of dollars online so that is a nice bonus. I was always a big fan of Alice in Wonderland, but I always hated being called Alice. My full first name is Allison so there are times when people don't hear the "son" part and just go by Alice.

I think that's all I have to say for now.

See you all in the forums!


Review time: Dragon Age 2

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Hey GameSpotters!

I just wanted to inform you guys of my recent review: Dragon Age 2.

So if you were looking forward to buying this game, check it out. Or don't. Thumb it up or down. I will answer any questions that you have. However, I will answer just one for you.

Does the game have auto-attack?

No. Only on the PC version currently.

Spring break is almost over, got to party until I drop!

See you all in the forums!


Baby, I have stayed away for too long, did I leave your mind while I was gone?

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Hey GameSpotters!

Alright, I know it has been months since I had a real blog. Never fear! For the people who care, this has what has been going on in my life. (so if you don't like reading long blogs, you can exit now or pretend you read it)


So, you guys remember my schedule last semester right? Well, I had to drop one course (Elementary Japanese). Yeah, go ahead and laugh it up and call me a super weeaboo. The course time I picked only met like two times a week. The teacher is also hardly at the school and basically it was fast paced. I am just going to pick another time slot with a slower paced course next time.

English: Passed it with a B. The teacher I had was so unorganized. And loved to get on us about not having our own assigments. :x I met some new friends in that course, though.

Geography: I don't have much to say but it is a passing grade.

Math: Got a B. The course was easy for the most part, but I had some minor struggles.

This semester I am taking another math class, Eastern Civilization, Japanese Culture, and some computer courses.

Friends and Relationships:

So, I did mention earlier that I met some folks at school. They are all gamers (except one I think?) and we have been having a great time lately. There is one guy I talk to the most (I think I mentioned him before in RC and everyone assumed that he liked me or something). Mina can say she has a friend? I hope so. We are supposed to hang out soon so lets see how that goes.

I had a relationship for a short time. I won't make this into a TL;DR version but it ended and I kind of wish that I never even let it start because his last relationship ended so soon. Now, all I want to do is kill him? I don't know but it got me confused for a while. He only talks to me sometimes now. I guess he is busy now, I don't know. Probably avoiding me since I want to feel like killing him. :P I don't blame him. Still, he is a nice guy, I guess. Maybe I should keep blowing up his phone with texts! :twisted:


So.. I have a couple reviews coming up: Lost Odyssey and Nier. I am also playing Trinity Universe, Final Fantasy 6 (first time ever), and Hyperdimension Neptunia. I will get those reviews up when I finish them or I get to the point that it pisses me off and I give up. Whichever comes first.


As you may know, Feburary is Black History Month. Why the change? Seeing as I am black and celebrating Black History Month is probably something required of me, I really don't like celebrating it every year. Sure, I know tons of history about my race but when something is pushed down your throat so much, you just want to say "**** it." Sure, history is wonderful but just... no. I guess I didn't want people to assume that is why I had a black avatar. So, now what? Am I a closet racist or something because my avatar is of a white girl? No. I was thinking of something to change to and I was watching the show Daria at the time. Brittany is one of my favorite characters, so why not change my avatar to her? Don't worry, I might go back to my original avatar theme after Feburary is over.

That's it! Maybe I will have another blog before this month is over but we will see.

See you all in the forums!


Deal of the Year confirmed?

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Hey GameSpotters!

Come check out this amazing deal!

[spoiler] [/spoiler]

You would be silly not to get this amazing deal! Go reserve yours... right now!

See you all in the forums!


Note: It's clearly a price mistake so don't get your hopes up. Sorry for crushing your hopes.

It is 1 PM, you guys.

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Hey GameSpotters!

I decided to write a blog about a recent event.

Apparently, I was going to go see Harry Potter 7 this morning. The theater I usually go to canceled. We come back home. Shortly after coming home, we decide to call the other movie theater that I go to usually. My dad talked to the theater people and said they had midnight showings on 12:00, 12:15, and 12:30 on Thursday. (and only the last two times were available at the time) My dad hangs up the phone and says, "Well, you can go see it tomorrow night." (which is technically Friday according to current time) at midnight. I asked him if he was sure it was tomorrow? The movie opens for normal viewing tomorrow. (sure, they have a midnight, but I count that as the usual showing) He said yeah, they told me Thursday. Keep in mind, this is the Wednesday/Thursday split in days we are talking.

So... I was like wait a minute. Thursday is today (around 12:15 AM at this point). He said no, it's tomorrow. I told him no.... tomorrow it would be Friday morning at 12 AM.

Seriously, we had a huge argument about this. No joke. He thinks that 12 PM is midnight and most of us know that is not the case. I tried to explain that there's a 12 am is the night/morning (which was right at that moment) and 12 PM is around the middle of the day. I mean, come on with that logic then that means that a new day starts at noon today. It's not Thursday you guys, it's still Wednesday according to my dad. Also, he thought that a day only gets one 12 (which was noon). However, he agreed that there is 24 hours in a day. Then... where the hell are the other 12 if 12 PM starts a new day? Hmm?

I can't wait til the newspaper comes out so I can show him that NO theaters are showing it at midnight Friday morning (except the one that was canceled, but still, he called another one so it doesn't prove his point).

Even my mom knew the difference. And she is always the one who is way far behind when it comes to communication. My dad must be one of those people who are all like... "It's not a new day til I wake up!"

And they wonder why I don't talk to them much? I mean I would cut them some slack if it was technology or something... but this is something EVERYONE LEARNS AT SCHOOL. No matter how old you are. Jesus.

Edit: Amazon Deals 11/18/10

Also, today Amazon is having a Collections Edition deal on quite a few games. Check it out!

Personally, the biggest steal is the Alan Wake one for 29.99.

See you all in the forums!