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street fighter 4

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i really hate that game. it for the most part is a good step up frm the original street fighter franchise. the move set is interesting in itself and the game story is really cool. the fact of the matter is i tried to play it and i failed miserable. i had fun while it lasted but i dont like it to much. the fact that ppl can join while u r n a arcade match(story mode) is a annoying thing. it can be turned off but it takes a while to find it.( at least it took me a while) it is a good thing i rented it instead of buying it because i would have been very dissapointed


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i think 1080p is the best. i just got an hdmi cabel and it is by far the best resolution i ever had. for those that dnt know 1080p is the highest resolution a tv can have. any thing under that is ok. i am not going to knock any resolution under that because since i got my ps3 i have been usibg a hdmi cabel that outputted 480p and it was ok but this is just over the top it is so crisp and clear. by the way the tv that i have is a 2inch LG and it is just so friggin cool


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i think this is one of the best game sites to go on no matter what consol you may have. i just wanted to ask any one thats reads this blog to tell me the quickest way to